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Saturday, 17 July 2010
03:43:03 PM (GMT)
This site is only filled with a bunch of 12 year old girls, and creepy guys who
enjoy hitting on 12 year old girls. I guess the social part of this place is
entertaining to some people, but that is why we invented facebook. And if you wanted
to fuck someone than that is why we invented craig's list. None the less I will be
checking up and bitching here for fun. If anyone wants to talk to me then kindly fuck

‹lynniesunshine› says:   17 July 2010   436505  
I am NOT 12!

I'm 13 and 3 quarters.Get it right :D
Salvador_Nero says:   17 July 2010   955586  
None the less you are still under the age of 18, so a child.
‹XOur_Fingers_LacedX› says:   17 July 2010   491158  
Hahahh. This made me laugh. You're right. About most of it. BUT, there are actually some cool people on here.
YuiitsuSakka says:   17 July 2010   821450  
I'm only on here for the art program, which has fucked up on me twice
now and is really starting to piss me off. Plus, Facebook gets

So, yeah, I can agree with you, but at the same time, I really can't.

Because not every girl on her is 12. XD
YuiitsuSakka says:   17 July 2010   758800  
*on here
‹burblegurm› says:   17 July 2010   570685  
‹Mallary :)› says:   17 July 2010   590861  
I AM 17 >.<
exquisite says:   17 July 2010   305092  
Facebook is an overrated piece of crap filled with rip-off
applications then made into £5 iphone apps that nobody uses. Also
filled up with fake pedophiles posing as 17 year olds grooming fake 12
year olds posing as 15 year olds. 

Compared to Facebook, Kupika is much, much safer. At least people here
have the decency not to meet up in real life (most) unlike all of
those Facebook murder victims.

Your argument is invalid. (:
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   18 July 2010   766511  
Looks like we've got another troll in the house.
‹lynniesunshine› says:   18 July 2010   545023  
I never said i wasn't a child.I'm just clarifying my age. 
Salvador_Nero says :   18 July 2010   714665  
lol ah this is fun. I'm sorry, I have'n't seen any pages on facebook
where there are 12 year olds looking for boyfriends. I mean come on. I
didn't come here to troll, in fact the only reason I'm here is a
friend of mine recommended it. Or let me rephrase that. She bitched at
me until I gave in.

I'm sure the people on here are cool and everything, but I mean, some
of them are kinda pathetic. Ads asking for friends? A hug meter?
Really? So you can say my argument is invalid from here to Ragnarök
for all I care. Some parts of this site are kinda sad when you look at
it. I mean, I just got a message from someone saying they don't have
many friends. It almost broke the black hole where my heart used to

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