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My True Love "Chapter 6"Category: stories
Sunday, 17 December 2006
10:08:49 AM (GMT)

I woke up saying, "Good morning, Zack." When I opened my eyes, he was there. "Zack!"
I cried. He came in the tent. Don't worry Alexa, I'm right here." I smiled and kissed
him lightly. At 8:03, everyone was up. Jessica's butler came in, giving everyone a
big stack of pancakes. "Yum!" Bryan said as he ate like a slob. Sarah laughed and
kissed him on the cheek. Tom and Jessica caught each others' eyes. I think she was
starting to like him and getting over Cal. After breakfast was over, we watched T.V.
We started watching White Chicks and we litteraly laughed our pants off. We had like
our own Posse' now. At 11:40, everyone went home except for Tom. He stayed with
Jessica. I didn't want to look inside because I would be invading their privacy. I
think they started talking to each other and kissing. I was glad this was
happening..; my best friends and Zack's best friends starting to love each other.

When I came home, I went up to the attic, just to look at stuff. Mollie was resting
and I'm glad she was because she was on her break. Anyway when I was in the attic, I
saw a newspaper article. "Rich woman, Katherine Anderson has died of being
murdered today, June 23, 2002, at age 34 by a man said to be named Jeffery Domack,age
20. Thomas Kurrie attempted to save Katherine's daughter Alexandra.." I read to
myself. Wait, MURDERED??!! My mom was murrdered by Mr.Domack's son?! And Zack's dad
saved me?! This was all confusing. I went downstairs and saw my dad on the couch,
watching T.V. "Hey sweetie-" he started but I inturupted. "Dad! You lied to me! You
said that mom died of cancer!" I cried, "You didn't even tell me Zack's dad saved me!
And that Mr.Domack's son killed mom! Why didn't you tell me the truth?!" He started
explaining. "Sweetie, I didn't want to hurt you. I was going to tell you one day.." I
smiled and kissed him on the cheek. I was glad he wasn't hiding anything from me


I was going to go over Zack's house that day. When he answered the door, we kissed.
"I love you.." he said, smiling at me. Looking at my true, first, and only love, I
smiled back. Those adorable blue eyes.. his blonde hair.. that made him irrisitable!
We decided to go back to the mall. We went in front of this water fountain that was
in the middle of Abercrombie and American Eagle. I smooched him. "Zack, this is where
we met!" I cried, still smooching him. He pulled away and told me to come with him.
"I know," he smiled. We now were sitting down at the fountain. "Close your eyes and
make a wish." I wished that we could stay together forever. When the wish was over,
he asked "What did you wish for?" I smiled. "If I tell you, it won't come true." We
both laughed and had a whole day dedicated to each other. We were definatly the
perfect couple even if we came from different worlds.


lindsay606 writes:   17 December 2006   418432  
This chapter was the best one yet, it was really good. Please,please
write more
Lovelygirl1213 writes:   17 December 2006   377273  
colagirl4 says:   17 December 2006   843413  
I love this story!
fashion_girl shouts:   17 December 2006   713913  
Wow!!!Great story so far!!
fuzzyelmoo says :   5 March 2007   236342  


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