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Thursday, 17 September 2015
07:54:10 PM (GMT)
Hey, guys! So for a while I've been considering making a club based around a story I
wrote for my creative writing class. The only problem is for the reoleplay to go the
direction I'd like we'd have to use cannon characters and I'm not sure how
comfortable evryone would be writing as cannons not from a show or movie. Basically
I've decided to include a list of charactrs and a plot summary. If several people are
interested in this then I will just make a club but if only one or two are interested
then they can just message me and we'll do a private roleplay. 

PLOT SUMMARY:  Taking place hundreds of years into the future, the eath has been
detroyed by a nuclear apocalypse. The main storyline involves a group of young girls
who have all been kidnapped and sold into slavery. They are in servitude to The
Master, the cruel and ruthless leadr of the Skeleton Men, an army who earned there
name by wearing the bones of their slain enemies. The girls, whom the Master sees as
special, are kept seperate from everyone else. It is forbidden to touch or even look
them in the eyes. While these girls seemingly live in luxury, being given clean water
and food, they're lives are really a living hell. They have all been repeatedly
assualted, both physically and sexually by the master, and are often confined to
solitude with only each other for company. 
SIDENOTE: The story was written in three parts. This is the first part. The second
one detailed the girls escaping from captivity with a band of mercernaries. Also for
the characers bellow the first name listed under Fcs is who I imagined them when I
wrote the story but are by NO MEANS required. 

Ariadne is an unavailable character as she is who I will roleplay as.
History: Ariadne was born in a small gypsy community on the edge of a river. At the
aged of seven, the community was raided by the Skeleton Men and Ariadne was taken.
She was taken to the Black City and forced into slavery. Initially a servant to the
Master's wife, Isadora, by the time she was a teenager Ariadne was one of his most
prized slaves. 
Personality: Ariadne is the mother of the group. She is fiercly protective of her
sisters, a trait that often lands her in trouble with the Master.  While she remains
collected on the outside, she's falling apart on the inside. She does her best to
keep it together for the sake of the others but even she cracks sometimes. 
FC: Sophie Turner

History: Tearny comes from the same community of gypsies as Ariadne and the two have
remained together ever since. When the Master first began to use the girls for his
own pleasure it was Tearny who first spoke against him which resulted in a severe
Personality: Tearny is the logical one of the group. She understands her situation
and makes decesions based upon this. Whenver the girls suggest escape or fighting
back she is the one to remind them of the consequences. However, when push comes to
shove, Tearny takes has a fire in her. 
SUGGESTED FC: Zoey Deutch, Adelaide Kane

History: Unlike Ariadne and Tearny, Emmaline was born into slavery. Her mother was
Isadora's prized servant and in many ways she saw Emmaline as her own. However,
Emmaline's mother attempted to escape with her daughter she was killed and Isadora
turned her back on Emmaline. SHortly thereafter, she too was given to the Master. 
Personality: Emmaline is often considered the loner of the group. While she cares
deeply for the other girls she can also be somewhat closed off. Being born into
slavery has allowed her to adapt better to her situation. 
SUGGESTED FC: Gabriella Wilde, Saorise Ronan

History: Lilla was born within the Black City. The daughter of two traders. While 
their life was not luxurious Lilla was very happy. However, when he father died
fighting in one of the Master's war. She and her mother where left in poverty. The
Master made a deal with Lilla's mother that he would take care of her but instead he
took her as one of his personal slaves and killed her mother. 
Personality: Lilla has been severly broken by the harshness of her life and often
looks to the others for support. Lilla is the youngest of the group and therefore the
one everyone tries to protect. She has shown brief moments of bravery throughout her
time in captivity but mostly remains a frightened girl. 
SUGGESTED FC: Liana Liberato, Hailee Steinfield 

I don't have much info on the Master or his wife or suggested fcs but here they are
just in case 

THE MASTER-Not much is known about the Master. He's sort of just this awful character
who comes in and out of the sotryline.
Lady Isadora-Is the Masters wife. At times she has proven to be crueler than her

‹fuckingpickyournoseidiot› says:   17 September 2015   230813  
‹fuckingpickyournoseidiot› says:   17 September 2015   441945  
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   17 September 2015   559461  
This really really reminds me of mad max fury road tbh.
‹YouCanCallMeHannahNow› says:   17 September 2015   217800  
Dude, I was gonna put a disclaimer saying "Keep your Mad Max
comparison's to yourself"
I'm aware of the similarities but honestly this was an idea that I've
had since 9th grade. Also I think when you get down to the characters
there are big differences. For example, Immortan Joe keeps the women
in an attempt to have children. The Master is just a horrible rapist
who's doing it because he can.  And the setting is very different. I
said taking place in the future but there's an alternate version where
it's just set in a completely different world.
‹YouCanCallMeHannahNow› says:   17 September 2015   292369  
Oh also the second bit of the story kind of makes up for comparisons
because it goes in a completely different direction.
‹<3 Forever Yours <3› says:   17 September 2015   166142  
Tearny sounds fun to play
‹YouCanCallMeHannahNow› says:   17 September 2015   125854  
‹<3 Forever Yours <3› says:   17 September 2015   952465  
Haha  I came  from beyond the grave.  Hello to you too
‹YouCanCallMeHannahNow› says:   17 September 2015   936410  
Seriously, I'm so freaking excited right now!!! If George, Taylor or
Silky make a miraculous appearance I'm DONE!
‹<3 Forever Yours <3› says:   17 September 2015   860097  
Hahaha, our little family would be complete, but alas I haven't heard
from anyone in ages.
‹YouCanCallMeHannahNow› says:   17 September 2015   806887  
No me either but you're hear now and that's all that matters. Well
with you and Mal on board I'd be willing to just go ahead and make the
club. I've got plenty of kp so it's no problem
‹<3 Forever Yours <3› says:   17 September 2015   850710  
I am thrilled, this is going to be awesome!
‹YouCanCallMeHannahNow› says:   17 September 2015   783197  
Yep. I'll get it up and  once I get the application topic reay I'll
send you and Mal links. The girl's histories are vague enough where if
their are any details you'd like to add or even to their personalities
I'd be completely fine with that.
‹<3 Forever Yours <3› says:   17 September 2015   971969  
Alrighty, you know me well enough that I won't change anything
‹YouCanCallMeHannahNow› says :   17 September 2015   576901  


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