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Saturday, 1 October 2011
09:10:24 PM (GMT)



"Uhh... Georgia?"

"No, it's a nice name, but I'm not sure if it's right, you know?"

For a few days now, Emma and Will had been trying to think of a name for their
baby girl. They were on their way to the second scan, and now that Emma was almost
into her third trimester, the fact that their baby daughter was going to enter the
word nameless was starting to nag at them a little.

So far... the search had been useless. Will wasn't sure if it was just pregnancy
hormones, but whenever he suggested a name deemed as 'stupid', Emma flew at him,
furious with him for apparently not taking things seriously. He could understand the
fact that she was stressing out over it (in all honesty, he would probably be no
better in her situation), but he couldn't always see what he had done wrong.

Will gripped the steering wheel a little tighter, his knuckles white.

"What about... Bella?"

"Bella?" Emma snapped. "You want to call her Bella?"

"I'm just suggesting names, Em. Really. Why don't you try some?" he said through
gritted teeth.

"I can't think of any," she spat.

"Oh, what a great help! So I'm just going to keep suggesting names and get shouted
when you don't like them? Great! What fun this is!" he suddenly yelled.

Emma froze, surprised.

"Will... I'm-"

"It's fine."

The next five minutes of the journey was spent in silence. Will felt terrible. He
knew it wasn't really Emma's fault at all. They were on their way to see their
and he had just shouted at her like that. Despite the fact they had argued in the
past, he had never yelled at her in such a way.

"I'm sorry, Emma. I'm so sorry."

Will reached out his hand, and rested it on her knee.

"No, no. It's all right, that was my fault. I don't know what it is, I've just been
at the end of my tether 24/7 lately," Emma confessed. "I'm sorry. I deserved that,
be honest."

"You're six months pregnant, Emma. You're certainly allowed to be like that."

"Not really."

Will parked the car, and took Emma's hands.

"Trust me, it'll all be okay. Emma Schuester, do you trust me?"

"I trust you, Will."

A week later, Will and Emma did decide on a name. They decided to name their
Annie Grace Schuester.


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