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Tuesday, 18 May 2010
05:03:07 PM (GMT)
Everybody has feelings. Their feelings are either hurt, angry, sad, unknown, confused, etc. Feelings are usually unknown because when your on the computer talking to a friend without emotion, what feeling is that? Normal, casual, sincere? What is it? Happy? Nothing? No one will understand. Maybe it's just there. This Diary is about your feelings. Friend Loss And when your in a fight with a friend, you get sad and mad all at once. First, your mad because they're yelling at you saying all these mean stuff. Second, your sad because you know you just lost one of your friends that took a place in your heart. And that place, all that space in your heart flies away. And then you just feel emptiness. Like a puzzle piece is missing from the puzzle board. But then later in the day you go home and sit down somewhere alone; and then you think of all the happy and fun laughing times you've had with them. Then you cry and the next day you see them. They ignore you and one person will go back and forth saying stuff your friend said and all that nonsense. Then later on in the year, month, week, day, etc., you guys ( or girls ) reunite and become best friends again and that missing piece in your heart will fly right back and you'll be able to do what you want when you want without and empty feeling. And to tell you the truth, your friend felt the same way. ; ) Relationship Problems ( Girls ) When your boyfriend breaks up with you your sadness builds up and you cry. Here we are again with that empty place in your heart. Now, if your at my age or any age but go to school, ( elementary, intermediate, middle, or high school ), you will walk in and all you here is "what's wrong?" and "what happened?", "what's the matter?", etc. You tell them and they just say, "Oh, I'll beat him up for you." Or something like that. You know they probably won't. They just try and cheer you up. But all month, or year, or whatever, you'll be upset and you'll be alone. Alone... just all alone... It's just sad. Then one day a new guy comes you get with him like nothing has ever happened to you in the past. Until the future arrives... Relationship Problems ( Guys ) I'm not a professional at how guys work. I don't know what they do when their heart breaks but i know that they're sad. When a boy loves a girl he loves her. But, when the girl breaks up with the boy.. let me just say it's not gonna be happy. There's three emotions on how someone feels when a break up comes in their life. First one is: Mad. If you break up with them, there will be an angry reason. They were cheating on you... they were using you... etc. Second one is: Sad. If you are the victim in the break up, you will be sad. The person will break you heart. Third one is: Happy. You'll be happy because if you wanted to break up with them and they broke up with you, your happy. Or... if you broke up with them and you didn't really like them. But anyways, i know that boys get heart broken by girls and when they're sad, they cry at least a little. But, don't worry. Someone new will come out eventually. ; ) In Trouble When your in trouble your mad at whoever yelled and/or got you in trouble. You feel like cursing them out and taping them to a wall and hitting them with shoes. Also, your sad because your in trouble and everybody heard you get in trouble and saw you get in trouble; and your sad also because you are in trouble and you really didn't mean to do what you did. ( unless you meant to do what you did ) Honestly, for me, I don't really care if I get in trouble or not. I don't get mad happy or sad. I just listen to what they yell at me. And then when they ask, "Do you understand?" and "Will you do it again?" Just say, "I understand, and I will not do it again." Then your FREE! Unless it's a crime or jail consequences but other than that... your free. Don't be ashamed, say the truth explain why and your done. Don't worry. It's just apart of life. ; )
Last edited: 18 May 2010

‹JustCallMe_Ryan› says:   19 May 2010   589021  
feelings r their to ruin parts of your life.
‹Nobody's Home› says :   19 May 2010   288422  
do they now.


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