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Angeras' Journey (Continued #3)Category: Stories
Saturday, 7 January 2012
03:08:16 AM (GMT)
PART FOUR Time passed quickly. Before Angera knew it, it had been 3 days since she had first awoken in the Mans strange but cozy cabin. Overtime, they began to grow close. She helped him with his work, chopped logs, and even washed the meat he skinned. In return for the care he gave her, she cooked for him. Making delicious meals out of vegetables from his small garden, fish he brought from the river, and even fruit that she picked from a few wild shrubs while searching for firewood one morning. She began to see the Mans true self. Behind his tough, grumpy appearance, he was kind, guiding, determined, nurturing, and... something she still couldn't quite describe. The look that had shone in his eyes seemed to be the same.... but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't put her finger on it. ~ The fire crackled soothingly as Angeras' eyes fluttered open. She stretched, and yawned. Being outside all morning had wore her out, and the Man had told her she needed plenty of sleep to get by. So, she had decided to take a nap. The sun rays shone down on her face, and she smiled. Rising, she folded the holey blanket she had grown to love, and gently laid it on the cushioned chair for later use. She walked quickly over to the ice box, and took a few slabs of frozen meet. Wondering what to make for lunch, she began preparing, just as the man walked in. "I see you're up. Did the nap do you any good?" He asked, grunting as he lifted his heavy fur coat from his shoulders. Angera smiled, and began chopping the meat into small cubes. "It did, thank you. I hope you didn't tire yourself out, I'm making some lunch!" She said happily, eager to please him. She heard him laugh behind her, and fumble with a few things. "Well, I'm looking forward to it. Chopping wood wears everyone out, even a big lug like myself." She could hear the smile in his voice. She continued chopping until the entire slab was cut into even cubes. Than she tossed them into a boiling pot on the old stove, adding a few tiny bits of carrot, and onion for flavor. Turning, she began to clean up her mess, when she glanced over at the Man. He was carving again. She was surprised to find that it was the same block of wood she had seen from before, after she ate the vegetable soup he had made her a few days ago. It looked different now... not so star-like... She silently scampered over to watch, sitting on the floor with her back to the fire. Her eyes grew wide when she realized what it was. A tiny cross. It had many small carvings in it, and two small holes on the outside, running through the inside... like something would go through them... "Is... is that a cross for a necklace?" She asked suddenly. He sat in silence, continuing to smooth the edges with the knife, that was surly dull by now. With patience, she waiting eagerly, until the Man finally held up the small cross, examining it as he turned it this way, and that. Once he seemed satisfied, he smiled and looked down at Angera, who in return smiled back. He stood, and entered his room, which Angera had still not had a chance to see. She leaned a bit to try and peek in, but it was too dark inside to see much from her position. The man returned, beaming down at her. Something glittered in his hand. He eased back into his chair, and tilted his head. "I have something for you." He said eagerly, as he lifted a silver chain from his palm. Threading it though the tiny holes, into the cross. He began to hum. The tune, sounded eerily familiar to her, and her mind searched vigorously to recognize it. Once he was done, he lifted the chain for her to see. She smiled widely. It was a necklace! Laughing, she stood and lovingly took the chain from the mans grasp, and clipped it around her neck. She could almost see it shine out of the corner of her eye, as she smiled ear to ear. ~ The late afternoon sun shone through the frosty window. It had begun to get warmer outside, or maybe, Angera thought, she was getting warmer on the inside. The fire was crackling away, just as it always had, the wooden floor was just as creaky and uncomfortable as before, but as she sat with her blanket around her shoulders, everything seemed so much more special. Her life, her memories, the ones she loved.... they all were what made up herself. Not her fears, not her regrets. Yawning, she turned to look at the man, who was now smoking an old pipe. She smiled. Turning back, she gazed into the fire, thoughts running wildly through her head. Questions... she had so many questions. Despite her newly found trust and obedience for this man she still had no idea who he was. Or what he was. HE knew she was the Mother Angel... but how? If he was a mere mortal how could he know such things? And why on Earth was he helping her? Her mind flashed back to when she had first awoken in the strange dark forest. The dead vampire that had fallen on top of her... where had it come from? Then she remembered the wolf, just as it had pounced on her, it had been shot by the man. How? What was the coincidence that the man had been standing in the right place, at the right time to save her. Had he been following her? She shook her head in confusion. Nothing made any sense... Pulling the neck of her dress out slightly she could barely see the bandages that she had found a few days ago. Her ribs no longer hurt, and she was positive the bruise would be gone now, or at least faded. Where had the wraps come from? With a sigh, she turned to face the man. Anxiety building... what if he wouldn't answer... what if he knew even less than she did? Clearing her throat, and shoving her fears aside, she finally spoke just as the mans eyes came to a rest on her. "I... I've been wondering... about a lot of things lately..." She began, her eyes glancing away for a moment. The man fixed his gaze on her, his composure relaxed. "... and I just... would be very grateful if you could help me... figure out a few things, if you... could answer some of my questions..." She lifted her gaze up at him, and pleaded with her eyes. She just HAD to understand...and he was her only hope. For a moment, the man just moved his gaze to the fire, puffing on his pipe in silence. Angera was patient, and continued to await his answer, until finally he lowered his pipe and sighed. "You questions will not be easy ones I'm sure?" He asked. Angera slowly nodded, her expression intense. He sighed again, and leaned back in his seat. "Well, go ahead. What is it that has been bothering you?" She took a deep breath before she began, her heart beating fast. Please, oh please let him understand...! "I... want to know... how to speak to God... h-how to... speak to the Father." Her voice shook, and she fumbled with the cross around her neck. The man glanced down at her, a strange look in his eyes. "That is the question that has been troubling you...?" He asked with a tone of confusion. Angera nodded her head. "B-but I have many more... I've just chosen to ask this one first... It is very important that I speak with him... I-I really need too." A tone of desperation wove it's way into her voice, making her cringe. The man nodded, as if considering her question. Her heart soared. Did he know? Did he really know how to speak with the father?! "You pray of course." He answered bluntly. Angera sat still for a moment, not understanding his words. Than her spirits fell. "B-b-but I already know that! I want to know how to SPEAK with him! Not PRAY to him!" She cried with a whine. He leaned forward, his brows furrowing together. "Praying is speaking to the Lord. You should know that Angel." He said with slight annoyance. Angera shook her head in frustration. "But I need the Father to help me! I NEED him! He must save Jack!" She cried, leaning forward just as much. "He needs to turn Jack into an Angel, or the other demons might get him!" The man sat in silence for a few moments, just staring at her. Than finally, he spoke very slowly, and deliberately. "A Demon cannot be changed into a servant of the Lord." His expression was hard, and Angera cringed away. But her dedication returned. She had to save Jack. HAD to make this man understand! "But Angels have fallen! Why can Demons not rise?!" She exclaimed, standing as the blanket fell from her shoulders. The man shook his head roughly as if exasperated. "Because it is IMPOSSIBLE! To rise, you have to love the Lord, and obey him!" He shot back. "But this one does-" "A TRUE DEMON IS FOREVER A SERVANT OF EVIL! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A DEMON TO LOVE THE LORD BECAUSE THEY WERE CREATED FROM EVIL! THEREFORE IT IS AGAINST THEIR POWER TO LOVE!" He bellowed, rising from his seat, and pointing his finger at her. Angera froze. What? But that meant... that it was impossible for Jack... to love. To love her. Tears began to pool in her eyes. Jerking away, she covered her face, and choked. "B-but that makes no sense... Jack loves ME! So a demon must be able to love somehow!" She cried into her palms. Silence filled the room. The only sound were sobs that shook her entire body. Finally, after a few long minuets, the man finally spoke. "Than... he is no demon." ~ Angera stood in the doorway. The bag she held over her shoulder contained a combination of many dry foods for her journey, and a very loved ratty blanket. The morning sun shone in her eyes. It was so warm... spring was on it's way! Smiling, she turned to see the man behind her. He wore a strange expression... the same one that had been poking at her for days. Yet... she still couldn't figure out what it was. She approached him, a smile still showing brightly on her face. "Are we ready?" She asked. He nodded, and walked past her, through the doorway. ~ A few hours later the sun was shining brightly on a large field. Angera began to recognize things. A large willow tree, a bubbling spring, a steep ditch with a large rock sitting at it's edge. A flashback of her fall 4 nights ago flew through her head. "I know where I am now... that's were I fell...." She said with excitement. She took a few quick strides ahead of the man, and turned. "That's where you saved me.... you... did save me didn't you?" She asked. She watched the man chuckle, and nod. "How did you find me?! It was so dark...!" She gasped, running back to him. He smiled. "Fate. I had been hunting, and practically walked right into the same hole you did. Luckily, the ice had already been broken. That was your doing I presume." He placed his hand on her shoulder, and led her forward. "I had an urge to look down inside the hole, and I saw a glimmer of gold as I passed my lantern over it." Angeras' brows furrowed. "You saw gold?" She asked, her voice rising. He nodded seriously. "Yes, I saw gold. I was confused, and chipped away the ice around the small hole, and eventually was able to climb down, and pull you out." He turned his attention to the deep ditch as they approached it. "Your condition was very severe. You had broken four ribs, and the back of your skull had been broken. When I checked for your pulse, I couldn't find one." His tone became sad for a moment, as he gazed upward. "But when I had gotten you to the cabin, I noticed you were breathing again. Not very well, I'm sure you were in pain. I was a little panicked, for one of your broken ribs might of punctured your lungs, and caused it to collapse. That's what I had assumed killed you... but you were alive. And I tended to your injuries until you were breathing normally again." Angera looked upward at him, as they circled the ditch, making their way around it to the other side. "But how? All you could do was bandage it right? Are you a doctor?" She asked hurriedly. Surely the bandages didn't do much for her ribs, or skull. But instead of answering her question, he gave her a gentle pat on the back. "Here we are. This is as far as I can go. It's up to you to make it back the rest of the way." He smiled sadly, and took a few steps back. Angeras' eyes widened, and she began to hurry back to him. "Y-your not coming with me? B-but-" "Hush now. You know your way, and it is up to you to walk it. I've guided you, but it's your job to do the rest." His smile widened, but Angeras' eyes pooled. She would miss him... he had done so much for her... made things that had seemed hopeless clear again. She ran at him, flinging her arms around him. "Thank you... for everything." Her throat went tight, and he chuckled. His big arms circled her. He was warm. She felt as if she was a small child being cradled, protected, loved. She felt safe. "W-will I be able to see y-you again?" She choked. His soft beard tickled her face as he laughed. "Of course you will." He replied softly. She laughed with him, a smile making it's way to her face as she pulled away. He made a gesture for her to be on her way, and she reluctantly turned and began to walk away. After a few steps she turned quickly. "W-what is your name?!" She called. In the distance, she saw the mans hand rise, and point towards her. She furrowed her brows, turning to her to look behind her where the man pointed. Only a few small hills away, was a small cozy looking Cabin. Jacks' house. Angera gasped in delight, and quickly turned back to the man. But found that there was no one there. Nothing but a ray of sunlight barely touching the ground. It glimmered like gold. Angera stood, perplexed for a few moments, her golden hair blowing in the wind, intertwining with the cross that hung from her neck, as a realization hit her hard. The look in the mans eyes.... she hadn't known what it had been for a long while. She hadn't realized, until now.... .... That the look.... ...had been very Fatherly. THE END
Last edited: 7 January 2012

‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› sings:   11 February 2012   733830  
Wow.. I got chills down my spine. I loved it!!
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings :   18 February 2012   704106  
Thanks!!! =DDD I feel like reading over it again, but I'm still
grounded from the computer and stuff so I wouldn't really have time
unless I was home alone XD 


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