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My True Love 2 "[s]Chapter 5: A Crush"[/s]Category: stories
Tuesday, 26 December 2006
05:45:58 PM (GMT)
Chapter 5: A Crush

October 20th

Halloween was coming up. I decided to go to the mall. Bryan often called Sarah,
Jessica often called Tom, and Michael was always bored. I started to fall in love
with him. We started actually to kiss on the lips for a minute. All of a sudden, I
heard Michael. He ran to me and kissed me on the lips. "Guess what sweetie!" he
cried. He then calmed down and went on his knees. "Will you marry me?" This was a
tough situation for me. I wasn't ready. "Michael, I'm not ready and we've only known
each other for 2 months. We should wait longer." I replied. He nodded his head in
ashamement and walked to the food court. I shook my head and kept walking.

I decided to get something to eat. So when I went to the food court, I saw Michael
kissing another girl on the lips. I ran over to him. "Why would you do this to me!" I
cried as I slapped him. I saw the same ring that Michael proposed to me on the girl's
finger. Then I noticed it was Trisha. "Trisha why did you do this to me!" I cried. "I
love Michael and there is nothing you can do about it." She said continuing kissing
him. She loved money and she probably mistaken him for a rich man. "You do know he is
as poor as dirt." I said as I started walking away. I heard her screaming in the
backround. I was heartbroken. I had no loved ones in my life now. One had passed away
on a ship and who was my real true love and the other who I thought I loved but he
cheated on me.

I felt like I was stabbed in the heart and it was thrown in the dirt and then
smushed. I then left the mall crying. When I came home, I deleted him from my cell
phone, my aim and I blocked him on everything. I ripped all the pictures of us. I
cried when I was in my room. Zack appeared looking worried. "What happened?" He
asked. "Zack! Michael just proposed to me but I turned him down. But then I saw him
propose to another woman! He was cheating on me!" I cried. Zack was angry. He was
about to curse but I told him to calm down. He soothed and calmed me down. I wish he
was actually here to help me.


This year Jessica, Bryan, Kimberly, and I were handing out candy for the little kids.
I then spotted a really cute guy. He was with a little kid so I guessed it was his
brother. "Hi.." I said nervously. "I'm Alexa Anderson, and you..?" He smiled. Aww he
had dimples! "I'm Chad Corrins, nice to meet you." He said kissing my hand. I gave
him my phone number. He took it and smiled. Then, he left with his brother. "Chad is
so hot!" Kimberly cried. Jessica nodded in agreement. Bryan just looked like we were
speaking a whole different language. We then giggled. Then the doorbell rang.  It was
more tricker-treaters. I just dozed off thinking about Chad.


Kimberly2 says:   26 December 2006   836629  
Great chap.!!!!!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   26 December 2006   384318  
Hey! have you heard the legendary random person is on th loose... the
legend is that... OH NO! IT'S HERE!


(random Person has left the building) 
*you have been randomized!*
coolcat101 says:   29 December 2006   831523  
that was great!
Lovelygirl1213 says:   3 January 2007   618745  
This is super!!!!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   4 January 2007   573221  
oops.. I didn't notice I pu that.. (')(') well great chap =3


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