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I finished my book, btwCategory: (general)
Saturday, 23 July 2011
02:23:44 AM (GMT)
I've been pressing myself the past couple week to finish writing my book, mostly so
that I could say "I wrote my first novel when I was fifteen", a statement I think to
be infinitely cooler than the alternative "I finished my first novel when I was

So. I finished it in the wee hours of the morning on July twenty second, a full eight
days before my sixteenth birthday/deadline. Whoo!

Course, I still have some major rewrites to do. And then I need to edit it. 
But whatever! That won't spoil my mood.
Because I wrote my first book! Ho ho ho.

lunasan says:   23 July 2011   952000  
Someone didn't FTBA.
‹Kairos› says:   23 July 2011   767306  
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   23 July 2011   822397  
Hooray! You're infinitely more determined than me! :D *gave up after
NaNoWriMo was over*
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   23 July 2011   847667  
Congrats, Kirti. :D

At least you have the motivation to finish a novel. *Looks over at
Kirti says:   23 July 2011   718668  

Well, let's see if I have the motivation to keep cleaning it up after
I start another book ^_^

Oooh, why?

Thanks everybody! 
tiggerlemon101 says:   23 July 2011   952638  
Congratulations!  You're awesome and I wish I could do that.  I want
to read it, LOL.

Happy birthday too!  
‹TonTon› says:   23 July 2011   299071  
I wish you luck finding a publisher :3
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   23 July 2011   629263  
...Because I'm lazy.

lunasan says:   24 July 2011   705624  
Hank on caffeine.

I think she already has one... the second one she looked at, or
something. Or maybe I'm remembering the future. hinthint 
Kirti says:   24 July 2011   662284  
Pfft, no I don't have a publisher. But Rick Riordan
(CANIHAVEHISBABIEZPLEASE?) advised aspiring writers to aim to "paper
their walls with rejection letters", and that's what I'll do!

Just wait, I'll become obsessive about it and be a little disappointed
if one of them says they actually want the book. I'll be like "But I
only covered half the room!  " xD 
‹TonTon› says :   12 November 2011   306213  
I know this is terribly late, and I apologize, but then you can cover
the other half with rejection papers from another book~ 


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