Just sayingg. Guy = Heartbreaking jerkwads. :/ ; This is kinda a rant
cause i have no where else to go with it.
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Just sayingg. Guy = Heartbreaking jerkwads. :/ ; This is kinda a rant
cause i have no where else to go with it.
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Saturday, 26 March 2011
11:08:57 AM (GMT)
Is it just me, or is it ridiculous that after 7 months, a couple dates and countless
hours spent on someone they just delete your number and act like you dont exist? When
you see them in the coffee shop that you used to hang out at, they wont even look at
you. When you ask them why they deleted your number and act like youre a ghost, they
just look at you and say huh. Is it just me, or is that a little, intense? 
Perhaps i expected too much out of him? I mean, he was 18, but im only 15 so how
could my expectations be so high that he couldn't live up to them? I mean, all i
wanted from him was to be treated well (Cough cough Not be called a whore every
night. Cough cough) and not to be dropped randomly for no reason. And he failed me at
both of them. 
I understand that everything happens for a reason, and he didnt treat me overly well,
and he isnt exactly 'parent approved' but he meant the world to me. I get that im
probably going to be better off now that he is out of my life, but, have you ever
felt like although you know its best for you, you dont feel good about the decision
you had to make? That feeling Wayyy down in your heart that says, "i will be alright,
eventually. Just don't ask me if i am today, or tommorrow, or even next week cause
its gunna take a long time to feel good again." Yeah, thats what im feeling right
now. I dont know. I guess, I just, cant believe i poured my heart and soul into this
kid, and he just used me and took me for-granted....

Wow. Its just annoying. So if you read that, sorry, you just got an earful, er
eyeful, of my deepest personal life and you dont know anything about me so its
probably pretty... awkward. :p 
HaHaHa. Uhm, Carry on.

‹Jess; THE shit› says:   26 March 2011   953043  
First, if you feel like it's for the best, listen to Between you and
me by Every Avenue.
It goes great with how you feel.

Second, change the title. Not all guys. Are heartbreaking jerkwads.
I'm fucking sick of that. It's all about judgement. And girls
obviously don't know how to use it.
Girls are the heartbreaking jerkwads. Just saying.

Third, if you ignore number two, then at least put an "s" at the end
of "guy" or take the "s" off of "jerkwads". Grammar is a great thing
you should check into it.
Neohmi says:   26 March 2011   763785  
Oh dear. I'm sorry about what happened. The guy's a jerk.

You just need closure, s'all. This is why you can't move on properly.

If this happened to me, I would definitely lay out a revenge plan. You
know. The make-him-jealous-like-hell one. But that's just me.
ILoveYou5 says:   26 March 2011   820383  
Wow, Thanks (Thats sarcasm there.) I think our opinions differ a
little bit there. Perhaps not every guy is a jerkwad, but ALOT of them
seem to be. & It's hard to have good judgement when all you are told
by guys are things you want to hear and then you are left to sort out
what is real and what isnt. Maybe its just where i live, but whatever,
im not fighting that point. Its useless. 
Next, Uhm, perhaps you should look into grammar. "Not all guys." is a
fragment and so is "Are heartbreaking jerkwads." && The title was a
typo, I didn't mean for it to say Guy = Heartbreaking Jerkwads, I
meant for it to say Guys = Heartbreaking Jerkwads. Besides, it is the
internet. Almost no one uses proper grammar.

Oh, So i dont sound like a person who is completely ignorant,That song
is absolutely amazing and i loved it. 
Haha. Just thought i would throw that out there.

Yeah, i pretty much know all i need is closure. But since he refuses
to give it to me, I have laid out the perfect revenge plan. Haha ts
quite devious and it involves being a cheerleader and his twin
brother.... I know its heartless, but when i do revenge, i go all out.
‹Jess; THE shit› says:   26 March 2011   394277  
Your sarcasim WAS noted, but it was not appreciated.
I'm a guy, and I don't like being sterotyped.
Just like I bet you don't like to be sterotyped either.
Just saying, get to know a guy before you date him.
Some are jerkwads.
But most aren't, and if they are that just means there was a bitch
invtheir past who made them that way.

that was a typo, see I'm on an Ipod touch, and apparently I put a
period after guys a lot.
Speaking of A lot, it's two words. Just saying.

I figured you Would like it.
It seemed to fit perfect with what you are feeling.
I'm really big on music, so yeah. I tend to recomend a lot.
My bad. 
ILoveYou5 says :   26 March 2011   572005  
Sorry. I was kind of being a bitch earlier. :/ 

But, Its not like i just jumped into it blind folded. I knew him for
about a year and a half before we really got to talking. Then we spent
like 3 hours together every night for about 4 months before we
officially dated. He just never appeared to be that type of guy and he
didn't have a reputation. That is why its just so... Whatever. Just...

And Alright. That makes sense. Those darn things put punctuation at
the most random places... haha.  && I never said i have good spelling.
In fact, i am a failure at spelling... 

Finally, Anytime you want to recomend music is fine with me. I live on
music and it was pretty much perfect. haha. So, its cool. 


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