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A story thingCategory: (general)
Thursday, 25 January 2007
06:36:37 PM (GMT)
As I sat on the white sand In My small town of Shayto, I watched the sun go lower
and lower towards the horizon. I never thought I'd find love. And when the blazing
orange sun finally disapeared, I started towards home. My nine year old sister,
Natasha, was sitting at the table, writing a poem. She was my best friend.
"Hey Nick."
"Hey, Tasha, whatcha writing?"
"A poem about you. It's not very good."
"Can I see it? It can't be that bad."
"No. It's not done yet."
"Well okay. I'll be in my room."
"Still moping about not finding the right girl? It's kind of easy to tell." She read
my mind. She has a habbit of knowing exactly what I'm thinking.
"Maybe." I replied.
I climbed the stairs up to my room and looked out the window at the ocean. That was
when I saw her. She was a dark figure against the glowing sky on her white horse, but
I could tell that she was  beautiful. Her long black hair flowed behind her as she
ran past on her steed. She halted. She looked in my direction, and she stepped into
the light, and our eyes met. her deep green eyes locked on mine and she smiled. I
smiled back at her. I opened the window and shouted,
"You're beautiful, What's your name?"
"Thank you. My name is Aliah. What's yours?" She asked.
"My name is Nick. Were do you live?"
"Just down the beach, in the Adobe house."
"Cool. When could I see you?"
"Meet me tomorrow at noon by the rocks."
"Okay I'll be there!" But she had already gone. Had I dreamed her? 
"Nicky, Who were you talking to? I heard someone." Natasha said, standing in my
"You know I have a daydreaming problem. I was talking to myself." 
"I don't believe you, but okay." She walked away.
I Climbed up the ladder to my loft and lay down. I stared at the ceiling for a long
time, and fell asleep. I dreamed of Aliah and me, walking on the beach. The next
morning, I hurried to get ready.
"What's the hurry??" Natasha asked.
"Im meeting a friend." I replied.
"One thing..... You don't have any friends. Accept me." 
"I met him at the beach." I said. She mumbled something under breath, shook her head,
and went back to her breakfast. I pushed open the door, and ran down the beach to the
rocks. Aliah was there, watching the waves. I snuck up behind her, and hugged her
from behind.
"Hey. How are you?" I asked.
"Im good. You?" She asked.
"Im fine, now that you're here." She smiled. I smiled back at her. Her voice was like
music. We stared at each other for a minute, and after a while, we started laughing.
"Can you swim?" Aliah asked.
"Yeah. You wanna go in?" I asked.
"Duh. Come on!" I took my shirt off, she grabbed my hand, and pulled me in. It
started to rain. We both stared up at the sky, then at each other. We looked into
each other's eyes, and we leaned forward, and we kissed. When we parted we stared at
each other and smiled. We got out of the water, and We walked along the beach with my
arm around her shoulder. When the sun set, We kissed one last time and We ran in
different directions. When I made it home, I sat down next to my sister. 
"Hey, Tasha? I need to tell you something. I found her... The right girl for me."
"I know."
"You know? How?" I asked.
"I knew you were lying when you said you were meeting a friend, so I followed you.
That was a good kiss there," She laughed. "What's her name?"
"Aliah. She's beautiful, isn't she?"
"Sure. She seems great for you Nicky."
"Good. I need you to approve." I smiled. I left and went to my room. After a half an
hour of staring at the ceiling, I heard a tap on my window. I climbed down from the
loft, and opened the window. Aliah was throwing pebbles at my window.
"Hey what's up?" I asked. 
"My parents got in a fight and they kicked me out of the house. Can I stay here for a
while?" She asked.
"Of course. If you can put up with my little sister. She spied on us at the beach
"I think i can put up with her. Help me up, okay?" I grabbed her hand and pulled her
up through the window. I took her hand and lead her into the kitchen.
"Natasha? This is Aliah. The girl I was with earlier." Natasha looked up and smiled.
Aliah smiled back.
"Hey Aliah. Why are you here?" Natasha asked.
"My parents kicked me out of my house." 
"Okay. Be good to my Nicky, ok?" 
"Dont worry, he'll be okay." She laughed.
We went up to my room, and I pulled her up to my loft. She kissed me again, and she
fell asleep on my chest.

And just to let you people know, I totally made that up. But I did base Natasha after
my sister, Leah. And I made Aliah up. I need a girl like her though.

Slaphappy12123 says:   27 January 2007   362426  
omg i luv it!!!!
notice_me98 says:   27 January 2007   546982  
trippin_out98 says:   27 January 2007   153129  
wow thats really good...ive been reading it the last 3 mins lol
notice_me98 says:   27 January 2007   823863  
ya and it took an hour to write... wierd.
Devil_ says:   28 January 2007   928657  
I love it ............................♥
notice_me98 says:   28 January 2007   886446  
Thanx. I finished my new 1 like  minute ago.
dreamchick101 says:   28 January 2007   336426  
l luv you
notice_me98 says:   28 January 2007   699634  
Maybe you do, but I'm not sure if I love u or not.
MoonGoddess7 says:   2 March 2007   223862  
That was awesome
notice_me98 says :   4 March 2007   941959  
Really? schweet..


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