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Sunday, 23 August 2015
11:22:00 AM (GMT)
Marilyn Medusa Bellamy "Don't get too close." {Unknown}{Gorgon}{Anna April} Abilities Glamour All-Around Vision Petrifying Gaze Poison Personality Marilyn is that kind of girl who does whatever she likes without caring what others think of her. She more than often comes across as cold and uncaring, mainly because she is. Marilyn isn’t a bitch, she is straight out cruel. Anyone who has seen Marilyn knows she is confident and very much sure of herself, it seems to seep through every pore and lay in the alluring sway of her hips when she walks. But despite being very pleasing to the eye, Marilyn couldn’t care less about trying to attract men. They come running to her no matter what, and she would lie if she said she liked the attention. Marilyn likes to spend her time by herself, practising Hoodoo, rather than chasing men. Because Marilyn doesn’t like big crowds or people, she doesn’t spend any time with them if she doesn’t have to. Marilyn likes to step back and instead of engaging in conversation, she listens to others. She is a very observant girl, and knows a lot about everyone. But despite being in position of this gift of having open eyes, she rarely uses it to something productive. Marilyn tends to laugh about other people, finding most of them pathetic. Somebody wonder if she has a heart somewhere inside her chest, and many has lost faith in ever finding one. History http://www.greekmythology.com/Myths/Creatures/Medusa/medusa.html ------------------------ Lena Theos "Water is patient. Water always wins." {15}{Daughter of Hecate & Poseidon }{Phoebe Tonkin} Special Powers Hydrokinesis Lena is also in the early stages of learning Atmokinesis Personality Lena has always been the cherished baby of the family, often spoiled nearly past redemption and mollycoddled by first her mother and then her siblings. As a consequence of that, she has an exceptionally high opinion of herself and her own abilities, but luckily that ego is tempered by an optimistic generosity and a warm personality that practically lights up every room that she walks into. However, she never quite got the knack for developing the kind of single-minded tenacity that other Demigods, so she flits from one obsession to the next with a kind of capricious zeal that somehow manages not to offend most of the people she knows too much, though sometimes it does turn around and cause relationships to crumble at her dainty feet. She hasn’t quite learned how to prevent that from occurring, even after over a century of experience, but it rarely bothers her enough to matter anyway. While thoughtful, caring and soft spoken on a general basis, Lena has a temper than can be rather short and explosive when triggered. She tries to have an optimistic view on life, but usually ends up sounding almost macabre because of the depressed undertones that fall into her speech. Raised to be a perfectionist, anything less than perfection can lead to panic attacks, though Lena is a professional at keeping these in until she can retreat to a private place to release the anxiety. Extremely loyal, she’ll stand up for anyone she cares about, and always ends up putting others before herself. History The only thing known about her past is that she was the result of a very drunken one-night stand and that she remained unwanted for a long time. Unaware of who she was, trouble always found her, and that leads up to how she finds herself in Olympus. If you want any more than that, you have to find out ICly. ------------------------- Elizabeth 'Daisy' Worthington "I came here to make a new life for my son and I." {18}{Freelance Photographer, Full-Time Mom}{Sarah Bolger} Personality being rewritten History Baby at 17. Abusive household. Nasty Breakup with your ex, Oliver. What else do you do but take a job in a new city and start your life over?
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