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SARALYN WHY?? stolen quizCategory: those awesome questiony survey thingies
Saturday, 10 July 2010
02:38:21 AM (GMT)

1x I love long, flowy peasant skirts.
2x I wear circular-shaped glasses. I have circular sunglasses.
3x I have long wavy or straight hair.
4x Peace and love, baby!
5x I own a peace sign necklace.
6x I’m very anti-war.
7x Make love, not war!
8x I’m a big environmentalist.
9x I prefer to go all-natural; so no make up for me, unless it’s a very little
10x Oh, and I don’t like to shave either. It’s just hair!
11x I could never hurt an animal. 
12x I boycott products that test on animals.
13x My dream car is one of those vans with all colors and flowers painted on
14x My hair is to my hips, or longer.
15x I smoke weed frequently. [USED TO!]
16x I think it should be legalized, too!
17x I own items with the cannabis symbol on it.
18x I wear sandals a lot.
19x I’m a vegetarian.
20x I try to recycle as often as possible. 



1x I love the Ramones.
2x I wear a lot of skinny jeans and Doc Martens. 
3x Oh, and I do love plaid!
4x I love to go to shows performed by local bands.
5x I’ve had a mohawk, or considered getting one.
6x My hair has been dyed a crazy, unnatural color before.
7x I have facial piercing(s).
8x I stretch my ears.
9x I can’t stand when people say Good Charlotte is punk. 
10x I’m in a band.
11x I play an instrument. 
12x I do things my own way, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.
13x I’m a big fan of DIY.
14x I make a lot of my own clothes, or alter a lot of them.
15x I support independent stores and local bands.
16x I’m not a fan of most mainstream things.
17x I can see myself ending up with a lot of piercings and/or tattoos.
18x People stare at me or my clothes a lot when I’m out in public.
19x I like the Misfits.
20x Oi!



1x My favorite band is Bauhaus.
2x I wear a lot of black.
3x Where would I be without black eyeliner?
4x Mmm, fishnets.
5x I have jewelry with the Egyptian ankh on it.
6x Marilyn Manson isn’t goth.
7x Neither is Evanescence.
8x I’ve been on before.
9x My grandparents don’t approve of the way I dress.
10x I listen to bands that most people probably have never heard of.
11x I frequent goth clubs.
12x I’m very pale. 
13x I intentionally stay out of the sun so I stay pale.
14x I’m wearing a black shirt right now.
15x I’ve worn black lipstick before.
16x Halloween is my favorite holiday!
17x I love spiders.
18x Having a pet tarantula would actually be cool.
19x I write a lot.
20x I enjoy classical music.



1x Yay Hollister!
2x I get good grades in school.
3x I actually go to a preparatory school. 
4x I study a lot and make sure to focus on my schoolwork.
5x I play sports.
6x I love polos.
7x Most of my clothing is pretty pricey.
8x My parents have a lot of money.
9x I wouldn’t be caught dead in all black.
10x Pleated skirts are just so cute!
11x I stay away from drugs and smoking.
12x Some people think of me as a goody two shoes.
13x I wear Uggs.
14x I wear Birkenstocks.
15x I’m in a lot of Honors or AP classes.
16x I get straight A’s most of the time.
17x I like going to the beach.
18x I wish I had naturally blonde hair.
19x I’d die without Abercrombie!
20x The only facial piercing I’d ever want is a nose stud.



1x Why is everyone so concerned about shopping? It’s not that great.
2x I wear baggy clothes a lot.
3x Most of my friends are guys.
4x …and they think of me as “one of the guys”.
5x I play a lot of sports.
6x My hair is usually up in a ponytail, or it’s short.
7x I don’t bother with makeup most of the time.
8x Sometimes people pressure me to be more “girly”.
9x I’ve been called a tomboy before.
10x I rather play basketball than get my nails done.
11x I’ve never gotten a manicure and/or pedicure before.
12x I usually don’t do anything to my hair when I get out of the shower.
13x I’m outside playing all day.
14x I’ll admit, most of my clothes aren’t that flattering.
15x I wear sports jerseys a lot.
16x Socks + Adidas sandals = love.
17x I don’t care about my looks that much.
18x I’ve tried makeup, but it just wasn’t for me.
19x I rather hang out with my dad than with my mom.
20x I want a career involving sports.



1x I love shopping!
2x I’m nearly always texting.
3x My phone is actually pink.
4x Pink is my favorite color.
5x I enjoy anything sparkly or glittery.
6x I wear lots of makeup.
7x I enjoy doing other people’s makeup and hair.
8x I don’t like to get my hands dirty.
9x I spend over an hour getting ready every day.
10x My dream car is pink.
11x Nothing is more important than looking pretty.
12x I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup on.
13x I love boys!
14x I’m a big flirt.
15x Did someone say Starbucks?!
16x Screw school, let’s go to the mall!
17x Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. Sooo romantic!
18x I loved The Notebook.
19x I love Disney movies.
20x I wear high heels.


1x I’m on the computer a lot.
2x My best class is math.
3x I get good grades all the time. 
4x I wear glasses.
5x I have braces.
6x I’ve worn suspenders before.
7x I’ll admit, some of my pants are floods/high waters.
8x I wear my socks up high.
9x I’m a teacher’s pet. 
10x People usually ask me for help when it comes to math.
11x I’ve tutored someone before.
12x My parents are never disappointed with my report card.
13x Unlike most people, I actually enjoy school.
14x I have a pocket protector.
15x My dream job is an accountant or something else math-based.
16x Bill Gates is my role model.
17x I’m involved in a lot of after-school activities.
18x I’m not on any sports teams though.
19x I don’t have many friends.
20x I get made fun of a lot. 


1x I’m a jeans and t-shirt type of person.
2x I usually go straight home after school.
3x I’m not a great student, but I’m not a bad one either.
4x School’s alright.
5x I usually blend right into the crowd because my clothes aren’t that special.
6x I’m not looking to go to any special college really.
7x I don’t have much school spirit.
8x I’m not in any clubs or on any sports teams.
9x I’m kind of just “there” at school.
10x I wear blue jeans mostly every day.
11x I wear converse—they’re simple and go with anything.
12x I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. 
13x I like to listen to music and be with friends, like most teenagers.
14x I’ve tried drugs and/or smoking, but it’s not that great.
15x I don’t get out all that much.
16x I blog.
17x I don’t care much about politics.
18x My AIM font or profile is pretty simple.
19x And that’s how I like everything… plain and simple.
20x My room has very little decor. 


shawnman says:   10 July 2010   522686  
nugga ur buggen
‹AudioWhore› says:   10 July 2010   477051  
oh i know 
fireonthemountain says :   10 July 2010   695179  


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