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Love Story (part 8 nearly at the end.)Category: (general)
Monday, 4 December 2006
09:54:48 AM (GMT)
"Well no sweetheart, i'm not." she said, frowning.
"Oh...." if it wasn't mum then who else could it be???
I gasped, it couldn't be, could it?? I rang Dr Carters office.
"Hello, Macie talking, who is this?" the office assitant replied.
"Hi, it's Kirsten, Delilah's daughter." i stammered.
"Oh i remeber you! last time i saw you, you was comming out of your-" she started.
"Um yeah ok, can i speak to Dr Carter please?" i asked.
"Sure, let me buzz you in." i waited.
"Hello, Dr Carter speaking?" he answered down the phone.
"Hi it's Kirsten Waters." i said.
"Ahhh, Miss Waters." he started, i bit my nails, which were quite long, and my lip i
was tapping my other hand on the table, the comuter was binging with tons of
messages. "What's this about then?"
"Um, i got a phone call on my mobile, my mums pregnant!?" i whispered down the
"Ahh, i made a mistake, it was Miss Waters, you are pregnant!" he said in a calm
"Me, how can i be!?" i started to yell.
"I got a test from your mother, a pregnancy test was found."
"But i would have rembered it though!"
"Not necessarily, you could have been out of your head?" he suggested.
"No, i've never got drunk in my life i'm only 14!"
"Ahh i'm so sorry, it's Miss Walters." Hey, Miley was pregnant! She lied to me and
her mum!
"Ok, bye." and i hung up.
My head spinning i went to the pc.
MaxAmIlLiOn; hey wats up!?
CoolieCat; pregnancies.
MaxAmIlLiOn; wot u?
CoolieCat; no Miley!
MaxAmIlLiOn; ur jokin!
CoolieCat seriously she is!!
MaxAmIlLiOn; we have to confront her.
CoolieCat; no she's hammered leave her be.
MaxAmIlLiOn; hammered meaning?
CoolieCat; drunk.
MaxAmIlLiOn; this is werid g2g see ya tata!
@bing@-MaxAmIlLiOn has logged out.
Everything's going wrong!Oh lord help me.


PrettyGurl1800 says:   4 December 2006   796343  
It's okay but not really  a love story
Kait_07 says:   4 December 2006   573161  
OMMMIIGISSH!! Please continue writing that story its REALLY
interestinggg :P

‹♥Star_Dust♥› says :   4 December 2006   922314  
whoooaaaa this has got to be a nonfiction story! It's so sad to think
about it being real and surprising!


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