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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
11:08:30 AM (GMT)
What name were you supposed to have?
I have no idea.

Air guitarist, bassist, or drummer?
Ican'tplayanything /fail.
Drums sound appealing tho

Do you randomly quote movies?
On occasion. :B

Is under your bed a disgusting mess, or does it just have a random shoe under it?
Disgusting mess, lawl

Who is your guilty pleasure to listen to?

Do you find it annoying when people comment your MySpace with a glitter graphic,
friend chain letter, or 'the hottie train'?
I don't use Myspazz a lot, so I have not experienced this. But I imagine it would be
annoying as HELL.

What is your favorite old Nickelodeon show?
OH. All of 'em.

Do you have a wireless mouse and keyboard?
No, I have  a tiny netbook, lolol.

Do you have better things you should be doing now?
English homework.
And finding new tuneage to put on my iPod. 
Which is actually broken.

Have you ever cut your own hair?

Have you ever been mad at someone for liking the same band as you?
Er, why should I?

Do you think you act older than you are?

What nicknames have people given to you?
Katez, Kayteee,Katiebear,Gillz,Sluttt.

Who were your fan girl screams for when you were ten?
I don't actually remember. o.o 

Do you enjoy classical music?
I don't really listen to it that much. But it is nice.

What shows do you watch on a weekly basis?
Um, The Simpsons, Friends, My Name Is Earl. e4 stuff. I'm always watching e4 

Who is your current crush?
'Crush', lol, that makes you sound about four..
er, I still rather like my ex.
Too much.

Do you use your napkin or sleeve?
Napkin, ew hygiene ><

Have you ever said 'ouch' even when something hasn't even touched you?
Haha yes.

Do you use British terms from watching too many British movies?
I AM British. 

What words do you use too much?
'cute' and it's synonyms. 

What was the last song you downloaded?
Can't rememburrrrr.

What is your biggest phobia?

Do you do the party boy music?
The whut?

Do you actually know your way around a computer?

What does your mouse pad look like?
Dun have one D:

Can you type while talking?
I suppose I could if I tried, I've never done it before.

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