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Saturday, 1 May 2010
10:24:51 PM (GMT)
Team 7 walked back to the training grounds after a long 24 hour mission of
patrolling The Village for an elite assassin. The assassin was taken care of but
after a very hard battle. Sakura plopped to the floor after finally reaching the
grass. "Man that mission was hard!" she said in an exhausted voice.

"Eh, it was ok for me but it was long!!" Naruto said after sitting down next to her
whiling looking down at her laying figure. "Hn you have way low stamina if that was
hard for you Sakura." He simply stated, but oh was his statement wrong.

She snapped her eyes open and immediately got up. "What is that suppose to mean?!"
she said with an angry voice. To admit it Sasuke thought it was cute when she got
angry so that's he always picked fights for Naruto and insulted her. He never said he
didn't like her. "It means that women who have low stamina who are like you shouldn't
be ninja." He said.

She growled and literally it was animal like which made open his eyes to see Sakura
glaring at him. "Well how do you know that I don't go through enough during my days
at my home!" she said. "Oh, how could you possibly be busy by being a pampered little
brat? Not getting what you want?" he said with a cooed sarcastic voice. Kakashi shook
his head. Sasuke had no idea that Sakura was WAY stronger than him she just had very
long days after she was done with team 7.

"Shut up Sasuke-teme!" Naruto yelled. "Hey it's only the truth." He said. Sakura
looked to the side and then just began to walk away. "Naruto, don't bother. I'll see
you later." She said as soon as he took a step. 'How did she know he was going to go
after her?!' Sasuke screamed in his head. Soon she was gone and out of both ear and

"Teme how could you say that to Sakura-Chan!" Naruto scolded him. "I am only saying
the facts. She has a family and she doesn't train at all because they don't teach her
training makes all the difference." Sasuke explained. "Well what if I was to tell you
I could show you the way Sakura lives and that way you can get real facts." Kakashi
said after putting his book away. "That's fine by me. All we'll see is Sakura sitting
down eating food cooked by her mother." Sasuke said.

Kakashi took his head band that covered his eye and pulled it up. Soon they began to
spin and they were in Sakura's House. "Okay so this is today." Kakashi said. Two
little kids ran out of a room and another two ran out the room they went in. They
mostly looked like Sakura. Some had white hair while others had her pink hair. Some
had blue eyes while others had her green eyes.

Soon Sakura ran out the room after tumbling out of her room and falling a little down
the stairs. "Kiki get over her! Maki stop don't touch that! Kilik! OMG Kilik! Don't
touch your father's ramen do you want and early death!" she yelled. Naruto began to
twitch. "MY RAMEN!!" he yelled. "WHAT!?" Sasuke screamed realizing that Sakura had
said "don't touch your FATHERS ramen." 'No she couldn't have…she loves me…doesn't

"Sasuke when Sakura was born her parents left her alone on my porch. I raised Sakura
and trained her so that way she could live if I wasn't around." Kakashi said. Naruto
had already heard the story. "Her parents left a note on her saying "This brats name
is Sakura, we hate her and so should you." And they also gave me other info like her
birthday." Sasuke's eyes widen and he looked over to Sakura who was still chasing
around everyone.

"She is very strong teme. Stronger than me, you and Kakashi combined together."
Naruto said. After looking to Naruto he looked back at Sakura. 'Sakura I am so
sorry.' "By the time Sakura was 5 years old the Konoha elders made me have her live
on her own. They said it had to do with a survival exam."Kakashi continued. "At that
very same time Sakura's parents dropped off a kid for Sakura. They left the same note
except he didn't have a name."

"So since me and Sakura-Chan were very close already because me and her met at the
team 7 bridge when we were younger and we were best friends she told me about it."
Naruto continued. "I helped pick out the name and we named him Hayate. With every kid
those damn people send to Sakura I have helped her raise them. "

Sasuke listened intensely wanting to know why they called them mother and father.
"One day all the children asked for a house meeting and they asked to call us mother
and father. After hearing what they had to say me and Sakura –Chan agreed that they
could." Naruto finished. "STOP IT!!" she screamed and chakra shot out of her
surrounding her body. They all stopped and ran right in front of her.

From what Sasuke had counted there were 7 of them. 2 he saw Sakura call them Kiki and
Maki. There was the one that she called Kilik. There was the one that Naruto had
pointed out was Hayate. There were two others that Naruto had said they were Milikiya
and Kira. And the last one was a baby who was upstairs asleep named Light.

The chakra began to disappear and Sakura sighed. "Listen, things are getting harder
now that I have been in ANBU for 2 years now. 3 nannies have already quit their jobs
because you are making things too hard." Sakura said. "But mother we want to stay
with father if you are not around not some baby-sitter!" Milikiya said.

"I know but Naruto has a life of his own and…" she was cut off. "But he's been
helping you raise us since we were all born, so why can't he stick to the job?!"
Hayate screamed with anger filled in his voice. Sasuke smirked and looked to Naruto
who was laughing nervously. "I go out for Ramen a lot." Sakura sighed once more and
was about to say something until they heard crying from upstairs.

She walked up and came back down with a baby in her arms rocking it a little and
hushing it. Sasuke was amazed when Sakura held up her finger and the baby took into
its small grip. They all were listening so attentively Sasuke was wondering what was
going to happen. Suddenly Sakura began to sing.

Hush now my baby

Be still love don't cry

Sleep as you're rocked by the stream

Sleep and remember my last lullaby

So I'll be with you when you dream.

She finished the song and the baby's eyes closed and fell into a slumber. Sakura
couldn't help but let a smile fall across her features. "I'll talk to your father
ok." Sakura said. They all smiled in victory. The phone began to ring and using speed
Sasuke thought only he and Lee possessed Sakura moved to the phone with the baby
still in hand and answered.

"Hello…" She said. "When should I start getting ready?" she said after a pause. "Ok
I will meet you in front of Konoha gates." Sakura said and then hung up the phone.
"What is it mother?" Sakura looked to Kilik. "I have an ANBU mission tomorrow." Team
7's eyes widen. "But they usually give her missions on the weekends or when she
doesn't see us." Kakashi said. "So she won't be with us tomorrow…" Sasuke said
sadly. "Yeah…" Naruto said. "What's the mission Mom!!?" Kira asked eagerly.

"Well they are kicking me up a notch…they are going to make me ANBU captain soon so
they want to make sure that I can handle it. They are going to have me kill an S
class assassin." All their eyes widen. Soon the kids started cheering. "WHAT ARE THEY
CHEERING FOR!!?? SAKURA COULD DIE!!" Sasuke screamed with tears filled with his

"ALRIGHT!! MOM YOU GOT AN EASY AS PIE MISSION!!!" Sakura smiled down at Hayate and
hushed him because of the baby. "Guys it's not like I can handle every assassin
mission they throw at me. "I am starting get low stamina because of taking care of
you and it's like I have little children in my squad."Sakura said. "So we will go
outside while you gather your stamina! Come one guys!!" Milikiya screamed and ran
away along with her brothers and sisters.

Sakura gave a small smile and a low chuckle. "I wonder where Naruto is he's late…"
she mumbled to herself but in the end she just shrugged her shoulders and walked in
her room. She put Light in his crib and kissed him on his forehead. She smiled at a
small yawn but staying asleep baby.

She walked outside into her back yard and picked up some weapons that were well
hidden. She picked out two Sais' and began to twirl them. She began to run at two
puppets with amazing speed and soon she jumped into the air and split them both in
half. All of a sudden the puppets began to move and they came alive forming their own
attacks at Sakura.

The team 7 boys watched in awe as Sakura dodged and did attacks they didn't even know
existed and stabbed them both in their stomachs and brutally pushing it up to that
they came out through the top of their heads. Sakura then closed her eyes and they
turned into a bluish white that looked as if she were a wolf. More puppets came at
her and she sliced all of them in half without having to do anything.

She was standing on the very same spot she was when the attack came to the puppets.
Kakashi smirked at the girl he had raised even when they took her away from him he
had watched her and trained her. 'Good Sakura use the methods I taught you.'

"Ok let's go to a different day, how about last week during the night?" Kakashi said
and soon the boys spiraled back into the house. "This is last week at night…and we
are in Sakura's room." Kakashi said. Soon there was crying coming from a baby and
instead of one groan coming from the bed there were two.

"Go back to…sleep Naruto I…got it tonight…." They heard a feminine voice say.
Sasuke's eyes widen and he turned his head directly at Naruto with a glare as did
Kakashi's. Hey Sakura was like his daughter and fathers were VERY over protective
when it comes down to daughters.

"…ok Sakura…Chan…" they heard the sleeping blonde say making Sasuke and Kakashi
glare more daggers at Naruto who was cowering and laughing nervously. "P-please don't
kill me…hehe…" Naruto said. They followed Sakura who went into a room across from
hers and they saw the baby also known as Light wide awake and crying.

"Shhh…Light I'm hear…" she whispered into his ear and began to change him. She
then held him in her arms and began to rock herself also rocking the baby. The baby
yawned but had not slept yet. Naruto walked into the room and watched them.

Sasuke looked at the past Naruto and saw him smile while looking at the scene and oh
did that make Sasuke want to punch the Naruto that was watching the past with him and

Just wait

How wide he may roam

Always a hero comes home

He goes where no man has gone

But always a hero comes home

He knows the places unknown

Always a hero comes home

The babies eyes shut and Sakura let out a sigh of relief. Sakura looked up finally
noticing him and smiled. "I told you to go back to sleep." She said in a low voice
while putting Light back into his crib. "Well…I always like your singing
Sakura-Chan…" he said while rubbing the back of his head casually. "Naruto….I
really want to thank you for everything you have done…I…" Sakura was cut off when
Naruto place a finger over her lips.

"There is no need to thank me Sakura-Chan. I would've have done this for you whether
I knew you or not." He said. Sasuke's eyes widen as suddenly they were drawing into
each together and their lips made contact. BAM! Sasuke punch the crap out of Naruto
and kept on punching until Kakashi was able to tear Sasuke away from Naruto. "I
thought you didn't like Sakura-Chan." Naruto said after wiping blood from his mouth.

"I don't like her…" Sasuke said while glaring. "I love her…" he admitted at tore
away from Kakashi and attacked again. Suddenly they were spinning again.

Sasuke woke up and looked around he was at his house like Kakashi had said. He looked
at the time it was 2:30 am. He knew Sakura was not going appreciate the very early
awakening. He ran straight to her house and banged on the door so she could hear it.
Instead of Sakura opening up it was Hayate.

"Who are…you? and…what do you…want…"Hayate said in between yawns. "I am sorry
to have awakened you but I must see Sakura…it's urgent…" Sasuke said in a low
voice. Hayate sighed and let Sasuke in. Hayate then went and got Sakura who came down
sleepily as Hayate went up to go back to sleep.

"Sasuke-kun, what are…you doing…here…it's 3:00 in the morning." Sakura said in
a tired complaining voice. The next action surely awoke her. Sasuke instantly moved
at the speed of light and kissed her. Her eyes became wide for a second but soon they
closed and began to kiss the Uchiha back.

One of her hands went to cup his face in the kiss while his went around her waist
pulling her closer and closer. They pulled away and he watched as her eyes opened
slowly because she savored the kiss. She looked at him. "Why are you here?" Sakura
said. Sasuke could tell she was skeptical about what just happened.

"Sakura I…well let's just say I have had an insight into what your life was
like…and I can tell you were definitely not spoiled…nor were you loved by caring
and loving parents. I hope that…" he trailed. "I hope that you can forgive
me…a-and t-take m-me a-as y-y-your b-b-boy…f-f-friend…?" Her eyes widen.

Sakura kissed Sasuke as an answer. This time he slowly opened his eyes.
"S-Sakura…?" he said sort of puzzled. "Come on Sasuke-kun. You are smarter than
that, oh well figure it out for yourself." She said and went back upstairs. Sasuke
thought for a minute then his eyes widen in realization. He ran at light speed
upstairs and took his place at Sakura's side.

She smiled and so did he. They knew very well that Naruto wasn't going to be the only
one helping Sakura anymore and…

Naruto wasn't helping 10 years later with their son Rai.
"Sasuke-sama you must wake up! Orochimaru-sama has a trade to make." Kabuto said
behind the door. He didn't know that Sasuke was already awake looking at her picture,
her pink hair looking graceful in the wind. No she had not taken this picture he
actually drew it. The same way he drew all the other pictures of both him and her
together or just her. His love for her went to the point of obsession.

He looked at the door with his sharigan activated after hearing it open. He
immediately pushed the picture into his pocket and looked at Kabuto. "We have to go
Orochimaru-sama is becoming impatient." Kabuto said. Seriously Sasuke thought he was
gay since he followed every single thing Orochimaru told him to do. Shoot Sasuke
wouldn't be surprised if he kissed Orochimaru's feet if asked.

He nodded and began to walk out of his room and out into the sunlight of outside
where Orochimaru and the team he had signed him with were waiting. Karin: she was an
annoying little fan girl who was always trying to find a way to grope and rape him.
Sasuke was always able to avoid it.

Suigetsu: he was somewhat creepy to Sasuke but loved to insult Karin which made both
him and Sasuke become somewhat friends. They really weren't close since Sasuke always
distanced himself from them. Juugo: He was very quiet and very often lost control of
his curse mark. It was amazing that he and Sasuke were always having contest.

After walking for about a couple of hours they stopped and set up camp. Sasuke sat up
in the tree after doing his part and looked into the sky. He looked at the many stars
and wondered if she was doing the same thing. The wind began to blow and some cherry
blossoms flowed around the camp site and around him.

'Sakura…are you here with me...Please wait for me…please…'

He closed his eyes and smiled enjoying the wind. "SASUKE-KUN TIME FOR DINNER" Karin
screamed. He opened his eyes and his smile faded. He looked down and jumped down
after sighing. He missed the food she used to make but then again he had to eat this
nasty crap made by Karin.

He forced himself to eat the food like everyone else did. Well except for Karin who
loved her own food that was disgusting. Not even a dog that was starving and had been
walking in the desert would even eat her food if made by her. "So Orochimaru-sama
what exactly are we trading?" Kabuto asked. Orochimaru gave a chuckle. "We are going
to trade 1 million gold pieces to Akatsuki for a person who will help me destroy the
Leaf Village."

"What kind of ninja is this person?" Juugo asked. "SHE is a leaf ninja and is very
powerful. Not only is she a ninja but she has a power in her that Tsunade has, except
since she has no idea how to control it, it leaves her vulnerable." Orochimaru
explained. 'Sakura…could it be you…you never had any powers…did you…?' Sasuke
pondered in his head.

"Now get some rest! This way you can be alert just in case things go wrong with the
deal." Orochimaru said. Sasuke watched as everyone got to sleep. "Aren't you going to
get some sleep Sasuke-kun?" Orochimaru asked. "I am going to take a walk." He simply
said and walked away.

He stopped after a couple of yards and making sure no one followed him. He pulled out
the picture he had to shove in his pocket. He looked at her face, her eyes, and her
hair. Tears began to fall. 'I miss you so much…I know I should've stayed that way I
won't have to feel pain but…'

His eyes went from sad to determined 'I must gain strength to protect you.' Her put
the picture in his pocket and wiped his tears away before heading back to the camp
sight and falling into a deep slumber.

He woke up to Kabuto shaking him. Sasuke glared at him for the fact that no one else
was up and it was just him and Kabuto. After everyone was awake they set off and soon
they were brought to a valley. They stood on top of a small hill and looked down at
nothing for a while. Soon Itachi appeared along with Kisame and Deidera and a very
large box.

"Do you have her?" Orochimaru asked. They all looked down showing no emotion. "Yes
Orochimaru we have her. Kisame open the box." Itachi ordered. Once the box was open
Itachi activated his sharigan and out came…

Sasuke's eyes widen… '…S-S-Sa-Sakura…' she walked out like she was dazed. She
had changed a lot but in Sasuke's eyes she was still as beautiful as her remembered,
if not more beautiful. She wore black shorts that stopped at her mid thighs along
with a beige skirt that was split at her hips. Then she had a red shirt with the
Haruno sign on it.

"Come here Sakura…" Itachi said smirking. Sasuke's eyes widen more as Sakura did
what was commanded. Itachi then held her by her waist and licked her neck. She stayed
dazed instead of pushing him away. "She is under my control therefore one of your men
try to touch her in a way that I will someday she will kill them." Itachi said.
Sasuke clenched his fist and reached behind for his katana. "I see your haste
Sasuke-kun but relax." Orochimaru said.

Sasuke's glared but clenched his katana tighter. "Want me to demonstrate how much she
will do for me?" Itachi said. Orochimaru's eyes brows furrowed. Itachi unzipped
Sakura's shirt and began to rub her stomach in circular yet with some pressure added.
Sasuke closed his eyes trying so hard to calm down but he was failing.

'Sasuke-kun…?'Karin was starting to get "worried" about Sasuke. All of a sudden a
moan escaped Sakura's lips and that's where Sasuke snapped. His eyes open wide and
looked just as pissed as a lion when its cub was messed with. He immediately went a
level 2 on the curse mark and using his speed he ran behind Itachi and stabbed him
with his katana.

He then pried Itachi away from Sakura and picked him up with his katana making it
pierce him more. Itachi coughed up blood and screamed out of pain. Sakura fell
unconscious from the sharigan not being activated anymore bu

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