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Kupika oekaki meme!Category: (general)
Sunday, 27 February 2011
12:57:07 PM (GMT)
Kupika Oekaki Meme! ^o^

i.	Why, hello! Tell us your name/nickname!
Mickala but call me Kala or Micky c:

ii.	What do you use to oekaki, mouse or tablet?
Mouse and pretty soon laptop touchpad. No seriously, I've done it before. 

iii.	Do you use either Oekaki ShiPianter or Oekaki ShiPainter Pro? And why? :o
Pro because it's more organized.

iv.	I see! Do you do oekakis regularly on this site?
Ehhh, when I have time which depends on school.

v.	What do you like to draw?
Short hairstyles, girls, sweet smiles, innocent faces, sappy things for myself or
others, things based on songs, things that won't take me 8 hours and still look

vi.	How many oekakis have you done on this site?

vii.	Okay, and how many oekakis do you want to do total? (Goal)
250 I guess.

viii.	Just curious, but when did you start drawing?
8 and 12 digitally.

ix.	What’s the most kidnapped oekaki of yours in 2006 (if any of this year), and
include the number of ‘naps (also for the next 5 questions)! :D Can you put that
oekaki (small thumbnail of it) here? Pretty please? ^_^
Not here in 06.

x.	And for 2007?
Neither in 07.

xi.	2008? 

xii.	2009? 
3 Kidnaps
‹cheapjokes an' such›">

xiii.	2010? 
11 kidnaps
‹cheapjokes an' such›">

xiv.	2011? Tired yet? 
None yet. Nah, I'm not.
xv.	Interesting! Who are your 6 (you can put more) favorite artists on here? 
Rainbowsushi, Maria, Axel, Yanely, Foxleopard, Jubblez, Kyun
xvi.	:D And have any of their oekakis inspired you? Which ones? :
 Just beautiful BC  

xvii.	Do you draw better in paper with pencil or on tablet/mouse? 
Pencil but with colors I love it digital c:

xviii.	Show us a drawing you did in pencil if you can! 
That's alot of work.

xix.	Do you know what omgeme.com is?
xx.	Go there please and draw my avatar in no more than 5 minutes and put it here if
you can. C= 
Which avatar? o:

xxi.	Nice style! Hey, do you have a tutorial?
Lol, I have nothing worth teaching.

xxii.	Which Kupikans would you like to see a tutorial from? 
Jaune and Axel >:C How do you people do it.

xxiii.	Do you have a dA? What is it so we can all stalk you?
Yes, I have so much to update.

xxiv.	Are you tired yet? 

xxv.	ActiveKupi might add more questions on here later, what do you think about
that? Cx

xxvi.	I hope you enjoyed this meme! Did you?
Yes c:

xxvii.	Tag your friends, tag anyone, just go ahead and tag and spread the Oekaki
meme love!
Anyone who reads this better do it >:C

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