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Tuesday, 26 July 2011
01:12:55 AM (GMT)
Sorry for the long entry! You can handle it, right guys? I could use your
input ^-^ 

My first novel Noble Intentions is a stand alone, so I'm trying to pick what
project to work on next.

The problem is that while I've got some ideas and character concepts, neither of them
have a definite plot, much less a complete outline.

So since I can't decide between them, and this is the internet age, I figured I'd ask
people here which of two character-pair concepts you'd be more interested in reading?

You can place your vote in comments, but additional feedback like why you like one
more is much appreciated ^_^

Both would be sort of companion novels. (Set in the same basic world, completely
different characters.)

1st idea yet to be dignified with a title:
Two main protagonists, Alin & Darrem. Most likely it would be told from both their
prospectives in alternating chapters. 
At a fairly young age Darrem, along with his caretaker, were involved in a botched
robbery that ended with them kidnapping another boy, Alin.
Because Alin's unbringing prior to his kidnapping was so abusive, he stopped trying
to escape and eventually bonded with his captors (his "adoptive" family was kinder).
The abuse itself left him with claustrophobia and a fear of physical contact- other
than that though, he turned out alright.

The story is about Alin deciding to go on a quest to find his real father's long-lost
love (also Alin's mother). Darrem says the whole venture is proof of deep rooted
father issues, but decides to go with him anyway rather then let Alin do it alone.
Their journey tests the bonds of friendship, brotherhood, and Stockholm Syndrome.

This story would most likely have a romance aspect- I would give both Alin and
Darrem a love interest.


2nd idea yet to be dignified with a title:
A main protagonist and a secondary protagonist in this one- probably told in the
third person narration.

A grieving puzzle maker named Venetam calls back the ghost of his eleven year old
apprentice, Charlen, to apologize for killing him by mistake. The seance is a success
and Venetam is able to explain; Charlen immediately forgives him for what happened.
Unfortunately, Charlen is a very a weak spirit (since he's not sustained by a
powerful emotion like anger) and Venetam is advised to make his final goodbyes before
the ghost falls asleep and disappears.
Instead, Venetam decides to keep Charlen from falling asleep, since he doesn't think
it's fair he died so soon.

The main conflict would be some sort of war forcing men to be drafted; Venetam would
either have to leave Charlen alone, or break laws to avoid it. (Left alone Charlen
would fall asleep.)

This story would have more of an action in it, but no romance.

So, what you you all think? Which one would you be more interested in reading?

lunasan says:   26 July 2011   617093  
I like the first on for the no-doubt hilariously unstereotypical
romantic aspect(s,) but you know I love Charlen and Venny.
Venny? Well he is Venny now.
The second is a really great and original story, so I'd probably have
to vote for that one, especially since I seem to have heard more about
it from you, which means you've thought about it more often (...whilst
in my time zone)

...wut? So what if it is six am! MY OPINION IS STILL VALID!
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   26 July 2011   675650  
I think number 2. Probably has something to do with Venny being a
puzzle maker (yeah, she's right, his name is Venny at this point). 
Kirti says:   26 July 2011   954569  
He does have a nickname- Charlen calls him "Vena"  
Kirti says:   26 July 2011   785224  
I'm actually pretty sure I think about the first one more... If not
it's more or less equal, so don't let that impact your choice too
much. @animeaquamarinemermaid 
Bootheghost says:   27 July 2011   670836  
Second. For more original.
Bootheghost says:   27 July 2011   788514  
‹TonTon› says:   29 July 2011   898449  
Yush it tis.

And I liek teh first one :3
And would that be considered an Odpeus Complex? (I know I spelled it
wrong. I never read it past maybe skimming over the myth in mah greek
myth book, sowweh.) 
Kirti says:   29 July 2011   973600  
No no, it isn't Alin in love with his mother, it's his father.

Like, his mom and dad were in love, but his father couldn't make
enough money to support a wife and child, she refused to get rid of
her first born, and a woman couldn't make enough money to support
herself and a child (yay, patriarchy!) so the father got stuck raising
the bastard child who forced his true love away before they were even
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   1 August 2011   738181  
The First One Seems More Developed To Me And It'd Be Interesting To
See You Do A Romance, Espically With Alin's Character Being Afraid Of
Any Physical Contact. I'd Be Interested In Seeing What You Could Do
With It =]
Kirti says:   2 August 2011   885983  
I'm thinking I'm going to write the first one first, but I'm still
going to outline the second. (It isn't as developed, but I like the
characters, and I think it has potential.)

Thanks for the feedback everybody! 
lunasan says:   2 August 2011   217941  
‹TonTon› says :   12 November 2011   892324  
Bleh, I must've read it wrong. Sorry. 


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