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Thing tellin me about mah brain. apparently.Category: You don't really need to read this.
Saturday, 7 May 2011
06:15:59 PM (GMT)
1. You awake one morning and find yourself in an odd yet familiar room.
Green walls. Kinda small. Lots of weird copper art everywhere. Really dark wood

What kind of furnishings and decorations are there?
Already told ya.

Do you feel like you would like to leave the room?
Nah, I like it.

2. Now imagine that you are walking towards the seaside.

How many people do you see?

a. Hundreds.

b. A few dozen.

c. One or two.

d. None.

How far are the nearest people?

a. Close by.

b. Not very far off.

c. Way off in the distance.

d. The beach is deserted.

The room represents childhood.

The room's comfort level represents your childhood experiences. Inviting
suggest a pleasant childhood, whilst uninviting surroundings suggest an
unexciting or
sad childhood.

The number of furnishings and the degree of detail in your description show how many
childhood memories you have. A room bare of any furnishings suggests a complete
absence of childhood memories, while an averagely furnished room suggests normal
memories of childhood. A room filled with furniture might suggest persisting
of childhood.

Choosing to leave the room demonstrates a readiness to grow up. Wanting to stay
the room indicates a reluctance to grow up.

Note: Choosing to leave the room does not imply an unpleasant childhood, while
choosing to remain in the room does not imply an unhappy adolescence.

The seaside is symbolic of how you relate to people around you. How many people you
pictured relates to the number of people you want around you. An extroverted,
gregarious person feels energized in the company of a large number of people. People
who see a deserted seaside are more introverted and feel more content spending
periods of time on their own.

If you saw hundreds of people, crowded bars and clubs can feel like your second
You are quite a social animal, and at times, you may also like an audience.

If you saw a few dozen people, you feel comfortable in social gatherings, bars and
clubs, you may even seek them out.

If you saw one or two people then you do not like to spend a whole lot of time in
bars or clubbing. You can be charming and social, but you are often content being

If you did not see any people, you are least likely to feel comfortable in a crowded
club or bar. You are often content with your own company and may even avoid certain
crowded places.

Where you see people on the beach is also symbolic of how you relate to people
you. If you saw people close by, then you are sociable and can be quite a chatterbox
at times.

If the people seemed far away you are usually quiet and reserved. For you,
speak louder than words. However you still need friends that are prepared to listen
whenever you need them, or someone to talk to about your day.


1. A box is lying in the road. What is inside?
Car parts.
(first thing I thought of wtf.)

2. If you could choose one place to live the rest of your life, where would it be?
New Hampshire, where I live now.

3. You have been wandering around lost in the desert all day when you suddenly you
see a village in the distance. You also notice an oasis 
not too far away. Where do you decide to go?

4. What would you do if you suddenly lost everything?
Everything? Have a panic attack.

5 Tomorrow is Sunday. What are you going to do?
wtf how did you know
Go to my grandparents house, maybe do something with Dan. Yardwork. Homework.

6. If you get into a tight spot, who would you go to for help?
Randy or Dan.

7. What age would you like to be for the rest of your life?
I don't know. Not old.

8. If someone told you that you had just 24 hours to live, how would you spend them?
With people I love.
Convincing Skydive Pepperel to let me skydive there.

9. If you could save only one thing from a fire, what would it be?
Assuming living things don't count/are already safe. 
I honestly don't know.


1. Your answer reveals what kind of luck you think you will have in an unexpected

If you answered an abandoned kitten then you feel that luck depends on maintaining
good relationships with others. If you answered garbage then 
you think that good luck is out of reach. If you answered treasure then you
that it will definitely be yours someday. If there is  nothing in the box then
don't believe in luck. Reality is built on practicalities.

2. If you chose the place where you live already, your life is comfortable and
gratifying. If you chose a far away destination, you are a  dreamer or a
romantic. If
you can't decide where to live then you have no strong attachment or loyalties.

3. You answer describes your personal work ethic.

If you go to the oasis, you prefer to play first and work later. You
dislike rules
and regulations and can be impulsive at times. You  procrastinate and you like to

If you go straight to the village then you like to assume responsibility. You know
how to make good use of your time and you plan your day carefully. You prefer
finishing projects rather than starting them and you take deadlines seriously.

4. Those who would look to make a fresh start are likely to be people who take
responsibility for their actions and don't simply react to  life's circumstances.

5. Your answer describes your spending habits. Sunday is a day you are free to use
however you want. Having freedom to do whatever you want is  like having money to
spend however you want.

If you decide to stay home and take it easy you spend as little as possible. If you
go shopping you generally spend whatever you have. If you do a sport you save for a
rainy day. If you go out for a walk you spend carefully.

6. Those who would try to fix things themselves are self assured and strong
characters. Those who turn to friends or family are a little insecure and are not
ready to accept full responsibility in difficult situations. Those who seek
advice from a lawyer or other professional are realists.

7. The age you choose generally represents the period when you were happiest and had
a lot of self confidence. Those who wish to return to 
their childhood years long for the period where they had no responsibility. Those
choose their present age are emotionally mature and successful. People over forty
generally choose an age ten years younger.

8. If you chose close friends and family, you have an emotional and sentimental
nature. If you would rather be alone, then you might be moody and discontented.
you chose to party and have a good time, you submit to fate with your composure
intact. If you would keep the knowledge to yourself and spend the day as usual,
are brave and resilient.

9. If it's a photo album or something similar then you are sentimental. If the
is an article of clothing to cover yourself, you are cautious and conventional. If
choose something that has a high monetary value you are rather materialistic. If you
choose your passport or laptop, you are practical.


You are in a desert and you see a cube.
It is preferable for you to draw a picture and write your answers.

Try to concentrate on how you feel about what you are describing and not just on how
it looks. For example, you may describe the cube a certain color because it gives
a feeling of calmness. However, another person may describe the cube a different
color that also gives her a sense of calmness. Though both people picture the cube
differently, the interpretations of their answers are the same - the cube represents
calmness to them.

1) The cube

How big is the cube?
Pretty big.

What is its color? What do you think about that color?
Clear/blue/water-ish looking.

How far away is it from you?
Not too far. 

Is it transparent? Can you see what is inside?

How big is the cube compared to the desert? What is the ratio?
It's not as big as the desert, but it loks pretty big.

2) There is a ladder.

Is the ladder leaning on the cube?

What is the color of the ladder? What is it made of?
Brown, wood.

What impression does it give you?
It's just standing there. It's up but not leaning on anything, which is cool.

What is the distance between the cube and the ladder?
Maybe 10 feet.

3) There is a horse.

What is the distance between the cube and the horse?
The horse is further behind the cube.

What is the color of the horse?
Grey with white spots.

What impression does it give you?
It's pretty. Kinda looks alone.

Is it tied? Is there a saddle?
Not tied, no saddle.

4) There is a storm.

What is the distance between the storm and the cube.
The storm is off in the distance, not really near the cube.

Is it a big storm or a small storm?

Is it passing by or staying?
Kinda staying where it is.


Cube : The cube represents yourself. How you think about the cube reflects how you
think about yourself. For example, you may think the cube is made of yellow stones.
Yellow may give you a feeling of warmth and stone may give you a feeling of
Then, it means that you believe that you are a strong and warm person. The distance
between you and the cube reflects your understanding about yourself. If the cube is
far away, then it means that you do not feel close to your inner self. If the cube
transparent, that means you let people see through you. People can read your
easily. The ratio of the cube to the desert is how you think about yourself in
world. The bigger the ratio, the bigger your ego is. A small ratio means that you
recognize that you are just one part of this world and there are many other things
out there beside you.

Ladder : The ladder represents your friends. If the ladder is leaning against the
cube, then it means that your friends depend on you. If the ladder is supporting the
cube, that means you depend on your friends. The distance between the ladder and the
cube indicates if you feel close to your friends or not. Again, how you feel about
the ladder reflects how you feel about your friends (e.g.. what you feel about the
color of the ladder and the material it is made of).

Horse : The horse is your lover. If the horse is close to the cube, then it means
that you are close to your lover. If the horse is tied or has a saddle on it, then
means that you like to control your lover. As before, the impression of the horse
reflects the impression you have of your lover.

Storm : The storm is the obstacle in your life. If the storm is close to the cube/
stationary, then you are always experiencing hardship in your life. If the storm is
small, then it means the obstacle in your life is quite small. 

This is pretty cool. A lot of it is oddly accurate.

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