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Is the Mothman real?Category: (general)
Friday, 15 October 2010
06:56:54 PM (GMT)
I have this strange fascination with supernatural phenomenon, even though I realize
there is an explanation for virtually every strange sighting, which is always
photographed by some questionable amateur.
I may be totally Pagan for mythology (especially Norse, go figure), but I'm also a
nerd for anything Sci-Fi. The fact that I'm asian doesn't mean

After reading about a certain myth (Mothman), I am almost jealous of the nut-heads
who've spotted something weird, like Owlman or Nessie or even pixies.
But I'm more jealous of the ones who have spotted something crazy right before
calamity strikes, namely, the Mothman. Apparently, the Mothman appears right before
disasters as if it's warning them. Hm... I really wish I could find out more about
Mothman. Is it really a mothman, or is it a giant moth mutation?
I hope I get to see it someday.

Then there's Indrid Cold/The Grinning Man (Unrelated to Mothman btw). Tall dude,
green costume, round beady eyes that are set far apart, no hair, no ears, no nose...
And grinning. That description may have just conjured up the creepiest image in my
mind. My mind also conjured up Voldemort. Hm.
Indrid Cold is believed to be an extraterrestrial, since there was a reported UFO
sighting at the same period of time.

I am also fascinated by the Melonheads. The story of the Melonheads seem almost like
the plot for a horror movie (To me, anyways). Whether those two chilcren actually
suffered from Hydrocephalus, or were victims to strange experiments, the story still
scared the crap outta me. I can't help but visualize everything I read...

I'm sorry, all that was horribly scattered.

branches says:   15 October 2010   288419  
Oh man I remember I got this book from the library that went over all
this spooky shit in the USA and the melonheads was one of them. It
scared the bejesus out of me. Kind of reminds me of The Hills Have
Eyes, to be honest. :L

I can't take the idea of mothman srsly though. Reminds me waaaaaay too
much of Arthur from the live action version they did of The Tick.
Einherjar says:   15 October 2010   789400  
Oh, I do admit, they are very similar! I wonder if THHE is based off
of it? They did have a mutant named Big Brain. :O

Tbh, the first time I saw the word "Mothman," the first thing I
thought of was that it was a comic book supervillain or something. 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says :   21 October 2010   140679  
Actually, I believe the Mothman was named after a villan. Go figure

Oh, and you have me thinking of Harry Potter now.



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