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She's moving way too fast and all he wanted was to hold herCategory: (general)
Thursday, 26 August 2010
10:51:25 PM (GMT)
What's your name?
- Aleksa.
Where are you from?
- Here.

How old are you?	
- Fifteen.

- Female..

- American Indian.
Do you go to high school/college?
- I'm in high school, yeah.
Do you have a job?	
- Not yet.

Do you have a vehicle?
- I do.

Are you Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered?
- Yep. I'm gay. But for vagina.
Are you single/dating/in a relationship/rebounding?	
- Single.

...Homo Stuff...

When did you realize you were queer?	
- Erm. Spring Break. That sounds so much worse than it really is.

When was your first crush on a member of the same sex?	
- Not sure. Seventh grade?

Are you out?	
I'm downe.

What was that like?	
- You know.

Do your family/friends treat you differently?	
- My family doesn't need to know right now. And with friends, things aren't that

Have you ever been discriminated against because you're a homosexual?
- Uh. In a way...

When was your first real gay relationship?	
- Like with another gay person? Then no.

Ever been really, really in love?
- Nope.
How do you feel about gay marriage?
- I'm not getting married. So it doesn't matter for me..

Are you sick of kissing breeders' asses?? (for normalcy)	
- What the flying fuck. I get it, but I just don't get why I should care.

Do you think people "choose" to be gay, or that they're born this way?	
- It's a choice.

Do you believe in the "gay gene"?	
- I believe in environment.

How do you feel about gay bars?	
- I don't drink and I'm fifteen.

How do you feel about queer movies/books?	
- Some of them are way too stereotypical.

How do you feel about "fag hags" or people like them?	
- Just whatever. 

Are you proud?	
- I'd say I am, but I'm not sure I can.

...Your favorite...

- Anything. Dunno.

Books, authors?	
- The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Truly amazing.

- Juno

Type of music?	
- Indie rock, alternative

- Brand New

- Kevin Devine, Connor Oberst.

Qualities in the same sex?
- What the fuck's up with this gay quiz? Literally.

- The stars. Are amazing. And I didn't appreciate them at all until about two weeks

- Um. Content. Infinite.

- Vanilla.

- Music.

Things to do in your free time?	
- Create.

- Water. And Monster.

Quiet spot?	
- My room.

Night spot?	
- Outside.

Place to be kissed, touched..?	
- Haha. 

...Do you...

Like, or play sports?	
- Not really.

Enjoy working out?	
- No.

Play any instruments?	
- Learning guitar.

Sing (well) ?	
- I like to think that I can, sometimes.

Sing in the shower?	
- No.

Prefer staying in or going out?	
- Depends on my mood.

- I do not.

Care if people smoke when you don't?	
- If it's not around me, I'm good.

Have tattoos?	
- I will get one eventually.

Have piercings?	
- Ears.

Honestly think a good personality, or good looks are more important?	
- Anyone can appear beautiful if you love their personality.

Do anything creative?	
- Writing.

Have crazy ex's that are just insane?
- Redundant, much?
Like to dance?	
- No.

Get goofy and romantic? 
- Occasionally.
Have any crushes?	
- Yup.

Have a particular type?	
- People that are like me, but not, you know?

...What is...
Your biggest fear?
- Losing my mind.

The most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?	
- Poems and drawings, I suppose.

The most romantic thing you've ever done for someone?	
- I don't think I'm very romantic. Thought I suppose others may say otherwise.

Something that makes you smile?	
- Stuff.

Something that makes you laugh?	
- Everything.

The most important things to you?
- People.
Your biggest ambitions?	
- I have no ambitions.

Your best qualities?	
- I'm pretty open minded.

Your worst qualities?	
- You piss me off easily, I bet.

Your biggest turn-ons?	
- Ha. Girls in boy's underwear, musical talent of some sort, someone funny.

You biggest turn-offs?	
- People that aren't open, have no sense of humor, and are fat. Or black. Yeah, shoot

The song that you relate the most to?
- Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades.
The best thing you've ever done?	
- Um.

The worst thing you've ever done?
- Dunno.
Wrong with America?	
- I don't care.

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