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Wednesday, 23 April 2014
02:05:38 PM (GMT)
I have no idea what to write in this, or how to say anything, so I'm literally going
to write as if this was a diary just for me, and that you couldn't read it. If you
like it, cool, drop me a message or write a comment, whatever you fancy, if not,
thats fine, just dont give me hate. 

We have our dance exams in june/july. Tap won't be so bad, but ballet will be worse.
Oh goddd. I have tap and modern every friday evening, each lesson being 45 mins, then
ballet every saturday morning, which lasts an hour. Taps definitely my favourite, you
just feel so free, and because i've been doing it since i was 6, its a piece of cake.
Whereas ballets more of an effort, you have to keep at it. With tap, you don't have
to practice during the week to keep your strength up or whatever, but if you miss a
couple of ballet lessons, its a massive shock to the system when you go back -
balance is terrible, flexibility's terrible, turn out's terrible - though that's me
every week so..

Our teacher said we can't prepare for an exam with only 1 lesson a week, so now every
wednesday we have an extra lesson. We had our first today, and every lesson something
inside of me dies a little, when i realise just how far i think i am to what we're
meant to look like and then how close our exam is. 10 weeks. Thats it. Thats 20
lessons. Then we're in a room, in pairs with a pianist and an examiner, the women who
watches you dance and determines how many marks you get out of 100 and whether you
pass the exam or not. I don't have to take the exam, but I want to because it's an
achievement, it makes you feel good. My very first exam i did, i must have been
around 5, i got 95/100, which is a distinction, the best anyone got that day,
including the older girls, some of which were in college, so over 16. I couldn't
believe it, my teacher was so proud and so was my family. Obviously as you get older,
the grades get harder so you don't necessarily get such high marks. In my last exam,
which must have been at least 2 years ago, i got a distinction, but im not so sure it
will be so easy to get this time round. There are so many things i need to work on,
even though my teacher apparently thinks i'll be ready in time, im not so sure i will

When i stand in first position, the classic ballet position where you stand with you
feet turned out, i cant get mine very far properly. I say properly because most
people would be able to get their feet turned out very far if you asked them too.
Sure, you can do it, but you're not doing it right. Your knees have to be inline with
your feet, which means you have to turn your whole leg out from the tops and
underneaths of your thighs. It's harder than it sounds. When i do a sashay, pushing
one foot forward with your knees bent, my front foot turns out a whole load more, but
then when i straighten up, i cant hold it so i have to shift it back to how it
normally is, otherwise i'd just fall it when doing an arabesque, standing on one foot
with the other lifted up behind you. 

My balance is terrible, I'm forever rocking about when doing an arabesque. You're
probably reading this thinking, this sounds easy, this girl must be shit. Wrong. Im
not the best, but unless you do ballet too, im a darn sight better than you, and i
know what im talking about. 

So, 20 lessons to improve. Brilliant. I can already tell who'll be the laughing stock

RowMyBoat says:   25 May 2014   136125  
How many profiles do you have?
Phantom says:   25 May 2014   999519  
this diary was perfectly what a diary entry is supposed to be. good

and i believe in you dear..keep practicing between classes and you
will see improvement
Hannahxxx says :   26 May 2014   317007  
@Phantom awh haha thank you (: 


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