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You do like fish sticks!Category: (general)
Monday, 5 July 2010
10:40:04 PM (GMT)
Do you read && like ‘and and?’ Do you HATE IT?: 
- I read it "an an". It makes me think of a child trying to tell a story they think
is really important.

Why does everybody seek popularity? What’s wrong with being original?: 
- Because they seek friends and the comfort they bring, which leads to relationships,
which leads to sex, which leads to their genes being passed on.... I can't remember
the name of that theory, the one where every thing we do is for sex and food.... And
there is nothing bad about being original.

Do you prefer hearing the blunt truth, or do you like sugarcoating?: 
- Depends on how blunt or sugarcoated the truth is.

Do you care what strangers think about you?: 
- No.

Are you a girl that just wants to have fun?: 
- Yes.

Do you think heaven is a place on earth? : 
- Yeah... Its your mothers vagina...

Are you a perfectionist, or only human, born to make mistakes?:
- I don't really giva shit....

Do you use any acne medication? : 
- Some times.

Do you know when it’s just a little crush vs. true love?: 
- Yeah.

How often do you crack under pressure?: 
- Depends if I've taken mis medicationes.

Have you picked out flower petals, saying, ‘He loves me, he loves me not?: 
- Thats gay.

Do you like to pace?: 
- That reminds me of Jerrin Bynorth.... At the debate tournament.

Are you a small town girl, or from the big city?: 
- Small town girl.... Fuck yeah...

How important is sexual attractiveness of a partner to you?: 
- Meh... I don't wanna go out with a hippo....

Do you ever look in the mirror and are surprised by how good you look?: 
- Si.

Do you ever look in the mirror and feel revolted?: 
- Not very often.... cause I'm sexy...

What is the worst career? Why do you hate it?: 
- I dunno.

Do you have a hard time talking to people?: 
- Nah.

How important is friendship to you? Why?: 
- Its up there with oxygen and water.

Is anybody in your family schizophrenic? If so, what is their life like?: 
- I don't know my relation to the guy, but yeah.

What’s something somebody can do to make you hate them instantly?: 
- IDK.

How organized is your mind? How do you know it’s organized/disorganized?: 
- What kind of question is that?...

Why do you hate drama, if you do?: 
- It really amazes me how much drama girls get into... I tend to stay out of drama...
Did that answer that question at all???

Do you like it when you find yourself in a conflict?: 
- Depends.

How impulsive are you?: 
- Did I has my medicine?

What kinds of questions do you not like being asked?: 
- "How did that 6-year-old boy's body get in your trunk?" that one sucks.

Why do you follow the religion that you do? : 
- I don't.

Do you feel superior to others because you’re that religion?: 
- People that do that are annoying.

Are you a blind believer, or do you frequently challenge your own beliefs?: 
- I challenge every religion.

What’s the greatest thing about science?: 
- Science is beast, altogether

Are you likely to crack under peer pressure?: 
- Depends.

Are you emotional or very stolid?: 
- It really depends on my mood in the first place.

Do you urinate a lot, or are you a ‘camel’?: 
- No.

Is the question mark in the right place in the above sentence? 
- Yeah.

&& whyy do people typee like thiss? do you like looking stupidd? =] : 
- Because they're homosexual panda bears....

Does it annoy you when people dumb themselves down to be cool?: 
- Not really.

How late do you go to bed during summer nights?: 
- I don't sleep.... I wait....

What’s a song you like from the genre you hate?: 

Do your siblings look like you?: 
- Max does....

Why do girls like six-packs? What’s wrong with a soft pillowy tummy?: 
- Because its a sign of a protector and blah blah blah Darwinism blah blah fuck you

Are you feminine, masculine, or quite androgynous?: 
- Depends.

List 3 things that peeve you off.:
- Max. Snobs. Noises....

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