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Friday, 8 October 2010
08:49:20 PM (GMT)
How many exes do you have? 

Name them: 
jason, tyler, travis, ben, kyle

Who did you go out with for the longest amount of time? 


Do you still talk to any of your exes? 
mostly jason, used to talk to kyle all the time

Still feel anything for any of them? 
um no

Which was your most significant relationship? 


Who was your first crush? 

What made you like them? 
idk, this was in first grade!

Did you ever ask them out? 
no, he asked me out

Did they know you liked them? 

Did they like you back? 

Did you ever go out of your way to impress them? 
i dont think so

Do you still have contact with this person today?
yes, i found him on facebook like 2 months ago and now were friends!

Relationship gone bad…

Who is your worst ex? 

What went so wrong with the relationship? 
a lot of things. he cheated, lied, and went back and forth between girls; basically
played games

Would you ever consider going back to that person? 

Why or why not? 
bcuz i can do better then that which im doin rite now

Were you in love with them? 
i thought i was but turns i really wasnt

If so, was it unrequited or did they love you back? 
he claimed he was but he barely acted like it

When did you break up? 
which time? there was like a million break ups

How long were you together for? 
one time was for a month, then we got back together after the summer and we were on
and of for 4 and a half months

Do you still miss this person? 
no, only our friendship

Still think about them? 
every once in a while

Dream about them? 

Do you two still speak? 
not lately

Would you like to try again? 

Why or why not? 
hes an idiot

Do you forgive them? 
i guess

Current love life…

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? 

Where did you meet?
on the bus going to the boys and girls club, he want to listen to my ipod bcuz we had
the same favorite song (yahh by soulja boy)

How long have you been together? 
its going on 13 months 

What is their name? 
Ryan <3

What is their age? 

Who asked who out? 
he did

Who liked who first? 
he had the biggest crush on me first

Did you two date before you became a couple? 
a couple times but it didnt last more then a week

How do you feel about your relationship with them?
explaing how i love it so much and how happy i am is like explain how water tastes

What was your first kiss like? 
it felt rite, like he was the one who i belonged with

Were you attracted to them the first time you laid eyes on them? 
a lil bit and then one summer we barely talked and then skool started and i saw
him... and... BAMM! he grew up and was extremely good looking 

Do you remember the exact date you became official? 
september 16th, 2009

When was the last time you saw them? 

Have you told them you loved them? 
more then once a day

Have they told you? 
atleast 10 times a day

How often do you two fight? 
a couple times a month, but it never changes anything

Have you ever cried in front of them? 
yup. he was there for me wen kyle dumped me

What PDAs are you two fond of? 
holding hands, kissing, hugging, he puts his arm around me and grabs my ass ;]

How often do you two kiss? 
wen there isnt adults around unless they r strangers

Thoughts on love…

Do you believe in soulmates? 

Should gay couples be allowed to adopt? Why/why not? 
of course! they can do whatever pleases their hearts!

Should they be allowed to marry? 
of course!

Have you ever passionately kissed someone of the same sex? 
um no?

Do you want to get married? 

Do you believe that open relationships are okay?
depends on how serious they r

TheOneAndOnly_Me says:   8 October 2010   582325  
brittybritt96 says:   8 October 2010   993465  
how is that spam? 
TheOneAndOnly_Me says:   8 October 2010   101659  
I was spamming you xP 
brittybritt96 says :   8 October 2010   977839  
ooooooh... damn i was spammed by u! 

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