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A strange combination of beliefsCategory: (general)
Saturday, 17 September 2011
05:07:45 PM (GMT)
My religious beliefs have changed so much during my life.
During my childhood, I guess I believed in God, but we didn't go to church much, and
I just didn't care.
I went to a lot of Christian camps as a young teen, and was pretty firm in those
Then around 7th or 8th grade, I just stopped believing, in everything basically.
Atheism is a strange concept to me now.
I got back into Christianity around the time I went to college, and my faith was
stronger than ever.
Now, I couldn't explain what I believe completely, but I will try.
It is a bizarre mish-mash of Paganism, Christian ideals, Buddhism, science, and just
general spirituality. 
I don't think any religion is wrong.
I think religion is just different means to a similar end, and people should believe
whatever feels comfortable for them, and helps them become better people.
Religious persecution should not exist in this world.
People should accept that not everyone thinks the same, and that as long as we are
all good people, that treat others with respect, we should all be able to accept our
differences and get along.
I think there is a higher power, or powers, but that religion is mostly our minds way
of explaining everything around us, seen and unseen.
Regardless of whether or not they are completely true, if it helps us understand and
accept things, and be good people in the process, then how can it be wrong?
I still think many of the core values and beliefs of Christianity are good.
I still think the bible has many great messages in it.
I just think Christianity is too narrow-minded for me.
It is strictly by the book, and not open for personal interpretation.
Religion should be what is comfortable for each individual, not a strict set of laws
written by some dead guys.
I don't think we are automatically sentenced to Hell as babies. 
Newborns are innocent, they don't inherit the sins of humanity, in my opinion.
Not everyone is a good person, a lot of people aren't, but I don't believe we start
out in the hole, having to kiss feet and dig ourselves out to be considered a good
I think it is all based on our decisions, but we can't be completely judged on our
Everyone makes mistakes, and whether or not we learn and grow from those, has more to
say about the kind of person we are.
Which is why I think forgiveness is a good concept.
And something everyone should embrace, with each other, even those who do things that
are unimaginably terrible.
When we forgive, we not only show them the kindness they refuse to show others, but
we help ourselves, we show ourselves that we can be better than them, and move on in
our own lives.
I don't think that just because someone doesn't use the words "God" or "Jesus", that
they are automatically doomed to burn for the rest of eternity, regardless of the
fact that their beliefs are almost identical, or that they could have been the
kindest, most gracious soul on this planet.
Islam is very similar to Christianity in many aspects, yet many Christians
automatically condemn them and have hatred towards them, as most Americans do, and
for no good reason.
I refuse to believe in a God that ignores the billions of other humans on this planet
that don't follow Christianity, most of whom are friendly, generous, amazing, unique
My God is different.
To me, God is a term now.
A concept that means "Everything that is a higher power, encompassing everything that
is greater than me, and all that we can never understand."
Paganism breaks that term down into individual Gods and Goddesses, a concept that is
much easier for me to understand.
It gives me individual things to focus on and pray about when I meditate. 
Paganism does not give strict guidelines on who the Gods are or what you call them,
or how you believe. 
It is up to each person to decide that, and I am very comfortable with that.
To me, God is still a concept I believe in, because we are all connected.
All living creatures, all higher powers, all spirits, we are all connected, so in a
way, we are all one.
All of us as one.
Crazy thought, eh?
I don't believe that science has everything solved. 
A lot of it is pretty valid, though, and is a decent way to help us understand the
world around us, and the universe.
Christianity and science don't get along too well.
What about evolution?
What about dinosaurs?
What about the universe?
What about the Big Bang?
The evidence is there, but Christianity conveniently stays away from it, because they
don't have an answer for it.
I know that it may seem as if I am lumping all Christians together, and I apologize
if I do. 
Most people I know are Christians, and I know a lot of great people.
I just can't feel comfortable in a religion that doesn't let me feel comfortable in
my beliefs, and change things if I need to.
I still hold a lot of their beliefs close to my heart.
People shouldn't kill each other.
They shouldn't envy what others have, they should be happy with what they are given.
They should be thankful.
They shouldn't lust towards another man's wife.
Sex should be a sacred thing, not necessarily for marriage only, but only for one
person that you truly love.
You shouldn't steal or lie.
You should treat others as you wish to be treated.
If every Christian followed these simple rules, the world would be a better place.
I know many that are great people on Sundays, and complete selfish jerks six days a
The ideas are good, and things that all people should believe in, but it does not
leave enough room for people to be individuals, to believe what feels right to them.
And I just think Buddhism is cool.
If you don't know much about it, you should read a little on it.
It blends quite well with other religions, and their meditations and outlook on life
are simply out of this world.
Well I think it is about time to wrap up my "sermon"
In conclusion though, I am not trying to convince anyone what is right and wrong, I
am just simply offering my opinion.
I think every religion has many valid points, and all produce great people, as well
as those that could be called "evil".
In the end, it comes down to what you feel comfortable with, and I would never have a
problem with that, and neither should anyone else, as long as you are still a good
person at heart.
Make your own decisions, and be comfortable with them. 
If you follow that simple idea, you will be very happy in this life, and whatever
happens beyond it.
Last edited: 17 September 2011

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