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Monday, 5 April 2010
07:50:42 PM (GMT)
Earth's circumference= 2,4901.55 miles
One day= 24 hours
Average speed of a jet airliner= 500 MPH
Speed of world's fastest jet-powered plane= 2,194 MPH

So I had this idea.
It's kind of impossible to do it the way I was thinking of but it would be insane.
Last night I was listening to Sunday Morning New York Blue by Rob Thomas (which by
the way is a great song which you should listen to) and thought of this.

"Another Saturday is over 
Here comes Sunday shining through 
I could stay right here forever 
In Sunday morning New York blue 
Feeling just the way I do 
Dancing our way into 
Sunday morning New York blue"

So I started wondering if that would be possible.
In order to do it you couldn't stay in the same place, so that part wouldn't happen.
But it's the same idea. 
It's basically following daylight around the world. Traveling with the sun so you'd
never be in the dark. 
You'd have to cover 2,4901.55 miles in 24 hours (if you were on the Equator). 
24,901.55/24=1,037.56 MPH
It would be easier if you were further north/south, 'cause it would be a shorter
But you could still do it!
You'd need a beast of a plane, but it could work.
It would be kinda rushed so you wouldn't have time to enjoy the sunset everywhere
around the world in 24 hours like I was hoping... but it's a cool thought.
Last edited: 5 April 2010

likeaskeletonkey says:   5 April 2010   428622  
This is a very interesting theory.
I wonder who has enough money, patience and time to do it, twenty four
What if we only wanted to live by the Moon? C:
fireonthemountain says:   5 April 2010   124313  
I'm sure someone could. x]
That would be possible too. It's also a cool idea. (: 
Oroborus21 says:   5 April 2010   166829  
or you could stand above the artic circle and simply watch the sun
dip and arc and never set
likeaskeletonkey says:   5 April 2010   246728  
Well yes, but not for the rest of their lives. Unless they had a
beastly airplane, like you said, and their own personal airport
everywhere, for their own likings. 
; _ ;

I'ma go search the Moon up. C: 
fireonthemountain says:   5 April 2010   849596  
Well not forever... but just for a day or something. xD That would be
likeaskeletonkey says:   5 April 2010   871344  
Oh, those would be some curious trips off the routine. Wanna' pay me
one? B: 
fireonthemountain says:   5 April 2010   851900  
Oh they would indeed. I would... but if I had that much money I'd be
doing this myself. :B 
likeaskeletonkey says:   5 April 2010   319279  
True that, my dear. Let's hack someone's bank account and do it. B: 
fireonthemountain says :   6 April 2010   385329  
Perfect! >D 


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