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Wednesday, 14 July 2010
02:36:53 PM (GMT)
 Another Sex Story:Part 4 Babysitting:
  I was going over to you house to babysit one day. I had tried to keep my cool down
and not let your parents know that secretly i had had wet dreams about you since the
1st night i babysat you. Since you were 17 and i was 19 i didn't really know why your
parents made you be babysat but i didn't care, getting to see some hot babe every
night turned me on so it doesn't matter. This particular night though i wanted to try
something different. I usually never really talked to you much but i thought i might
change that for tonight since i would be watching until 8 the next morning.
    While you went to take a shower i decided to check out your room. I never was
gona do that but like i said, things tonight will change. Since i only babysat you i
didn't need to worry about anyone or anything interrupting us. I Went over to yuor
bedside table and opened the top drawer. I was surprised to find 5 dildos in that
drawer, but then again i thought if the night went as i planned we could use them.
   Then I went over to your closet. I was shocked to see hiding in the very back of
your close a very skimpy, sexy, outfit. Again I thought to myself, if the night goes
as planned I'll haver her change into that. After getting out of your closet i ran
downstairs to start something for you to eat. I decided while you were eating I would
ask basic babysitter questions like how your school was doing, and if you were have
any relationship troubles. I was getting even more turned on when you came into the
kitchen wearing really short PJ shorts and a sexy tank top on.
   I excused myself so I could change since i would have to be there all night. When
I went to the bathroom I wore a sexy pink satin thong with my pink shorts and my sexy
tank top that was satin. I realized I was getting wet just thinking about you and me
and about what we could do...
   After you finished dinner you went upstairs to your room to call someone. I knew
that eavesdropping was rude but I was just curious. After you got finished on the
phone I thought that you were crying so I knocked on the door and came in. WHen i saw
you were crying I sat beside you and said, "Baby what's wrong?" You had said that you
were having a horrible relationship and you didn't know what to do. Since you were
laying down I sat on top of you (making sure i didn't hurt you in any way). Then I
wiped your tears away and bent down and said, "Sweety I can make everything better."
Then i bent down and started to kiss you. At first you started to pull away, but then
you sat up and made me lay down on your bed. I thought that you might like it more,
so I started to french kiss you. Then you started to moan. So i stopped and pulled
your tank top off while groping yous nice, big boobs. Then you yanked mine off slowy,
gently trying not to moan when you grabbed my boobs. Then I pulled your bra off, and
started to play with you boobs. Next I started licking your tits and gently kissing
them while you started moaning louder. I told you that your neighbors didn't need to
here us so we closed your window. Then you pulled off my bra and did the same thing.
Then i went up and started getting harder with my kissing while groping your boob.
Then we pulled each others shorts and panties off while still kissing each other.
Then i laid you down and went down to your pussy. Your pussy was really wet, so i
started licking it while you moaned and said "Yes!Yes!" the i started to finger you.
You were moaning so much i was getting even more wet. Then I took one of your Dildos
that we both could use at the same time and put both of our pussies in it. I moaned
out so loud that i came to you to kiss you so much we spit in each other's mouths.
After that you started licking my pussy while i tried not to moan too loud. After
that we rubbed our pussies together until you had cummed right on me. Then i laid you
down and put my pussy over your mouth so you could eat it then i had cummed in your
mouth. After that we rubbed each others pussies and kissed all night. In the morning
before you parents arrived we used some dildos and played around. After that your
parents had arrived.
  I was about to go when i said i left my purse upstairs. I went to get it but
instead i went to your room. I Jumped on you a frech kissed you so hard and long you
started to moan, so i had to go so your parents wouldnt have caught us. I told you
that I would be back so you shouldn't worry love. Then i sadly left but has been
coming back every night with new tricks up my sleeve...

   Thanks for reading my post and i hope that you have enjoyed them! I'm sorry I
haven't wrote one in a while but i hope this will be a good apology. And please don't
send me a message send me a letter because i haven't been getting on as much as i
used too. And Remeber My Pussy Is Open So Come On Over Ladies!!!!! I Love

ILOVETOFUCKjr says:   14 July 2010   670210  
I Hope You Ladies Loved It And If You Have Any Ideas For Another Sex
Story Part 5 Send Me a Letter I usually don't get on as often and
letter don't delete so yeah, and anyone wanna cyber right now cuz my
pussy is really wet and im super horny right now so letter me if ya do
kk Bye!!! I♥Ya!
HannahFan says:   15 July 2010   540059  
I ♥ It!
ILOVETOFUCKjr says:   16 July 2010   590091  
‹bnbnbn› says:   10 January 2011   810945  
I fucken it!!!
ILOVETOFUCKjr says :   10 January 2011   943925  
hahahaha thanks

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