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SQUIRE'S BRIDE (STORY .. ITS FUNNY)Category: (general)
Sunday, 27 March 2011
11:35:21 AM (GMT)
There was once an old squire who was very rich. He lived in a huge house ,and owned
all the land as far as the eye could see .He had every thing a man might want;every
thing except a wife .So he set out to find one."I am so rich ,i can choose whoever i
want,"he told his dog."they'll be queuing up to marry me."
One day the old squire was admiring his fields of golden corn,when he spotted the
farmer's daughter."Ho-ho!" he exclaimed ."I can see a wife to be . So young! So
strong!"then his eyes narrowed with greed ,"And she will save money when she's my
wife because i won't have to pay her to work." So he invited the girl to his mansion
that afternoon.
When she arrived ,he said  pompously,"I have a news for you.i have decided to get
married, and I have chosen you to be my wife."
"Have you now?"said the farmer's daughter."Well  i have got news for u an' all, i
dont want to get wed .And even if i did you would be the last person I'd choose."
The squire couldnt believe his ears but ... but.... do you must be joking!  he
said"Ddo you see me laughing? "she replied . "My answer is 'no', and it will stay
'no' until cows lay and eggs and pigs fly! "before he could say another word , she
jumped up and marched out of the house .
The squire's face grew bright red and,stamping his foot with rage,he sent for the
"That girl of yours is as stuborn as a lazy old donkey!" he roared."I'll tell you
what:if you can get her to marry me ,I'll never charge you another rent." Then the
squire pointed out of the window. "And whats more , you can have that meadow, the one
full of poppies and daisies."
Now the farmer had wanted that meadow for many a long year . and no more rent either
! so he said ,"Well sir ,that foolish daughter of mine has never known what's best
for her . May be if we put our heads together ,we could come up with a plan would
please everybody."
So that is what they did, and this was the plan they made.The squire would arrange
the wedding ,with guests ,cake and a beautiful dress at the ready.then,on the wedding
day,the farmer would tell his daughter that she was wanted for work at the big
house.They were sure that when she arrived and saw every one assembled for the
wedding,she would be too afraid to "no" .
Some weeks later,on the wedding day the squire called his stable boy and ordered ,"Go
quickly to the farmer and fetch what he has promised me."
Off ran he stable boy,and meeting the farmer on the road said,"please, sir,I've come
to fetch what you promised the squire.""Oh,aye"replied the farmer with a smile "she's
down in the meadow."The stable boy ran off again and soon arrived at the meadow where
the farmer's daughter was busy raking hay .
"Miss," he panted,"I've come fetch what your father promised the squire." The girl
realized at once what the two old man were up to.So,pointing at the old grey mare
nibbling the grass near by,she said,"there she is,take her"
The stable boy leapt on to the mare and galloped back to the squire's mansion as fast
as possible ,which wasn't very fast as the mare was very old.then he caled up to the
squire's window,"excuse me,your squireship,I've bought her.She's down here."
"Well done," said the squire,thinking the boy had brought the farmer's daughter.
"Take her upstairs to my mother's old room."
"But ,sir..."cried the stable boy . No buts,boy . Just do as i say at once!" bellowed
the squire . It wasn't at all easy persuading the mare to climb the stairs . the
stable boy pushed and groaned, and the other servants shoved and grunted. this went
on or over an hour ,until at last ,they succeeded in getting her into the bedroom.
"We have done it!" called the stable boy. "Isn't she stubborn!" Ohh yes,she certainly
is," replied the squire . "Now quikly fetch the maids and dress her in the wedding 
grown,there's no time to lose." 
The stable boy could hardly believe his ears,but he carried out the squire's orders
all the same  .The maids shrieked and giggled as they tugged at the dress to pull it
over the mare's bottom 
Finally they set the wedding veil between her ears "she's ready !" calld the boy
"Well, bring he downstairs , open the door and announce the bride to all my
guests,"replied the squire ,checking his hair in a mirror
"Ok,sir" said the boy .With lots of bumps and thumps,the olod grey mare was brought
downstairs . The boy threw open the front door and all the guets  who were gathered
in the garden turned to veiw her veil all crooked , munching the bridal bouquet.
After a few seconds of stunned silence , the guests the maids and ythe stable boy
began to laugh loudly  .this frightened the poor old mare so much that she galloped
off back to the peace and quite of her meadow .As for the squire ,he was so taken
aback that he sat down o his hat,and squashed it flat .
in a far--off field the farmer's daughter sang as she worked .As she sang she thought
about her future, which featured no squires at all.


‹♫♥Awesome♫princess♥♫› shouts:   27 March 2011   317865  
sis really i read it its so sweet
Qirrat says:   28 March 2011   433859  
sis thankyou soooooooooooooooo much 4 reading this story ..!!!!!!!! 
but no one will read this cuz its a big story .. .. 
‹♫♥Awesome♫princess♥♫› says:   28 March 2011   542823  
its ok sab see baree batt jis kee pass aqal hogi wohee paree ga
Qirrat says :   28 March 2011   680391  


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