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The Dream BookCategory: story!!
Saturday, 13 January 2007
07:05:05 AM (GMT)
copy right to magik_girl_99 and starryeyes06212

 The Dream Book

Chapter 1
	Tonya was getting ready for bed when her mom yelled up to her, “Did you brush your
teeth?” Tonya sighed. Her mother knew she never did forget to brush her teeth. So
she called down the stairs as usual and said, “Yes, I did mom!” Sometimes her mom
just bugged her. But it didn’t matter. It was time for bed. She turned off her
light, pulled back the covers, hopped in to bed, pulled them back over herself nice
and tight, clutching her stuffy. Soon she was fast asleep. 
	When Tonya woke up, she found that she was on a very hard floor, like linoleum or
tile. Then she remembered her floor was nice and soft. And there was barely any light
at all. She could see a small pinprick of brightness in the distance. She followed it
until she was in a small tunnel. There was enough light to start running towards
where it came from. After traveling along the tunnel for a while, it abruptly
stopped. She ran, full tilt, into a door. Her nose started to throb, like after a bee
sting. When she opened the door, she was amazed by what she saw. There were books
everywhere! But these books weren’t normal. These books were taller than she was!
She noticed one of the books, Little Red Riding Hood. “Wow,” Tonya whispered to
herself, “This is one of my favourites.” She opened it and found that the words
were in extremely small print. She stuck her nose right on to She was so dumbfounded
she fell over backwards. Then she noticed the cape. It was red, just like little red
riding hood’s cape, and she was wearing it! Then it dawned on her. She was to be
little red riding hood in the book! “Well then, where is my basket?” Tonya
wondered. Just then, little red riding hood’s mom called her in. “Little red!
Come get your basket to take to grannies house! You have to hurry or else you’ll be
late!” Well, Tonya thought, I guess I have to do this job anyways. I may as well
hurry up and deal with the fact that I have to be little red riding hood. “Coming
mom!” Tonya called back. Then she scurried over to her new house.
	When she got in, her mother hurried her into the kitchen, scolding her. “I must
have called you twenty times! How long does it take a little girl to pick a few
flowers for the table? You know you’re supposed to take up some food to your granny
once every week! Why didn’t you hurry like I told you to?” she kept going and
going. Wow, thought Tonya. She really can huff and puff. Wonder why she isn’t in
the ‘Three Little Pigs’ book! She would be able to let the wolf have a day off!
She laughed at the idea and quickly regretted it. “What are you laughing at girl?
Come on, speak up!” her new mother asked her. “N-Nothing, m-mom.” Tonya managed
to stammer out, for she was still laughing. “Well, you must be laughing at
something. Tell me right now!”  Her mother told her. “Well, okay.” Tonya said,
still laughing. And she whispered it into her mother’s ear. Then she started
laughing. “Well, that is your favourite book! I shouldn’t be to surprised!” now
she was laughing so hard that she was clutching her sides. After a few minutes of
laughing together, they finally managed to get their laughter under control. “Well,
that’s the best laugh I’ve had since your father died. I still miss him very
much.” A tear flowed out of the corner of her eye. “Well you should probably come
get your basket and be on your way, okay?” Tonya worked to control the laughter
that was welling up inside her. “Yes, mother.” And started towards the kitchen.
After entering the kitchen, she smelt something mouth-wateringly delicious. Wondering
what it was, she spoke up. “Mother, what is that terrific smell?” her mother kept
on walking while telling her. “That is the smell of the chocolate cake I made for
your granny, along with the cookies that you can eat along the way. Don’t go just
yet,” for Tonya was almost at the door with the basket and cookies in hand. “You
have to wait for the plates and dishes to put the food on, because they’re still
drying on the counter. You know how picky your grandma is. She can’t stand it when
all you do is give her the food in a bag. You have to serve it on plates or in dishes
otherwise she’ll throw it across the room right back at you. Also, remember not to
meander off the track, lest the wolf will get you. Be extra careful for his favourite
food is little girls. Be back before nightfall, because that is when he likes to come
out, and don’t talk to strangers!” she had to yell the last bit across the field,
for Tonya was already at the forest path. She waved good-bye to her mom and started
off to her grannies house.
	Along the track, she saw deer with their little fawns, beavers building a dam at a
little creek. There, Tonya stopped to eat a couple of cookies and drink the juice box
that her mother had packed for her. And the sounds! They were amazing! There was the
sound of birds chirping in their nest, the noise carried on the wind, the breeze
blowing through the dry grass, which made a contented crackle each time it blew
through, and, of course, the sound of her footfalls on the ground, which kicked up a
little bit of dust with every step. Tonya had always loved the scent of pine trees,
but at home she couldn’t smell any pines because of all the pollution that was
there, and besides, there were no forests nearby, so why even try to look for any?
The only time she got any scent of pine was when she sprayed air freshener in her
bathroom and bedroom. Even that scent smelled fake. But here it was utterly
marvellous! The pine trees were everywhere! Their smell was completely amazing! The
aroma was every where she went, along with others like flowers and the chocolate
cake, which made a perfect blend of fragrance, for there was no pollution in this
wonderful place, which made it all the better. Then she heard a rustle in the bushes,
and stopped to find out what it was. Then she remembered the wolf. This was the part
in the story when the wolf came out of the bushes. So she called back to the rustle,
“Come on, Mr. Wolf! I know you’re there!” Out came a wolf muttering incoherent
words. He had sleek, shiny ebony coloured fur, which was so dark that it seemed to
absorb any light that was near it. His muscles rippled across his physique. The paws
were humongous. His eyes were a nice rich hazel brown. His teeth were a nice pearly
white, which glinted in the light as he asked, “How did you know I was there? No
one, not anybody, has ever managed to do that! Please, tell me! I need to be able to
catch-” Then she interrupted the wolf, saying, “It was just a guess that it was
you! And my mother said that you liked little girls, especially on your dinner plate.
And I’m not allowed to talk to strangers, so I had better go.” So she proceeded
to walk away for the wolf when he grabbed her cape. “Let me go right now or
I’ll-” this time the wolf interrupted her. “Where are you going? Tell me now or
else I’ll eat you up right here and now.” Now Tonya was starting to get a little
worried. She decided to tell the truth. “I’m g-going to m-my grannies h-house.”
She stammered out. “Hmmm, well where is that, little girl? And make it fast so I
can go and catch my supper. I’m quite hungry.” The wolf told her. “Well it’s,
it’s at the end of this t-trail.” She didn’t stutter as much because she was
getting braver. The wolf answered her back. “Thank you very much little girl. You
have been very helpful to me. I think I’ll let you go now.” And he pulled his
claw out of her cape and she ran off down the track. Then the wolf thought to him
self, I think that granny has just come on the menu. Then he slunk back into the

Chapter 2

	When she reached grannies house, she was still shaking from the encounter with the
wolf. After opening the door, she tentatively called out, “Granny! It’s little
Red! I’ve brought you your food!” Then she heard a small, high pitched voice call
out from a different room, “I’m in here! Hurry, for I’m very hungry.” She
recognized the voice of the wolf, even if it was higher and squeakier. She pretended
that she didn’t notice, though she did notice the smell of the cottage. It smelled
strongly of mildew and soap. Along the walls were dozens of pictures. One was a
picture of her mother, grandmother, and her, little red riding hood. Oh no! She
thought. I’m starting to forget my own name! What was it again? Tessa? Tara? Tami?
Tonya! That was it! I’m going to have to be more careful about remembering my name
from now on. Just then the wolf called, saying, “Hurry up, I can’t wait all
day!” A little of the wolf’s growl escaped his lips and Tonya knew that she had
not beaten him to the house. He had got there first and had most likely already
devoured granny, and she was going to be next. “I’m coming granny! I just have to
grab something first!” That something, she thought, is going to be very sharp and
hard, hard enough to knock you unconscious and sharp enough to cut open your stomach
and get my granny out before you digest her. “Found it! I’m coming now!” Tonya
had managed to find a shovel. Get ready, wolf, She thought. Tonya is coming for you.
	When Tonya entered the room, She saw one of the strangest sights she would ever see.
The ‘granny’ was one of the hairiest grannies that you could, and would, ever
see. He had an extremely hairy face with a pair of glasses about 12 sizes too small.
To cover his ears, he had put on a very, very small bonnet. She was really surprised
that he had even got it on because it was so small. In his lap was a book that was
upside down, so you would know that he was reading the book with no knowing that he
was reading nothing at all, except words that would make absolutely no sense. The
wolf was wearing a nightgown that was 3 sizes too small. The room smelled of grass,
dirt and wolf. One of the walls felt as though someone had thrown rocks against it
and then forced them to stay there. The other ones were made of a bunch of logs. They
looked as though they were dry as the desert. They could go up in flames any time.
“Well, little red, where is my food? I’m really hungry now. So set it up so that
I can eat!” the high-pitched voice was so sudden that she very nearly dropped the
basket and the shovel that she was holding behind her back. “Yes granny. I’ll set
it up right beside you.” And then I’ll get granny out of your stomach. When she
came up beside the wolf, she told the wolf, “My, what big eyes you have granny. And
what large hands and nose you have.” The wolf replied with this sentence. “All
the better to see, smell and hug you with.” His voice was even squeakier than the
last time he spoke to her. She then said “My, what a large bump you have!” The
wolf had a most questionable look on his face and began to say, “What do you-”
before she proceeded to hit him over the head with her shovel which cracked with age
and force. All you heard was a loud thump as the wolf fell out of the bed and onto
the floor. She then began to get ready to cut open his stomach when she heard a
muffled cry come from the closet. She cautiously approached it and opened the door.
Out tumbled her granny. Little red’s granny, she corrected herself. Not mine. She
started to cut the ropes that bound little red’s granny’s legs and arms, and took
the cloth that was tied tight around her mouth off. “Thank you little red. I will
never treat you bad ever again. Now you should start to head back home. It’s
getting late.” Home. I’ve got to go home she thought. I’ve got to go home. She
closed her eyes and imagined pictures of her real mother and granny. When she opened
them, she was in her bed with the covers pulled up tight around her. Then she noticed
something on her head. She got up and turned on her light and looked in her
full-length mirror. Then she realized that her dream wasn’t really a dream. It was
real. On her head was the hood and cape of little red riding hood.

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