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The Eastern Woods -Category: Stories
Monday, 12 July 2010
07:59:00 PM (GMT)
I wander deep into the eastern woods. My mind filled with stories that had been
told. They a creature of malevolence lives there. That he takes souls of those that
travel through his woods. That the trees themselves harbor the souls of travelers and
if you get too close they will try to pull their way out, but only will pull you in.
As i enter the eastern woods the light seem to fade away, once living grass now where
nothing but twigged and death. The air smell different and heavy present of fear seem
to linger. I can see the dark trees themselves reaching out to me, trying to take me
as their own. Deeper in head into these woods and stuble upon a ruine of rocks. 
Enscribet where ancinet text of unknow origin. I cicirle it once and found myself
stareing at a creature that escape hell itself.

My breath quicken as I search for a why to leave but found myself standing there. He
walked over toward me, fire and ash fell from his mouth. His eyes red as the blood of
maidens. "Why have you come to these woods of mine?" He ask with a howl to his
I looked at him not showing any fear,"The one I love."  The creature laughed and blow
ash at me mocking me with my own words.
"The one you love? She betrayed you," He said to me as he walked around me. His foot
steps burnt into ground and the smell of sulfur linger behind. Looking at him,
"Never! She would never betray me." I yelled at him. 

Coming close to my face he looked deep into my eyes. "Then ask yourself this, why
would she want you to come to my woods?"
"Perhaps she found another, and only seek a way to remove you from her life? or that
she merely enjoys your suffering?" He said to me with a sinister smile upon his face.

I looked away knowing that perhaps that he might have been right. That the love we
once had was tauten and that her love have wander. But to send me here to lost my
soul, and she was my heart. I looked that this creature, "I will never believe you.
Foul beast of hell." The creature paced back from one place to another, and then back
to me. "Then you are foolish. Your love did not mean anything to her. You were merely
just a play thing to her."  I step back slightly, "you can never prove anything. I
will leave this place."
The creature walked away laughing as if he know something, then turn back and slowly
walked toward me. But the creature slowly changed. "My poor beloved toy, you never
knew who I was." She said to me. I looked at her, "No! This is some trick! My beloved
is miles from this place." Touching me with her hand upon my cheek, "I can come and
go as I please. But you wont able to leave."
Looking into her eyes, I knew that it was her. My heart sank and my breath escape my
body. "Then take my soul, but keep my heart with you." I said as I embrace her. She
gasp slightly and her cold heart slowly beat away. "NO! NO!" she said as she push
away from me.  slowly I turned into stone leaving behind only my heart.

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