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This is what I constantly think about.Category: Life
Sunday, 1 December 2013
01:17:24 AM (GMT)
I want to relive my life starting at age 2 but keep all the knowledge I have now.
That way I can tell my grandfather, "If you take my nose one more time, I will break
your fucking legs." 
And then no one will believe him that I said that.
I'll fill out worksheets at school and hand them in like, "Here's your answer key." 
Plus the ability to virtually predict the future.
Think of all the money I could make in the stock market.
Preventing every embarrassing moment that has ever happened to me.
Being a child prodigy. 
Being an art prodigy. 
Actually accomplishing something. 
Freaking out people with my knowledge.
Using my size to my advantage.
Trick-or-treating again.
Enjoying the 90's before they're gone.
Preventing deaths.
Not ever believing I was too young to play Pokémon.
Huge head start on everything in life.
College at age 10.
Perfect grades. Never miss a single question.
Do everything perfectly.
Know ahead of time which friends end up betraying me.
Being able to prevent friends from getting hurt.
Not taking childhood for granted, and knowing all the things I can do that I won't be
able to do as an adult.
Knowing being a teenager sucks (not wasting time looking forward to it.)
Singing the lyrics to songs eight years before they're written.
Making my parents think I'm an alien or a prophet.
Not having to go through so many phases (knowing what I like without having to try so
many different things.)
Eat well and stay little-kid skinny forever. 
Save every penny I get for the future (so much money spent on candy...)
Actually get some good names on Neopets.
Be the first on every website once they're created.
Young kids can learn languages very quickly. 
Learn Japanese, Latin, and German. (At least.)
Make money predicting the future.
Knowing that really really mean girl ends up pregnant.
Liking good music as a kid (never liking Ashley Simpson!)
Having plenty of time to develop any ability I want.
Having plenty of time for anything.
Not cut (and end up covered in nasty scars.)
Last edited: 2 December 2013

Kennan says:   1 December 2013   286882  
getting good names on Neopets uVu
‹stickyvaporeon› says:   1 December 2013   686014  

lmao seriously tho
you have to name your pet GodzillaManx______124890y434133414
or JumboSlurpie7931207408236142
because all the good names like Aiden and Juniper and KaLeo
ya know, NAMES
are taken 
it's frustrating 
I don't really play it anymore but I used to every day a while ago 
crazyhot says:   1 December 2013   256957  
>too young for pokemon
Grizzlies says :   4 December 2013   360069  
i'd rather just restart secondary school

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