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Thursday, 17 November 2011
06:04:32 PM (GMT)
[x]Talked back to a teacher. (Probably.)
[ ] Been kicked out of a class. 
[x] Worn your pajamas to school.
[ ] Had your tooth fall out during school. (I used to be jealous of the kids who did.
[x] Gotten yourself lost in your school.  
[x] Broken the dress code in your school.
[ ] Completely and utterly failed a test. 
[ ] Left your class without asking anybody. 
[ ] Missed a whole week of school for something stupid.
[ ] Thrown up your lunch in school. 

[x] Argue with your parent a lot. 
[X] Argue with your brother a lot. 
[ ] Argue with your sister a lot. 
[/] Do your own laundry. 
[x] Cook dinner once in a while. (On Tuesdays. Every Tuesday.)
[x] Are loud and obnoxious at home. (either that or I'm a lurch.)
[x] Wear pajamas when you are not going to go anywhere. 
[x] You sleep in very long. 
[x] All you do is watch television/go on the internet. (Internet or Xbox 360 with
Skyrim or Oblivion.)
[ ] Your parents are divorced.  
[ ] Your family makes you cry a lot. 
[ ] One or both of your grandparents live with you.
[] You can't stand being with your parents.

[ ] You currently dislike one or more of your friends.
[ ] You are jealous of one or more of your friends.
[x] You have known a friend your whole life. 
[ ] Your friends are all taller than you. (LOL VANNER)
[ ] You have been ditched by a friend. 
[x] You have memorized a friends phone number. (How do you think we have three way
calls like every night? xD)
[ ] You have lost/forgotten a friends phone number. 
[x] You have been to most of your friends houses. 
[x] You love most of your friends. (All of them<3)

[ ] You bite your nails.
[ ] You have an odd obsession with knives. (No more knives. Mom took them all away.
[ ] You cannot sleep with the door closed. 
[x]  You cannot sleep with the door open. (I hate being able to see the hall and the
bathroom. Gives me the creeps.)
[x] There is at least one sound you cannot stand. (The word "NIGGA")
[ ] You write stories about mad cannibalistic serial killers.
[ ] You are good at telling lies. 

[x] You currently like/love someone. (Armen<3 And obviously I love my friends.)
[ ] You want to kill one of your exs.
[ ] You can't stay committed for an unusually long time. (I really wouldn't know.)
[ ] You get bored of your crush/bf/gf easily.  (LOL NO)
[ ] A crush/bf/gf has called you self-centered before.
[ ] Your ex has dumped you for another person.
[ ] You don't want a bf/gf at the moment. 

[x] You hate George Bush.
[ ] Abortion is horrible and should be illegal. (Actually, I'm pro-abortion, as odd
as it may seem.)
[x] Gay marriage is fine by you. 
[ ] Boys make better friends than girls do. (I couldn't care less. I think it'd be
cool to have a tranny friend. I don't care.)
[/] Pink is an ugly color.
[/] Needles aren't so horrible. (I like the kind with the sedatives in them. lD)  
[ ] Human flesh tastes like fine aged veal. 
[x] You have plenty of secrets. (Derp.)

[x] Fallen up the stairs. (I only fall up the stairs.)
[ ] Had your shoelaces tied together.
[ ] Had a nail fall off.
[ ] Captured, Manipulated, or Destroyed a soul. 
[x] Slapped someone across the face. (KYLE. xD)
[ ] Killed someone.
[x] Worn something inside out for a whole day. (I was like nine, my birthday party
was themed backwards.)

JadeR3b0rn says:   17 November 2011   690279  
I see you like the needles that make you go to sleep too! The last
time I had one, they put me in a room that had pillows on the floor,
ceiling, and walls, and gave me a jacket that let me hug myself! XD
‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   17 November 2011   719435  
I mean the kind that they put in you when you get a wisdom tooth out.
And the feeling when you wake up. 
JadeR3b0rn says:   17 November 2011   339035  
oh.. I still like the jacket that lets me hug myself lol
‹~(Shaywee)~› says:   17 November 2011   170922  
Okay. Cool. 
‹You Take The Breath Right Outta Me› says:   18 November 2011   761521  
Why is a lot of it crossed out?
‹~(Shaywee)~› says :   19 November 2011   992717  
I have absolutely no idea. 


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