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Life On Lunar Street; Chapter 2: There's No Place Like HomeCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 23 January 2007
05:44:04 PM (GMT)
It's been hours now and all Kaylee and her mother have been doing is unpacking
boxes, and telling the movers over and over again what goes where. The nightmare
is begining She rolled her eyes to herself and kept unpacking. After she went
through all of the kitchen, living room, and bathroom nic-nacs, Kaylee stumbled on
one certain box. It was labeled KAYLEE'S PICS. She immedietly dropped the box she was
holding onto the floor, and dug into the other box with extreme facination. In the
box Kaylee found pictures of her most fondest memories; birthdays with families and
friends, vacations, other happy things that a kid should always have in their life.
Even if your not quite a kid anymore, more like a teenager, you still have to cherish
something. Since Kaylee was 16, she had a lot of pictures to review and remeber.
Kaylee eventually stummbled on a picture of her friends and her when they were about
9 at their old camp. There was Miky, Frankie, Carly, Randy, they were all showing of
their big,cheesy smiles. Kaylee giggled out loud a bit at the thought. Suddenly, she
recognized someone else in the picture. He was visible, but he was in the backround.
"Oh." It was her father. He was smiling as big and cheesy as they were, he had his
traditional camp shirt on. It said "Camp Locinet, the place where memories began."
Kaylee smiled a bit and kept staring at the picture. She remembered that her father
was the cause of most of the joy that happened at Camp Locinet, he always knew the
just the right way to make Kaylee and her friends smile. Kaylee remembered one time
where her father let her take 10 of her friends with her on the trip. Any time she
would ask he'd always laugh and say "Well, my little bugger, the more the merrier!"
Kaylee laughed out loud again and whispered to herself, "I'm still your little bugger
daddy. Nothing's changed." Kaylee's eyes where starting to well up. She whiped her
eyes and shook her head. "No daddy, I'm not going to cry, I know that you want me to
be strong." Right then her mother walked into the room. "What are you doing Kaylee?
We have a lot more boxes to unpack!" She then realized that Kaylee wasn't paying
attention to onw word she said. "Kaylee Sylvia Carason! Are you listening to me?!"
Kaylee's head suddenly shot up and focused her attention on her now ticked off
mother. "Oh, I'm sorry mom. I'll get these pictures up to my room and get another
box." She looked to her mother waiting for response. Her mother let out a big sigh.
"Well, get to it then." She jestured to the stairs, and Kaylee got the messege. She
started up the stairs. With her treasured box of memories clutched tightly on her
arms, she opened the door to her new room. When the door was opened, Kaylee dropped
her jaw. It was amazing! "It's so big!" Her sorrowfull smile soon turned into a
happy, excited grin. She placed the box on the floor and circled the room. There was
already a bed, curtains, and baby-blue wallpaper. On the farside of the room, there
was another door. As Kaylee looked at it, she pondered something and opened the door.
"Oh my gosh." Kaylee's eyes widened. It was a huge walk in closet! Even as a closet
is was almost as big as her old room. She was just so happy she had to scream. "I've
got the good life!" She found herself starting to do the cabbage patch. In a flash
she ran down the stairs. "Mom, mom! I've got like, the best room ever!" When she
reached the bottom of the stair case, she saw that everything was unpacked. Her
mother was standing in the kitchen talking with a mover man. "Mom?" Kaylee could see
that her mother was deep in convorsation about paints and wallpapers, or something.
She didn't really care about that, she was totally wondering about how all these
boxes got unpacked in a matter of minutes. Kaylee started to walk into the living
room to see if there were any boxes that her mother might have moved in there. When
she looked, there weren't any boxes, but she did see something else. As Kaylee stood
there, she watched three people unpacking boxes. They all looked to be Kaylee's age.
She didn't want to say anything so she just walked over to them. They were turned
around, laughing at something. Kaylee was about to tap the one girl's shoulder, but
the girl turned around before she got to. Kaylee shot back and looked confused. When
the girl turned around, she looked happy to see Kaylee. As if she'd been waiting to
see her. "Hi!" When she said that, the other two teens turned around, with the same
look on their face. They, too, also said hi in a cheery voice. "Um, hi?" Kaylee tryed
not to sound so confused, thinking that she was supposed to know who they were. "Oh,
I'm sorry, you must be really confused." The girl started. "You could say that."
Kaylee tryed to force a faint laugh as she said that. The boy in the group started to
speak. "We saw your mom having a hard time unpacking, so we came to help out." He
smiled. "Well, thanks." Kaylee said brightly. Now the last girl spoke. "You must be
Kaylee. Your mother told us about you." Kaylee should have known her mother would try
and make friends for her. Now the first girl spoke again. "Well we should
introduce ourselfs. I'm Tara, that's Ash, and that's Mya. We live on this street
too." They all put on their cheery faces, as if on cue. "Oh, well that's really cool.
We just moved here today." Kaylee started to get more comfortable, knowing now that
these people are so nice. She looked over their shoulders and saw that all of the
boxes were unpacked. Tara started to say something. "Hey, since we're all done, and
it's a young Friday night, whad'ya say we all go and hang out at the mall?" Mya and
Ash immediatly agreed to the idea. "Um, ok sure. Just let me tell my mom." Kaylee
stumbled into the kitchen to tell her mother she was going out. "Alright, KayKay,
just be back by 11:00."
Kaylee nodded and rushed back into the living room. They were all ready to go so
Kaylee grabbed her coat, slipped her tennies on, and was out the door. Suddenly she
realized, there was no vehicle. "Um, guys? How are we supposed to get to the mall
without a car or something?" The rest of them looked at her and chuckled a bit. "Why
would we need a car if the mall is right down the street?" Ash said that with
understanding that she was the new girl. Kaylee blushed a bit, she felt a little
stupid. "Well come on slow pokes!" Tara and Mya were already half way up the street.
"Come on Kaylee." Ash said with a bright smile. Kaylee nodded and they ran to catch
up to Tara and Mya. After about 10 minutes, they were at the mall parking lot. "Whoa,
this is a big mall." Kaylee just stood there, looking at the top. "Well, welcome to
Fayzon." Mya teased. As they started into the entrance, Kaylee had the strange
feeling like she was being watched. When she looked around, there were a lot of eyes
on her. She felt like curling up into a ball and hiding. Intstead, she just crinjed
and walked faster. When Tara looked at everyone, then Kaylee, she got the picture.
"Hey Kaylee..." She turned to Kaylee, and Kaylee turned to her. "...don't worry, your
blending in just fine." Tara put her hand on Kaylee's shoulder. "But, everyone's
staring at me." She didn't look too happy in the moment. "They're just checking out
who the new person is. It'll all stop in a matter of minutes." Ash added in. "Just
keep walking and they'll stop." Mya said supportively. It's been about an hour and
the four teens were still roaming the mall. People have stopped staring at Kaylee, so
she could enjoy herself a lot more. When they reached the food court, something
caught Kaylee's eye. There was a boy there, looking the same age as Kaylee. Right
when she looked at him, something happened. That memory came back into her mind. She
couldn't stop it. She saw the blurry picture with the two people again. Only, it was
a bit more clear than last time. Kaylee didn't want this now, she shook her head.
Nothing. The memory remained. But, Kaylee just realized, she didn't remember this at
all. When she stopped thinking, the picture went on. The people started to move. They
were moving in such a fast and persicent motion, as if trying to accomplish
something. Kaylee tryed to look closer, as she did, she saw the other person. She now
realized that this person was a boy, a boy and a girl in her mind. Who are these
people? Kaylee was getting a little creeped out, so she tryed to exsit the image.
She shook her head vigourisly, the image still remained. Kaylee spoke out loud.
"I...I can't see." Her voice sounded worrisome. Tara looked over and saw Kaylee at
war with herself. "Kaylee?" No answer. "Kaylee?!" She ran over to her. Ash and Mya
followed. Tara tryed shaking Kaylee, but it didn't work. She looed into her eyes.
They looked so pale and lifeless. "What is this? Kaylee wake up!" At that moment,
evryone was circled around Kaylee and her friends, watching with perticular interest.
Tara shook Kaylee again, this time, Kaylee let out a scream. More people started to
gather round, including that boy. Suddenly, Kaylee jerked out of Tara's grip and
started to hold her head. Tears started to come out of her eyes, she was in pain. As
Ash and Mya were urging everyone to back off, Kaylee was on the floor, holding her
head, screaming and crying softly. The boy that Kaylee was looking at suddenly came
up to her and Tara. "Seth? What are you doing here?" Tara asked quickly. She was
trying to calm Kaylee down. Seth didn't answer her. He was too busy looking at Kaylee
with wide eyes. He saw the tears coming out of her eyes, the suffering inside of
them. In Kaylee's mind, she saw images that she feared. She saw death, pain, and
suffering. All to the people she loves. But that one image kept flashing inbetween
others. At the last image, she saw herself. She was all bloddy and messed up, she was
dying. Suddenly, Kaylee felt a hand touch her shoulder. All the maddness in her mind
stopped at that very moment. When she opened her eyes again, she saw everyone staring
at her. Her face got as red as a lobster. When she looked up, she saw the hand on her
shoulder, it was Seth's hand. He was still looking at her, looking at her with a deep
look. Tara, Ash, and Mya immediatly ran over to her. "Oh my god, Kaylee! Are you ok?"
Tara asked nervously. "I...I...don't know." Kaylee's face was tear streaked and red.
Now all she wanted was to get in bed, and hide in her covers. Seth slowly removed his
hand from her shoulder. All her muscles started to relax, and act normal again. Mya
kneeled down beside Kaylee. She fell into her arms. Mya hugged her and looked up ay
Tara and Ash with a worried look. Mya helped her up and they started to walk toward
the exit. As Kaylee looked back, she saw Seth again. She had to ask a question. "Hey,
who was that boy over there?" Tara looked over to her and said "Oh, that's Seth. He
goes to our school." Tara took in a deep breath. "It's funny how you ust stopped when
he touched you." Kaylee's eyes widened. "I just stopped?" There was an awkward pause.
"Yah." When Kaylee looked over, she could see everyone looking at her, she knew
everyone was talking about it. Well, there goes my chance of fitting in at
school. Kaylee sighed and kept walking. When they reached her house, they all
said goodbye. "Look guys, I'm really sorry about that, I ruined your night." Kaylee
looked down in shame. "Don't say that..." Ash started. "We know it was just an
accident, you couldn't help it." He smiled at her in simpathy. Kaylee thanked and
hugged all of them. "Bye." She smiled. "Bye Kaylee." The three of them left the door
step and headed down the street. Kaylee walked in her house and closed the door. She
leaned againt it and put her hands to ehr face. She looked at the clock and it was
only 8:00. She sighed loudly and said "Mom, I'm home." Her mother was in the kitchen
washing dishes. "Well, your early." She looked over at Kaylee. "Honey, are you
crying?" She came closer to Kaylee's face. Kaylee backed off and said "No, I'm fine."
with a broken voice. "I'm just going to go to bed mom." Her mother looked worried.
"Hmm, alright then. Good night KayKay." She smiled and kissed Kaylee's forhead. As
Kaylee started to walk up the stairs she almost broke down again. But, she picked
herself up and headed off to bed. When she saw it was already made, she just feel
onto it. She was very tired. Her last thought before she went to sleep was And now
the REAL nightmare begins.

Belsboys4eva56 says:   25 January 2007   864976  
i love this story, more more!
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   25 January 2007   637755  
ok ill write more as soon as i can, and thx so much ^^
‹yeahitsLEIGH♥› says:   5 February 2007   384526  
wow thats so kl!!!!!!!! i just cant wait for the rest!! *air hug* lol
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   5 February 2007   515518  
lol thx ^.^
‹GatorBoots› says:   7 April 2007   172172  

Kinda creepy what happened at the mall in the story..
I'm gonna read the next chapter pretty soon.
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says :   7 April 2007   748189  
ok! XD

yesh it tish long o_o

but thats ok! >:D


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