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My School DayCategory: high school
Monday, 4 October 2010
09:11:54 PM (GMT)
This has been the worst day of high school.

I thought I should talk about it, because well, I need to remember it.

First, period was actually okay. I don't really know anyone in the class, but we just
worked on coloring, so it was fun.

Then I went to gym. It was forty degrees outside and we went outside. I was cold, and
my soccer team made me play goalie. I tried to catch a ball, but I missed and instead
it hit my hand which caused it to hurt for like twenty minutes and it really did
hurt, because it was so cold out.

After gym and my hand didn't hurt anymore, I went to German. It was boring, but
actually okay, so my day got a little better.

After German, I went to Geometry. I walked in and sat down, right away I noticed the
teacher had the tests all graded. I groaned. I knew I did really bad. Then he put the
grades (shows the grades what a class got, no names) and I noticed that one person
got a D and three people got an F. Right away I was like I'm one of those four
people. Then the teacher started passing the tests out, and I was like the fifth
person it get it. I look at the test and notice I got an 80%. I was shocked. I was so
happy! I thought my day was going to be good after that, but I was so so wrong.

After my great test score, I went to Bio. My bio teacher is horrible, but I never
thought she could be that bad. Right away she started yelling at us to get in our
seats and everything. That's when I knew it was going to be a horrible day in bio. It
was. I just can't even type out how bad it was. 

After Bio and my horrible period, I went to lunch. Lunch was actually okay. It was
the best lunch, but it was just a good lunch with four of my friends. My lunch isn't
that big...I actually have the last lunch of the day, so its not crowed at all.

After lunch I was still in a pretty good mood. Then I went to English and it didn't
get better at all. It got worse again. It started out me yelling at Jason, because he
didn't do his homework and we were in groups. So we all got a C on our homework
because he didn't do three questions on his homework, because he was too lazy. That
and the leader of the group who is a horrible leader didn't do too well on his
homework and that was the one that was graded. Then I found out that we had to print
something off the internet for our homework. Right away I turned to Jason and I was
like, "Let me guess you can't print it out, because your printer is broken." He was
surprised. I guess he was more surprised that I remembered that his printer was
broken than me yelling at him. But of course it comes up with an answer, "I'll print
it out in the library, because I have study hall before this period." And watch he
won't have printed it out. I bet you that.

Then I was walking to my World Civ. class, and Jason happens to be in that class
also. We have to go the same way too! So he stepped on my flip flop and I turn around
and was like, "I knew it was you." So he said he didn't do it on purpose. Yeah,
right. My day just went down from all of that, but the worst period of the day was
World Civ.

We were suppose to work in pairs. I went with my friend, Courtney. I was sitting
there talking to her and then this kid touched my wrist. A boy to be exact. And
that's not the worst part. He touched my wrist with his gum. I started yelling EW.
But of course the teacher, doesn't listen at all. God forbid. Then I wiped my wrist
on my pants and turn back to my friend making sure that she is doing what she was
suppose to do. Then all of a sudden I hear, "Should I throw it in her hair?" Now that
is just wrong. I turn around was like to the guy, "If you throw that in my hair I
will be seriously pissed." He laughed. Then my friend was like she will totally slap
you. Oh, yes I slap very good. After you piratically living with three guys you know
a trick or two. So he was like chill out and threw the gum away. I sighed. Through
all that the teacher didn't notice anything at all. Horrible teacher and I'm pretty
sure everyone in the whole class just heard what happened. 

So really my day was the worst ever. It was horrible. Stupid boys that they think
they are so cool that they can just throw gum in girl's hair that already need a hair


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