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Friday, 19 August 2011
01:37:22 AM (GMT)
Ah, writing.

Sometimes I wish I were one of those people who restlessly jumped from story to story
without finishing anything. 

My waiting list of ideas is getting kind of long. Fortunately, many of them are just
short stories that I can easily do as side projects without halting work on a longer
piece, and others simply don't have enough to make a story with yet... But still. Big

Kirti's Waiting List of Writing Ideas
1. Wet-handed healing, when people with magic place their hands in boiling water so
that they can fix an internal injury with magic without it becoming infected
2. Cartlings, the children of traders who grow up on the road
3. An illigitimate reincarnation of the king growing up in the city (and surprise
ending, does not feel the need to take the throne back.)
4. A male prostitute working in Pfannq, trying to get himself out of that life
5. The Winds second Chosen, which would build on a minor character from my novel
6. Healers relationship with the holy figures, and the emotional states of those
7. The underground slave trade, possibly the only story in the works darker than the
prostitution one
8. One of the heirs having a gay penpal, okay scratch that, this one is bloody dark
too O.e
9. A Tandere princess and her attendant, the plot is actually outlined for this one!
10. One young man acting as a literal “stud” from nonmagic village in Tandere,
another outlined one! Bloody dark again, though.
11. Another healer story, this one about an emphathic magic user named Merak, could
possibly be tied in with #7.
12. Probably set very far in the world of my novel's past, a young prince from Shank
joining priesthood with a page (and friend) of his.
13. I had an idea to write about one of the heirs tutors kidnapping a kid anonymously
and making the ransom his own assassination

I'm already trying to outline two novels at once, and I'm only going to get more
ideas while working on these.

Ah, writing!

lunasan says:   20 August 2011   977490  
number two has a distinct queen ant feeling.
lunasan says:   20 August 2011   903289  
Kirti says:   23 August 2011   711042  
You think? How so?
I wasn't planning to wipe out the city with that one, but you know...
Practically no planning has gone into most of these at all, so... 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   28 August 2011   269470  
NO. You Do Not Want To Be Somebody Who Jumps From Story To Story
Without Finishing. I Am One, And It Gets Quite Annoying, It Makes
Finishing A Book, A LONG Process T-T


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