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Saturday, 3 December 2011
09:32:22 AM (GMT)
New home. New school. New life. I hate having to do this. Moving every year. I
sometimes envy the humans. They get to fool around with each other, have fun. While
I'm stuck in this hell hole. Though next week is the first day of school so I'll
finally be let out. Luckily since there are no night schools in the area I get to go
to a human school. I begged my mom to let me go to this human school and she
reluctantly said yes. I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling. I hated this house.
Mostly because I had to share a room with my brother. Hes a senior and utterly
gorgeous. Well to the humans he is. To me hes just my annoying older brother. When we
were younger we got along very well. Now he wants nothing to do with me. I sighed.
And he walked in. "Hey little sis." He went on his computer and started playing World
of Warcraft. I glanced over. World of Warcraft was one of his favorite games. Hes a
level 25 Night Elf Warrior. I sometimes watch him play. Hes quite good I have to say.
I rolled over so I was looking at him and said "I wonder what the humans are like."
He laughed a little. "Who cares? We could of gone to a night school like normal
vampires but no. You had to plead mom to go to a human school. I mean you actually
fit in at night schools. At day schools your just another freak no one wants to be
friends with." I looked down sadly. "Rayne......don't feel so sad. Its just the
truth." He was chatting with his computer girlfriend. I got up and said to him "yeah
well your a freak too brother. Those little human girls who flirt with you may not
know the real you but I do. Your such an ass!" He sends me flying to the wall without
lifting a finger. "You forgot one thing.....I'm stronger then you. Your a disgrace to
our kind and I'm surprised mom and dad haven't disowned you yet." He laughed. I got
up and hissed at him baring my fangs. He got up and sent fire. I dodged. I sent ice
shards at him. Mom walks in and says "enough fighting you two!!! Were in a human
neighborhood. We can't do whatever we want here." I look at mom and yell "but he
started it! He always does! I only defend myself." She hisses. "Know your place,
Rayne. Right now were humans. I would at least like to stay here for a month.
Your father would be very disappointed in you two." She storms out. I wince when she
slams the door. I fall on my bed. "I hate it here....." Tears run down my face. He
sat beside me and pat my head. "I'm sorry sis.....I shouldn't have said that." I
rubbed my head against his warm hand. In the end, I loved my brother. He was the only
one in our family that understood me and wanted what was best for me. Though he can
be cruel hes really kind. 

A week went by....first day of school. Brother was wearing all black as usual with
his black thick rimmed glasses on. I wore my black and red dress with thick black eye
shadow and some lip gloss on. We left. Of course we had to walk to school. Wasn't
shocking to know mom was asleep. Unlike us the sun did affect her. Brother is more
affected by it then I am. But I am only a freshman in high school. Maybe I will get
stronger....or not. Maybe I will gain weaknesses....or not. When we got to the High
School I looked around. The school was huge. Larger then the night schools that I've
been to.

(continue later)
Last edited: 5 December 2011

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