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Omg he wants to get back together with meCategory: Omg
Monday, 25 December 2006
05:30:30 PM (GMT)
Omg my Ex boyfriend that i wrote about in my 1st entry just saw me in the hall the
other day and said do want to get back together with me and i know wat i did was
wrong. but on the very same day i asked my friend if she broke up with him and she
said no why would i? then the next day he leaned over and kissed me right in front of
the friend that he was going out with and she was like Jess how could you we arent
friends anymore. the my ex slapped my face and said to my friend she just snuck up
behind me and kissed me. then he signaled the call me sign. this is really driving me
mad. when he called me he said sorry bout slapping you. anyway he continued why don't
you come over and i broke up with your friend. and again he was like your friend is a
dork. your th eonly sexy person that i love in my life. and i told him that ill call
him back to tell him if i want  to get back with him. should i????

xoFallenAngelzxo says:   25 December 2006   271958  
AThomason says:   25 December 2006   293358  
no if he didn't break up with your friend and asked you out he is
probubly a jerk (bad kind)
chicka44 says:   26 December 2006   155727  
xofallenangelzxo are u saying that i should get back with him and
have me go threw it again
Devastation suggests:   28 December 2006   567733  
u should talk to your friend and see if shes ok about u going back
out with him.all im trying to say is follow what your heart says or
what u think is right
chicka44 says:   28 December 2006   253962  
did u people even look in my 1st diary entry
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   28 December 2006   497817  
no this is the most wosrt two timer back stabbing jerk I've ever
heard of!.......... and probably the only one....
bre1030 says:   28 December 2006   565711  
no u shouldnt of couse
chicka44 says:   29 December 2006   359984  
he is a back stabber
xoFallenAngelzxo says:   29 December 2006   358541  
say no i changed my mind!!!!!!!!!
Devastation says:   30 December 2006   914774  
u shouldnt go out with someonwe u know is going to brake u heart.. if
i where u i would tell ur friend you are so sorry u didnt know they
were going to go out .. if that doesnt work just talk to him and find
out wut happened back
hope u find uyour solition got2go
bunny16820 says:   30 December 2006   795847  
hmm....a very hard question....  
chicka44 says:   14 January 2007   822391  
i still havent called him yet
ajazCOUSINS says:   14 January 2007   859567  
i say no.
coolchic77 says:   26 January 2007   657961  
gurl dont go with that jerky crap! hes nothing but big dirty crap!!!

he aint worth it to go to a beautiful gal like you girl so dump him
forever when you see him just snope him okay gurl trust me his crap
Funny_ash says:   28 January 2007   559539  
dont he isnt a good guy he slapped u thats so stupid
shellybeans5 shouts:   28 January 2007   449364  
hes playing mind games and you know as soon as he gets over you he'll
do the same thing
its not any different
no matter how much you want him
forget it
i know what its like to want someone
it sux
it hurts
but you cant
he's playing with your heart and you don't deserve that
slap that bastard and tell him to get out of your life :D
ROCK_N_ROLL shouts:   19 March 2007   783788  
Hey Dont go back out with him seeing how he acted he is most likely a
player so dont a player will break your heart! I am telling you woman
dont go back out with him no matter what!!!!!!! Anyway he kissed you
and then slapped you dont do it gurl he is a two timer, backstabbing,
asshole eva!!
‹HANNER› says:   8 April 2007   162161  
dont he isnt a good guy he slapped u thats so stupid
chicka44 says :   10 July 2007   262382  
trust me i sayd nope nvr again


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