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Sunday, 23 December 2012
03:43:04 AM (GMT)
When I was 15, I found out I was pregnant. The first person I told was my
boyfriend. I had fears he would leave and blame this all on me, but he didn't.
 Later that week he came over to my house and we told my parents. They didn't
approve and they sure as hell weren't happy. 
It was like I didn't even exist to my dad anymore and my mom kept questioning me on
why I never talked to her or asked for birth control.  Their attitude quickly
changed when I told them my plans to keep the baby. Like any parent, they had to cope
with it. 
I started to become slightly depressed because everyone constantly told me about how
my life was over. I would walk down the hallways at schools and every head would turn
my way. It was a lot of pressure.  
I was determined a high risk pregnancy because of my age.  I had many problems with
my pregnancy, I became dehydrated a lot and had to be put in the hospital. I had to
take a stress test 3 times.  I also had preeclampsia during my pregnancy which
didn't make things any better. 
Since I was short 5'1" the doctor decided that it would be easier on me to take the
baby by c-section then to give birth. 
On July 15th my beautiful baby was born.  (I was 16 by this time). 
My child's father is still in both of our lives, meaning we are madly in love and he
accepts his responsibility too. 
I feel like this pulled me and my family closer than ever. 
This is my story.  If you have any questions feel free to message me. 

‹Green Spring Grass› says:   23 December 2012   990584  
Thank you for promoting one thing that is rediculed and

First of, you were 15, why the hell were you letting your pants down?
Don't say it was because you were "madly in love," your mother was
right. If you're gonna go and get fucked, take birth control. There's
a human overpopulation, and being 16, it's obvious that's just not the
right age to be having a child. Were you going for 16 and Pregnant or
something? No. It's just... What the hell has this world come to.
‹stance› says:   23 December 2012   145539  
She's not promoting this. She's sharing her story and giving those who
are in the same circumstance that their lives aren't over. 

People have sex in whatever situation. Don't tell her just cause she's
15 she shouldn't let her pants down. It's her decision. Maybe a spur
of excitement just happened. What if she is "Madly in love"? It's not
you so you can't say they aren't madly in love. And I've never heard
of a 15 taking birth control...
To be honest, girls in their teens and getting pregnant isn't the end
of the world. 
It's just not as common to see in our society. I mean, back in the old
days, Native American girls got pregnant at the age of 12. 
‹OctobrrVerse› says:   23 December 2012   342307  

People like you are the reason that this girl is here. This
16-year-old girl has put aside her fear of being judged, and is
willing to share her story to others in order for them to learn from
her mistakes, instead of learning from their own.

You don't know this girl. She may have been pressured into it by her
boyfriend, friends, or even just by the media. Her and her partner may
have used faulty condoms. Just because she didn't take birth control,
doesn't mean she wanted to get pregnant.

This is not to say that getting pregnant at 15 is a good idea. Yes, if
she was sexually active, she should have made both her mother and
father aware. Preventive measures could have been taken. This girl is
lucky that she had such a wide support system. Usually, the boyfriend
(and his parents) as well as the girls own parents will turn their
backs on her.

As to your comment about overpopulation? The entire WORLD population
could fit into the state of Louisiana. Thousands upon thousands of
miles of land go unused everyday. America: desolate highways. Britain:
Unused countryside. Many rain forests not even touched by man. As our
knowledge of science grows, so do our adaptions to the world around
us. It's not that we don't have the resources to feed everyone. The
reason  there is starvation is because no one cares about
poverty-stricken hungry people. (Cruel, but true). 

Please stop getting high on news feeds, and do some real research.
Most of the things you mentioned are scare tactics used by the
government to hide the things they deem unsavoury. Don't judge people
just because they sin differently than you. 
teenpregnancy says:   23 December 2012   406716  

I used a condom everytime I had sex. Also, I'm well aware I should
have talked to my parents. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only sexually
active girl that didn't tell her parents "hey guys, I am having sex!"
I hate the show 16 and pregnant. That's nothing like being a teen
mother. Yes it's hard, but me and my boyfriend are making our own
money and not getting paid thousands of dollars everyweek. 
I know this is something people have mixed feelings about. I'm not
here for your criticism. I'm here to help other young girls like me. 
teenpregnancy says:   23 December 2012   759378  

Thanks for understanding. =) 
‹Live Fast, Die Young.› says:   23 December 2012   419285  
I never told my family that I'm sexually active.
My grandma found out, no big deal.
I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself, and your child. (: 
teenpregnancy says:   23 December 2012   820335  
Join the club. Thanks. 
I hate how people are like "You should have told your parents bitch
bitch bitch."
I know that, but I just couldn't do it. If they ever became sexually
active they would understand what it's like. 
‹Live Fast, Die Young.› says:   23 December 2012   327105  
Exactly. It's ridiculous. They have no right to judge. 
teenpregnancy says:   23 December 2012   981938  
Agreed. Too many people judge these days. 
‹Dragonborn› says:   28 December 2012   337103  
Hmmmm...being a guy I kind of get overwhelmed by these comments,
but the truth is: Your A Brave Girl, You Accept The Responsibilites,
Your Like Any Girl Your Age...But Now Your Taking On More...It Won't
Be Easy, But With The Support You Have...You'll Be Fine, and YEAH
Being A Guy I Won't EVER Understand ANY of The Hardships...but Being
A Guy...The Least That Can Be Done, Is Being Supportive, Because 1
Friend...1 Person...Can Make A WORLD of Difference, Have A Nice Day 
teenpregnancy says :   28 December 2012   272542  
Thank you so much!  Everything you're saying is true. 


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