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Day 13 (Warning, adult material)Category: (general)
Wednesday, 1 December 2010
03:07:51 PM (GMT)
Ah well... today was uhm, fun >.< More snow fell overnight- so it's freaking freezing!! On the upside, my garden sparkles now. So i had this wierd dream last night. I don't even think i was asleep... but it was really scary... it was like a vision i guess. -maybe voldemort is hacking into my thoughts- Uhm, so it was like this: (there was 2 people sitting in a corner of a dark room- i could just see their outlines. The voice that spoke was male, the other figure i guess was female.) "I grabbed her, gagged her and shoved her into the trunk of my car. I drove to my house, dragged her inside and down the stairs, into the basement. I threw her into the corner. She gave a moan of pain, which i ignored as i walked away, back up the stairs and flicked the television on as though nothing out of the ordinery was happening. She screamed a lot- and everytime she did i'd march down the stairs and kick her until she bled. Needless to say, she soon learnt to shut her mouth." (he spoke this normally, but whispered the next bit.) "After a week or so, i got fed up with the burden of a half-dead prostitute in my basement. I went down there, ripped the scarf from her mouth and pulled away her soiled clothes, her smelly underwear. Of course, i used protection- god knows where the filthy whore had been before i got my paws on her. I entered, thrusted effortlessly to and fro. She gave moans of pain and shame, and started to cry. I'd had enough of her weaknesses, her powerlessness, how pathetic she was." (I'm quite digusted at my mind -.-) "I grabbed the bitch around the neck, pressing down on her throat with my bare hands. She let out a gasp of pain and struggled to get her breath back. I felt no mercy or remorse for my actions. I pressed harder, felt her claw at my arms, her brittle nails snap as they attempted to harm me. She choked, coughed and spluttered, her face was starting to look blue. I did not feel guilty- she deserved it." (at this point one of the figures in the corner grunted heavily and laughed evilly. the other cried out in agony and tried desperately to make her attacker release her) "Her wrists her tied together with frayed rope, and bleeding heavily the more she struggled. I wanted to end her suffering then- she was getting on my nerves, but i couldn't let her go. I tightened my grip again, she gasped, letting slip the last breath of air she had. After a few seconds she went limp- i hadn't expected it to take this long, for her to be able to put up such a fight after so long in such squalid conditions. My arms ached and were covered in tiny white scratches. I know i'm a kidnapper, torturer, rapist, murderer. I don't care." It was something like that. I mean, it's hard to remember most of it. I wrote a lot of it down straight afterwards though so i know a bit of it. It sickened me. I hate how sick, gross and violent my mind is. There was a lot of blood and gore in it too, but it's kinda '18' material and this is a 'U' site, so it's here, invisibly. If you wanna read it, highlight everything in the box:
Yeah, so after he killed this prostitute, he stabbed her 37 times in the chest to make sure she was really dead, then cut her into bits and hid her in his freezer. Then, he served half of her up to his family on Christmas day, and left her head, hands and feet in the freezer. He moved house and left the body parts behind. Needless to say whoever moved into the house afterwards probably had a shock.
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