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Chapter 19Category: Sam & Meaghan Stuff
Thursday, 15 July 2010
07:09:32 PM (GMT)
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Chapter 19: Death Is Not Doom, Or Is It?
	My mind was blurry and I was angry as ever as the lycan and I both stood on a cliff
of a mountain, facing each other in a furry of anger. His wolf like features were the
creepiest of all the lycans, he was bigger than the last one we had seen, was it just
me, or did they get bigger every time? Oh well that wouldn’t matter anymore, I was
already bleeding from several bite marks that I didn’t have enough time to fix,
because I was fighting, and when I fought I never had time to stop, because I always
went all out, and this time it would be all out till the end. 
	“It doesn’t have to end this way.” A voice in my head said. Looking around I
couldn’t see anyone, and the voice defiantly wasn’t mine, someone was speaking in
my head? But why? 
	“Over here, I’m the one you’re fighting.” Shocked I looked at the lycan who
nodded. A LYCAN WAS TALKING TO ME IN MY HEAD? Oh great, what else could they do,
	“It has to be this way! I sacrificed myself! And now I wish to die as a human, and
go out in a good fight, so just let me have it my wa—” I got cut off as I felt a
surge of fear and grief from Sam, oh crap, what’d she find? Did Ed not listen to
me?! Did he not go back for help! Jeez the least he could do for the sacraficer was
live! Sam, I’m so sorry Sam, I never meant to hurt you, I was just trying to save
	“Human, lycan, what difference is it? Join me in my clan, you’re healthy and
young, and a mighty fine fighter, the best I’ve seen in a long time, we’d be glad
to have you.” The lycan went on in my head. I shook off the feeling in me that made
me want to run to Sam and have no one stop me, and comfort her. Because I needed to
finish this once and for all, if anyone was going to end this, I had a feeling in me
that it would be me.
	“Shut up, and get to dancing you fucking tyrant.” I said. The lycan stared at me
weirdly, and then closed its eyes.
	“As you wish young warrior.” He said in my head, and then he charged at me,
pushing away all of Sam’s other feelings, I leaped into the air and onto the ground
behind the lycan, who then switched to my new position. I had only a few seconds, and
in that matter of time, I pulled out my switch blade from my pocket, the animal came
to a halt in front of me, but not fast enough, my blade sliced its chest, in a big
angular cut that looked very nasty.
	The lycan screeched a murderous scream, and I tried not to cover my ears so I could
hear my ringing victory, but even though this cut was good, it didn’t mean I had
won, I needed to stab it in the heart for it to die.
	The lycan was truly angry at me now, opening its eyes it glared at me, and then
lifted a big paw, I ducked, but was too late, the paw struck me and sent me flying
into a mountain wall, snow came falling down on me, like an avalanche. 
	“Shit!” I yelled, but then I noticed something, with the snow time it would take
time for the lycan to dig me out, I could repair myself, or I could find Ed and try
to bring him back to life, if that would work, maybe it would. I would at least have
to try. 
	Closing my eyes I felt a tingling sensation, which could only be Ed’s soul, which
was the color of gold, the same as his eyes funnily enough, I wonder if that means my
soul was the same color as my eyes. But there was another soul pressing in on his,
confused I tried to identify the soul, and what did you know it was Sam’s, she had
used the magic of tears to enter Ed’s soul, I wonder if she knew this. 
	But this was a good thing, three souls were better than one, with this I could make
Sam’s wish come true, and we could repair Ed together, and make him healthier than
ever. Pushing a force in my mind I stepped into Sam’s mind somewhat and saw what
she was seeing, Sam was glowing, and all three of our souls were working together in
Ed’s body, and before you knew it, his body was repaired of the illness. But it was
mainly Sam’s soul that fixed him; her love for him was enough to cure all of his
	With that I pulled out of Sam and Ed and started working on his leg, it was finished
faster than I would’ve thought; the only pesky thing was that the scratch marks
stayed. As for his arm, it had been completely mauled no chance to repair it, because
it was stuck in mud and I hadn’t practiced enough with steel to be able to pull
that material out of the mud.
	Breathing hard from all the work I had done, I knew I had no more time, the
lycan’s nose was right before me under the snow, with anger I kicked his nose and
sprang out of the snow using my flying powers. 
	“Stop moving like that!” The lycan shouted in my head, with an evil grin I flew
back down at an immense speed and smashed right into the lycan’s head, there was a
loud crack as his head was spilt a little, and then I landed to his right.
	The lycan, giving a small screech, fell to the ground, his breath coming faster and
faster as he neared his own death.
	“Damn you.” The lycan said in my head. I laughed silently and waited until he
finally collapsed before me, his life pouring out of him in pools of blood.
Interested in his black blood, I took out my bottle in my pocket and collected some
of the blood, the swirls in it confusing me as I closed up the bottle. 
	Staggering from using too much of my powers in a little bit of time I started to
climb down the mountain, but with every step it felt like I was hitting my head on a
million tons of bricks. This was unusual; I had rock climbed before and had never
felt this. Maybe I was just really worn out from working too hard.
	“Where’d you go! I’m not done yet!” A voice yelled in my. WHAT THE FUUUUU HE
WAS STILL ALIVE? I’m so confused right now, I should probably run though, I’m too
unhealthy to be flying at the moment. 
	But being me, I’m not a chicken, so I should stay and fight right? My intent was
either both of us die, or the lycan dies and I live, or I die bravely. And with that
I started climbing back up the mountain. 
	“Right where I should be.” I said, and with that I went charging at the beast,
knocking his head this way and that way, taking my all at him. The lycan screeched
and lashed his tail at me, his head had repaired but the cut on its chest was still
there. But that gave me an idea; this lycan could only be harmed by cuts.
	Needing to have more anger in me, I brought up Ryoki’s picture in my head, all the
words he ever said to me, every phrase, his arrogant face, and his annoying presence,
everything about him...
	“Haha look at this, a weakling has come to join the academy, so small too. I bet
she’s actually four years old.” An annoying voice said I tried to ignore the
voice; I came here so I wouldn’t have another rage bash. I must ignore this
person’s presence. I Must! It’s the only way I can be considered fully strong. 
	“I know, can you believe they let such a runt in? I just laugh every time I see
her.” Another voice said. Well excuse me if my family was made up of all short
people you fricking bastar—I’ve got to control myself, relax Meaghan, focus on
the yoga.
	“She’s so weak; I think she’ll be out of here tomorrow, no strength what so
	“HI YYYAAAAHHHHH!” I yelled, bringing a karate chop down on the head of a black
haired boy with glasses. “WHO YOU CALLING A RUNT?! POWERLESS? HUH, HUH TELL ME!”
I screamed at him, pulling at his hair and smacking his face left and right. 
	“Stop! Stop it!” the boy pleaded with me. Angry I shook him and then pushed him
onto the ground.
	“I cannot forgive such words.” I said in my scary tone, and with that I stepped
on his balls as he cried out to his friends.
	“D-demon!” They yelled, and they ran away with their hands in the air as they
screamed. Well good, serves them right. Try to ruin my reputation by calling me runt,
why I outta...
	“Ryoki! Did you anger the monster inside of this young warrior?” Someone asked,
I looked up to see master coming around the corner. Hesitantly I took my foot off of
Ryoki’s balls, who just so happened to be on the ground crying.
	“Master, why is there a devil in this school? We’re supposed to be good
wholehearted warriors; this person is just purely EVIL!” the boy named Ryoki cried
at the master, master bent down and helped him sit up.
	“Ryoki, you must not anger this young warrior like this, she is only nine and
highly important to this academy. As a thirteen year old, you are her senpai, instead
of angering this important warrior, help her learn her control. Because I am sure you
don’t want to see her true anger. What she just did to you was nothing compared to
what she could do, isn’t that right young warrior Solange, or is it Eclipse for
now?” Master said, turning to look at me. I bowed and then looked back up at him.
	“For right now it is Solange, it will go back to Eclipse next year. Just for my
protection as you already understand master.” I told him, I looked down at the
Ryoki boy then, this boy was really my senpai, he didn’t seem to suit it at all,
the way he acted, he should be younger than me, but then again girls matured before
	“Watch yourself around me. As master said, I can become more dangerous, so much
that even I am not in myself, but am watching what I do and can’t do anything to
stop it until I faint.” I said, and then I glared at Ryoki, he shivered and looked
away from me. “Got it?” I asked. He nodded. “Good, well I have practice master.
Please take care of Ryoki for me.” I said, Master nodded and then I ran off to the
buildings, but I didn’t go to practice, I stayed behind to see what the boy would
	“Master, what’s her deal?” Ryoki asked, he was getting up with the help of
master, who moved him to the bench were they then both sat down.
	“Ah her. I think I am the only one who knows; in fact I think I’m the only one
she’s talked to here until you.” Master said, he looked off into the trees with a
proud face.
	“Why would that be so?” Ryoki asked.
	“Well you see, she’s younger than others, so they talk about her rudely because
they’re jealous. Maybe it was a good thing she didn’t join when she was just six
years old...” Master paused and didn’t go on.
	“S-six years old?! How come so young?” Ryoki inquired. Master laughed. 
	“Like I’ve already told you young warrior Ryoki, she is a highly important
warrior. Praised for her skill that no one has taught her. She ran away from home on
a rampage after her father left home for a mission, I had witnessed the whole thing,
she was truly scary, but yet you knew she was mad for a good enough reason. This is
why I said you hadn’t seen her true anger. She was only six at the time, and I
watched as she passed out, and then woke up with a worried face. It seems every time
she passes out after her rampages, she has visions of the future, therefore she
already knew what I was going to ask, and what would happen. And she refused me
openly. So I waited for awhile, for her to get older before I asked again, and at the
age of nine she said yes. But I think she said this because she has her own personal
mission to fulfill. To truly understand her, you have to be one to see every side of
her.” Master replied. “Another thing is that she’s had a rough time, her
sisters were never very kind to her, so she ran away to Japan at nine and that’s
when she found me. She came all the way from Canada Ryoki, and she didn’t even
speak Japanese, but she made it here and somehow learned it in a short time. I want
you to be one of the others to fully understand her, because I think you could do
this.” Ryoki looked at the master with wonder.
	“Master, would it be okay if I became her partner for a year? I’m interested in
her fighting skills... even though I’ve called her powerless, a runt and not
strong, I’ve actually seen her practice and I would like to learn from her.”
Ryoki said. I stared blankly at him. HE was asking to be MY partner? Hadn’t my
glare scared him enough, certainly it did, its effects were still working on him. But
master just patted Ryoki.
	“Of course. I bet Yuri will be happy to have her partner taken from her, she’s
been getting bruised badly, and if you remember, Yuri used to be the best warrior
here until Meaghan took over that spot.” Master answered Ryoki’s request. Ryoki
started laughing, and with a last pat Master left Ryoki sitting there.
	I turned away quickly and tried to leave before master saw me, but I should’ve
known he knew I was there the whole time, that dude had eyes in the back of his
	“Meaghan.” Master said, stopping me with just my name. I froze mid run.
	“It’s okay to let others protect you, you’re not alone.” Master said, and
with that he left me, without a lecture about eavesdropping. But I didn’t want to
be protected! That would mean Ryoki would be some kind of boyfriend! I didn’t want
that, I hated that pedophile’s guts! I could protect myself without anyone’s
help! And I’d prove it. If I were to die, it’d be because I protected myself from
everyone else, from the bad people, from the badness of the world, and I would’ve
gone out the way I wanted to. Pissing off everyone because I went out strong, just
all of you wait!
	I shook my head, I shouldn’t remember such silly things when fighting, it would
cause me more wounds than I would want to get. But Ryoki’s face had worked, I had
gotten angry, more than I would have thought possible, and with that I cut the lycan
across the nose, his most sensitive part. 
	“I won’t be defeated by such an ugly creature!” I yelled, but before I could
get in another blow something like Sam’s force field, but in the shape of a sword
came down on the lycan’s nose, cutting it off cleanly.
	I turned, but it seemed like a slow motion turn, I never got why that always seemed
to happen to me. And only me...
	“You held up good.” Ed told me. I smiled at him, but he was distracting me from
what I really wanted to do. With another turn I charged at the lycan full force, a
deadly glare in my eyes.
	Heh heh, you shouldn’t do that. The lycan whispered in my mind, and just when I
was about to ask what, his paw struck out and hit my chest, and when his paw left I
felt like something very important was missing, something so important that I could
die without it.
	“Meaghan?!” Sam yelled out at me as I fell on top of the lycan’s back.
	I want you to become my lycan warrior. The lycan whispered. And since you won’t
give up, I’ll have to take your soul and return it after you’ve finished you’re
change. I stared blankly, what, what was this thing saying?
	“Never.” I whispered, and with as much effort as I could gather, I pulled my
small switchblade out and stabbed him hard with my switchblade, twisting it and
twisting it as he screeched, and then there was no more sound, the great animal
collapsed before our eyes, his life finally gone. And then I collapsed.
	“Where’d you find her?” a voice was asking. I couldn’t see clearly, my
vision was hazy, but I could feel warmness around me, something like blankets.
Blinking I tried to clear my vision, but it wouldn’t clear.
	“On a mountain, with a bigger Lycan than the last time, the same one that took Ed
apart and almost changed him. Meaghan sacrificed herself.” Another voice said a
soft voice. It could only be Sam’s voice. There was a bang sound, and I saw a hazy
fist against the wall.
	“Damnit! Why doesn’t Meaghan think about how others would feel, is she really
that stupid, we almost lost her?!” I noticed the voice now, it was Ryoki’s.
“She’s so pale, she looks like a black and white version of an old fifties
	“Ed figures it’s either the change or she lost something vital, she did kind of
become blank looking after the lycan slashed out his paw at her, and there was a look
of pure shock on her face, something none of us have ever seen before.” Sam said.
Wrong Sam, one other person had seen that face.
	“Damnit, damnit DAMNIT!” Ryoki yelled, I could see the hazy Sam grab his hand
that was repeatedly hitting the wall.
	“Why are you crying Ryoki? Why are you so worked up over something that you
can’t change?” Sam asked him.
	“B-because I love her!” Ryoki spat out. DID I JUST HEAR THAT RIGHT? Nope, I must
be dreaming, but if I was why would I dream about this? Haha I better pinch myself,
I’ll wake up by then. “And because I broke my promise to protect her,
to be there for her.” Ugh wake up from the dream already, WAKE UP MEAGHAN! Come on
you can do it, just pinch yourself or something, oh but that’s right, you can’t
pinch yourself because you’re so soulless that you can’t even move anymore.
	Well the kid’s jokes finally came true; you really were a cold hearted soulless
demon now. Wows aren’t I proud of myself.
	“Ryoki, did I hear you correctly?” Sam asked. 
	“Hey guys, I appreciate your conversation, but shouldn’t we find out what
exactly Meaghan is missing, and if it is the change?” Another voice said, it was Ed
for sure. But this reminded me, where was Jin, Mikino and Rin then? Pfft stop
thinking non sense, this was a dream remember.
	“We’d have to ask Meaghan to know.” Sam inquired. “But she isn’t even
awake.” Well since this was a dream, what the hell, might as well talk in my own
	“My soul.” I said. “The thing took my soul.” I felt all of their eyes look
at me, Sam rushed over to my side, same with Ed, and meanwhile Ryoki stood there
	“Does this mean you heard what I said?!” Ryoki screamed in horror. Hell I
didn’t want to believe it myself, even if it was a dream.
	“No. I didn’t, want to tell me?” I asked. Ryoki shook his head; I turned my
attention back to the two surrounding my bed.
	“Your soul?” Ed asked. I nodded and looked past him to see Jin and Mikino in the
doorway holding hands.
	“My soul.” I said. And with that the room went dead silent, no one daring to
speak a word. I think they were honestly all afraid. But this was just a dream to me,
it wasn’t real. I was dead; I had gone out the way I had wanted to. I was happy and
fine with it.
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