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Saturday, 30 October 2010
11:35:07 AM (GMT)
Mindona And The Fregwart								
Chapter One
My newly began Life

Hello, I am Mindona Elliot. I am age 10, and a 5th grader at Millsbird  Elementary
School. I have fire red hair, the length is to my elbows. I am 4.9 in height, and I
have paper pale skin. 
I have red freckles on my face, and light blue colored eyes. I have three siblings,
that look nothing like me, or each other. 
I am third oldest, the oldest, age 17 is Jack, he has light brown hair, and brown
eyes, very tanned skin, no freckles, and is in Franklelots College.
Then there is Adreannah, who is 12, Bronze hair, up to her shoulders, and a couple
freckles, palish skin, and is a 7th grader at Litmath Juinior High.
Then me, next is Jesse, age 6, he has brown hair, blue eyes,  tan skin, and a 1st
grader at Millsbird Elementary School.
As I said, we look nothing like each other. At least the others, look like UncleDrake
and our parents. I swear, I am adopted.
I have this weird shape on my wrist, its hard to hide. And sometimes when I am mad
things explode, or fly out at me, and I have these crazy nightmares too.
And whenever somebody tries to cut my hair, it grows right back if I do not like the
way it looks, its crazy. That is some of the reasons I think I am an adopted child. 
Okay I am gonna get on to where everything happened on my first day of school summer

"Mindona!Jesse! Adreannah! Get up and ready for school!"My Mom, Linda yelled up the
stairs into mine, Jesse's and Adreannah's bedrooms.. I tossed in bed 'School
already?' I thought. I got out of bed, and made my bed, I went to my closest, which
is filled of the latest styles.... To my Mom.
I put on this shirt with a light pink and purple star on it, and some  short jeans. I
went to my mirrior, and decided to put my hair in  braids. I went downstairs and sat
at the table, like always, I am the first child there. My Mom gave me some waffles
and I ate as fast as I could, to tell the truth, I think school is a bit fun
sometimes. After I finished eating, and as soon as the others got there. I went to
brush my teeth, I always had healthy teeth. I finished brushing my teeth, and checked
my cellphone, no new messages. I went to get my book bag when all the lights in the
house turned off, I went over to the light switch, seeing if I could turn it on. I
have always been afraid of the dark since I was 9. The most scariest thing happened
to me. I will tell you later.... The ground started to rumble and shake. We never
have earth quakes in London! The house started to shake harder, I started screaming.
I heard the others screaming to, and my Dad came down the stairs and picked me up. He
went to sit in a doorway I noticed the others were too, Jesse with Mom and Adreannah
with Uncle Drake. All the kids but me were screaming. I all the sudden stopped 
screaming so I could think straight.
But the next thing I knew, the same shape, the same figure, came out of my favorite
chair behind my Dad. The same figure, of the thing I seen when I was 9.... I stared
at it.. I stared at it.... I started to lose my feeling. And my dad was yelling my
name and shaking me... as everything came all blurry and in flashes. Then, I noticed
the earthquake stopped and the lights turned on and the thing disappeared. After a
few more shakes the feeling came back, but everyone was staring at me. Not what I was
staring at.
I stood up and walked to the door and got my book bag and ran out the door. With my
family still staring at me.
What had happened back there that made my family stare at me like that? I didn't do
anything but lose my feeling of my body. What if my soul came out for a moment? What
if that happens again? I started asking myself in thoughts. I noticed I was in class
by then. And I was getting my supplies out of my bag. My best friend came over.
"Hi.... Did you experience the horrible quake this morning Mindona?" Revun said, he
is my best bud. I nodded yes. But then the lights turned off again and every girl but
me screamed, even my teacher screamed. What good is screaming gonna do if it doesn' t
hurt or scare anybody or anything thats trying to get you? I questioned myself in
thought. The earth started to shake and rumble harder then ever and  I feel down to
my knees, and started screaming. For two reasons, A. My mouth started to bleed and
come out everywhere. B. The ground was shaking and rumbling so hard that I just to
fall. I started to close my eyes but forcing them to stay open. The quake stopped, I
stopped screaming but was trying hard to stay awake.... My teacher screamed at the
site of me and sent 	Revun to get the nurse. I was crying in pain and holding onto my
jaw at the same time. Somehow I hit my head and my head started to get the warm
feeling of blood. I screamed. I was in so much pain. I was begging myself to die. I
started seeing white specks in my visions. "I... am dying..." I made out before I
started shaking as hard as the earthquake "Keep fighting Mindona, we know you can..."
My teacher said. It took me till then to notice the lights didn't turn on... I seen
the figure. right in front of my face. I tried to release myself from its stare I
screamed more then ever, and shooked. The teacher noticed the thing in front of me
and screamed her lungs out. And she fainted. Everyone else was trying to get me away
from the thing since I seemed to be its victim right now.
I sobbed harder when the nurse came in and started nursing the teacher first. I was
in a much worst shape then her. The thing touched my head and pounded my face into
the floor. The other kids screamed " GET AWAY FROM HER YOU MONSTER!!!!" Yelled Revun.
I watched him jump right on the figure but at the same time I felt pain in my leg.
The thing was cutting my leg! Then the lights came on. I was reliefed and I noticed
my breathing was  coming in short fast gasps; the nurse noticed me in the middle of
waking up the picture, and gasped and then when people starred at the part of me she
was looking at they gasped. I noticed it was my wrist they were staring at. I
could'nt look at the wrist unless if I wanted to smash my face again. I somehow was
able to get into a position where I could reach my bookbag and grab my cellphone, I
was still fighting the pain as hard as I could. I dialed only three numbers....
911.... Who else should I call. I put the phone up to my ear. "Hello? Hello?" The
nice lady at the answering machine said. I couldn't answer. I could speak. The only
thing I could do, but barely, was breath.
Revun noticed I wasn't talking, so He grabbed the phone from me. "Hello, we need a
police and a ambulance." Revun said.
The lady said something. "Millsbird Elementary School. Classroom five." Revun said in
The lady said something then Revun hung up and stared at me into my eyes.
He look like he was about to cry at the look of me all bloody. I stared back, trying
to show him there is nothing to worry about.
I noticed something then. I noticed something I never did within the 9 of my 10 years
of life I have known him.
He had a shape on his chin, very hard to see, it was a shape of a cloud. I just have
this feeling, that its gonna be awhile before everything is back to normal for him.
Maybe forever.
He kepted on staring at me, and when the people came, he begged them to let him go.
The people stared at him. And for the first time, I noticed he was hurt too. Not as
bad as me.
But close enough. The people aloud it. Because he was crawling around like he
couldn't use his feet. They raised me and him on a stretcher and we were off.
On the way to the hospital. Oh boy you do not wanna know! I'll tell you anyway for
those action lover readers.
There was another earthquake! I have no idea how bad! All I know is that we got into
a accident and I got knocked out!
But when I woke up I was in shock. In shock that I was alive. In shock about where I
I looked around the room. I seen a nurse. She had some kind of stick in her hand. And
instead of paper, there were parchment.
And also, instead of pens, I noticed, there were ink and quills. Then I noticed Revun
in the hospital bed next to me. He was just staring at the ceiling.
Murmuring to himself. "Hi....." I said in a harsh whisper. I was relieved that I
could speak again. He gave a little jump.
"Your... Alive Mindona?" Revun asked. 
"Yes I am, what? You believe you can talk to ghost now?"
"Hahaha Mindona, I was getting very worried about you..." He sounded desperate.
"Whats wrong with you? I know we almost got killed, but wheres the humor?"
"You don't get it Mindona."
"I don't get what? Revun tell me!" I said, getting desperate.
"When you knocked out, the thing came back."
"Yes yes?"
"And it said something, something scary."
"More detail please!"
Ignoring me he said " He said.... ' Both your lifes are about to change deeply into
sorrow and pain! ' And then disappeared into the darkness."
I stared at him, I stared at him in shock. After awhile of my silence he turned his
head to me. 
I kept staring at him. He stared right back. There was something in his eyes.
Pain. Pain was in his eyes. He never wanted this life. Nor did I.
I looked over to the side table. My cellphone was there. Yay! 
I picked it up and checked the messages. One new message.

From: Mom

Mindona are you alright? 
I have been so worried about you sweetie!
Could you do me a favor and call me when you recieve this message?
They won't let me into the room you are in 
I love you.

To: Mindona ;]

I held on to the phone and sent her a text. It was something like this.

From: Mindona ;]

Mom, I am fine.
I have no idea where I am.
Revun is acting weird too.
I am bored and tired.
Ask the docters if I could have my laptop please.
I didn't want to call because it hurts me to talk right now.
So I am just laying here.
This place is super weird though. It has parchment instead of paper and quills
instead of pens.
And the caretakers carry around a stick!
These people are crazy.

To: Mom

I tried to sit up. But a nurse came in so I just laid back down. She looked at me and
I noticed, for the first time that me nor Revun have any cuts or bruises.
The nurse was  carrying a stick around. I was trying not to be rude or anything so I
just ignored it. "How long have I been out?" I asked her. She didn't answer. So I
just guessed she couldn't talk... Or maybe hear. She handed me a peice of parchment
with writing on it, then handed Revun the same thing. Then she some clothing at the
end of our beds, then I noticed the date. It was past my and Revun's birthdays and it
was September 15th! Gosh time goes super fast! I was asleep for twenty days! Wow! I
noticed that Revun read his parchment then stood up and grabbed his clothing and went
into the bathroom. I opened the parchment. And was amazed in what it said.

Dear Mindona,					
You may not know me but as soon as you get this
parchment I would like if you came down to the
hospital cafeteria. Bring your friend Revun to 
please. I believe you have been through terrible
things but if you can walk please come!

        Your friend,
      Dalias Kluess


Haha, his last name sounds like clueless! I crack myself up! I stood up and grabbed
my clothes, since Revun is in the bathroom I just dressed myself right there. 
After that me and Revun went down the stairs to a sign that said CAFETERIA Yes, in
blue letters. As I said, this place was weird. When we entered there was this old
The man had a long grayish brown beard down to his knees and hair to his chin. His
eyes were black and shiny.
And he was also carrying a stick around! Is carrying a stick in style now? He came up
to us and shook our hands. 
He looked at his as if we were one of the most unluckiest things he ever seen, and
perhaps the most weak. Maybe even puny! I am not liking this man at all for some
reason or another!
"Hello children, I am Dalias. I am here to bring you two somewhere." Said Dalias.
"Take us where? I would like to know where a man is taking us if we do not know him."
Revun said darkly.
I shoved him in the ribs but he ignored the warning " To Gostaria. I little village
with a lot of shops" Answer Dalias.
"Well I never heard of it sir! We aren't restarting our lifes in a weird village!" 
"But... But it will end up saving your lifes! Do you wanna know what has been
following you and almost killing you children?" 
"I do wanna know and if this will save our lifes then I will come but with permission
of my and Mindona's parents!"
The man looked at his feet then. He looked up into my eyes, then into Revun's. Then
looked back at his feet. 
"Whats wrong sir? Did anything happen to our parents?" I ask the man calmly
"Yes, something terrible. The Fregwart, the thing that has been following you, came
after them knowing it would break your puny little hearts. You aren't gonna start a
new life, children. We are just making it how it should have been before, you will go
to a magical school where you will learn you powers and how to control them. The
school is called
Defense For Wizards and Vampires." I stared in shock. I never thought I would hear
such a thing. A magical school? I may believe in myths and all but still, a MAGICAL
Then before I could help it, I started crying. I couldn't help it. They were my
parents, they raised me. They may have kept me away from my real life, but still they
cared and loved me.
Revun came up to me and hugged me. I could tell he was crying too. It is very sad,
that we no longer had parents. Dalias let us stand there and cry for awhile. "On the
17th, come back here again." Dalias said and then he disappeared into a cloud of
dust. "I will.... Um find something to eat for us...." Revun muttered to me. I just
stood there, crying. My parents, dead, I can't even imagine them like that for all my
life. How could this happen? I feel like all the bad luck came out onto me and Revun.
I just never thought my life would turn this way.
Be a big girl Mindona, big girls don't cry Mindona. I can almost hear my dad say. I
wiped my tears off my face and sat down.
Enough of that crying. I feel to never cry again. Revun came over with two omlets and
hashbrowns. He gave me a plate and sat down.
I didn't feel like eating. I felt like dying. Not only because of my parents, because
I was close to and felt that if I had died my parents would still be alive right now
and not dead.
I felt like it was all my fault. I felt like a horrible person and I should not be
alive right now. I stood up and walked to the room and came from. It changed.
Instead of looking like a hospital room it looked like a bedroom. There were two
beds, one with a blue pillow and blanket, the other with a purple pillow and
The floor had a little curvey design on it and the wall was half blue half purple. I
sorta liked it. It was something new. And with both of my favorite colors. I went to
sit on the purple bed. Yep this one is mine. I seen my cellphone and picked it up, no
new messages.I looked under my bed to see if some clothes are under there, yep. And
my laptop yay! 
I can contact my friends on facebook again. It might not cheer me up but it would be
nice to make sure and see if the rest of my friends and family are alright. Like
I opened my laptop and got the internet up, typed in the adress I wanted and entered.
I had no new messages.
Where is everybody? Are we witnessing the end of the world?

Chapter Two
Collecting Supplies

After two days of mourning around we woke up with a parchment under our heads. I
looked over and Revun was still asleep. I stood up, and walked over to Revun's bed.
When I was fixing to bend over and shake him " BWUAHHHHAAA!!! " He screamed "
AguahhhhH!" I screamed back, then we both laughed.
Its been awhile since we laughed. I was glad we did though, get all the sadness out.
I grabbed my parchment and opened it up. It said something like this....

Dear Mindona,
I hope I did not wake you
when I gave you this parchment.
Can you come meet me in the same place
as soon as you get this parchment?
            Your friend,
Dalias Kluless

I got up and looked under my bed and chosed a soft purple tank top and some purple
jeans. I looked at Revun and he winked, then we raced down stairs.
I got there first, then we walked to the cafeteria and there was Dalias Kluless. He
stood up and walked to us. " Hello children, eat first then we shall be on our way...
" Dalias Said, pointing to some food on the table. Me and Revun sat down. I was so
excited to get out of this boring place that I ate fast, so did Revun. When we
finished Revun only had his drink left so he was aloud to bring it. We walked through
the bright hallways of the place we were at till we go to a door. Dalias pointed his
index fingure at the door and muttered " Sesame Openy " I almost laughed because it
sounded so original for a four year old to say that but an old man? Seriously? But I
stopped trying not to laugh when the door made this weird clicking noise and opened
up. I just walked through after Dalias, and Revun followed, then me and Revun
followed behind Dalias. I felt like a little of a joke so I pointed my index fingur
at a door and said in a harsh whisper " Sesame Openy " And seriously, ALL the doors
on the street opened wide open! I continued like nothing happened but Revun just
stared at me in shock, I couldn't help it, I chuckled. It was just so much fun... 
I had a weird sensation when it happened too! I loved it! Dalias stopped and Revun
ran into him which made me run into him. I stumbled and just about fell but Revun
caught me just in time.
He pointed his middle and pinky fingure at a bucket on the ground and was about the
mutter something but he stopped. And turned to me, " Why not point
your middle and pinky fingure at the bucket and mutter Linaquse Dimause?" He asked
me. I turned towards the bucket and regretted I ever tried the other think... I
pointed my middle and index fingure at the bucket and muttered " Linaquse Dimause "
In a harsh whisper. And I heard a couple of clicks, then some snaps, and the bucket
lifted up and then the ground started to get a big whole to a elder and fit in, even
kids my age. " Ladies first..." Dalias said.... I looked down the hole, I figured I'd
jump in, so I did and I landed on a cobbled ground and there was a lot of people
there and they acted like they didn't even noticed, but before I knew it, Revun was
on top of me. I pushed him off and moved away before Dalias could land on the both of
us. Revun followed me and hid behind me... But has soon as Dalias came down he
grabbed me on the waist and thrown me up and caught me, I was didn't scream at all
through, I guess my scream is out now...
He put me back on the ground a bit disappointed because of no scream and we followed
Dalias again. He opened a door and walked in.. " Hello Mr. Frintzlots, we got two new
children to buy a wand or a Swatza..." Dalias said when he entered. The man we seen
was a young man, in his twenties I suppose. On my opinion he was cute... " Hello
children and what are your names and age?" The man, Mr. Frintzlots, said. " I am
Mindona, and this is Revun. We are both eleven years old and we are here because we
need supplies for Defense for Wizards and Vampires school." I said calmly. He smiled
at me and Revun " Mindona, I will get you a wand or a Swatza." I was wondering what
that was but, as I do with everything, I got curious. He signaled for me to stand on
this weird looking thing. It had two knobs with antennae, and the machine had a
little door for somebody to step in. I did not wanna go in that machine, but I did
anyway. I heard Mr. Frintzlots push some buttons and twisted some knobs. Then all of
a sudden I got pushed down and the machine was doing some

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