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a troubled soul i need help plz read and then talk to me plzCategory: (general)
Thursday, 15 February 2007
07:55:18 AM (GMT)
So today like all the other days in my life,i was thinking why does life always fuck
me over?why is it everytime i try to do something good it turns out me doing somthing
bad like one time i tried to get this kid off my back so i did the pussy thing and
went to the principal
and said mr.cobern im sick and tired of these kids making fun of me can you talk some
sence into them and hes like sure dave ill do that

2 days later i get sick of them not listening to him so i go back and ask him what he
did and he said get this ,about what? and im going you fat fucker did you just let it
slip out of your head? so the next day i expect something to be done and there still
doing it so i take it in to my own hands and put a knife up to the kids throut and
say stop the shit or ill kill you you know just ot scare him but.....now im in

Im still on trial 5 monthes later i have my final stand in the court room to hear
whats going to be done with me.The worst thing that can happen is i go to juvi for 4
monthes or the best thing that can happen is community service.The example of the
good thing i did was tell the principle but then the thing that goes wrong is i lose
it now im sure you think hey man you did it but the thing is i may have done it
and yes it was a stupid but if i did it why didnt i feel the knife in my hands why is
it that i only saw what happened didnt feel under control ever since ive been slicing
my wrist to see if im there or to keep myself under control i am troubled and need
help plz help.

‹Elmo <3› says:   2 March 2007   435677  
Hi, listen that is such a shame. I was bullied at primary school,
iused to get punched and all that shit but in the end it got so bad
that i had to move school. I know how hard it can be and i also know,
as i do it, that slitting your wrists is not the answer. It may make
you feel better wen you do it but afterwards you just feel silly and
have to go about covering your arms up. Trust me i have them all up my
arms and legs. Listen dude, I hope everything went ok in court and if
you ever want to talk then mail me. You might be able to help me an i
might be able to help u. I also used to smoke but then i lost all my
pals so i stopped
boshie whispers:   18 May 2007   647563  
wow.. I don't blame you, though. Those kids are just jerks, same with
that principal.
NothingButChemiical says :   18 May 2007   711265  
People Don't Understand Each Other And They Are Afraid Of It, Thats
The Only Reason They Ever Treat People This Way, I Know Whats Its Like
For You And I Hope You Don't Let It Get Any Futher Than It Has. I
Don't Blame I Know They Are Probably Ruining Your Life, But Don't Take
It Into Your Own Hands It'll Only Make It Worse. Good Luck.

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