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What the Orginization think of Xena ^^Category: (general)
Thursday, 2 December 2010
02:56:20 PM (GMT)
This was a quiz a took using the answers Xena would give ^^

I. Xemnas: "She's very hopeful and kind. She brings a light into our gloomy days."
II. Xigbar: "She's not extraordinary, but very easy to talk to."
III. Xaldin: "I guess she's okay. Nothing special."
IV. Vexen: "She's very helpful in the laboratory and a sweetheart. Though I don't
share her bright, optimistic views."
V. Lexeaus: "She talks to me a lot, but then again she talks to everyone."
VI. Zexion: "She hangs out with me in the library often. She's very smart, and we
sometimes just sit there having long discussions. I suppose I could say I like her a
lot... Xigbar teases me about having a crush on her, but as far as I know,
Nobodies can't have those kinds of feelings." (ah heh heh no thank you...)
VII. Saix: "She used to annoy me, but she doesn't bother me quite as much anymore."
VIII. Axel: "I love talking to her. Honestly, besides Roxas, she's the only one in
the Organization that I trust."
IX. Demyx: "She is such a blast! Right now I'm trying to teach her how to play the
sitar. She can't play very well at all, but we have fun trying!"
X. Luxord: "A very cute, bouncy addition to our ranks. Before she came, I'd lost
hope, but now she has me believing we can, in fact, get our hearts back."
XI. Marluxia: "A sweet girl. Sometimes she helps me water my flower garden."
XII. Larxene: "I really don't want to say this, but the little brat's starting to rub
off on me..."
XIII. Roxas: "Me, her, and Axel just kind of chill together all the time. She's
really nice and fun to be around."

Xena Answers (YAAAAY :D)

I. "Thanks Mr. Xemnas it's great to see I'm bringing light to the castle ^^"
II."...oh...I thaught we where friiiiiiends TT_TT"
III."hmph...FINE I WONT TALK TO YOU! *turns and walks alittle away*...*looks over
sholder to see if he's feeling bad* '.' "
IV."Thank you Vexen but you should share my views because Xiannon said that sharing
is caring...you'll learn one day ^^"
V."not every one! I fell out with Mr. Sock Monkey...do you think you could help me
convince him that lolipops are good for you...and Xiannon..."
VII."see Mr.Siax all is well and tomorow will be better! Know why? It's a secret but
I'll tell you Mr.Saix...It's because...*blink*....BECAUSE IT IS OKAY?!?!?
VIII."you trust me? *eating Demyx's hidden cookie stash* this isn't Demyx's hidden
cookie stash by the way..."
IX."oh yeah! *wiping cookies off mouth* Yeah sitar is fun...I didn't eat your cookies
by the way...Axel did it"
X."aww thanks Luxord! *hugs*"
XI."Yeah I love your flower garden!"
XII."I'm invading your personality 8D"
XIII."We do....?"

thanks for reading this pointless thingy...

‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   2 December 2010   793463  
Xiannon Replies!

Well, Lollipop's may be very nice, Xena but not all the time as I've
said previously.

I never said you were dumb, Xena love. I said that you were a clever
girl for your age >.>
‹OpalM-W› says:   2 December 2010   483946  
Anything that tastes that good HAS to be good for you!

I know I'm smart I'm VERY smart! 8D 
‹~J Breezy~› says:   2 December 2010   329877  
XeNa Is AwEsOmE!
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   2 December 2010   241319  
xD this is an epic win! xD


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