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Sunday, 21 March 2010
06:44:36 PM (GMT)
1. Dakota
2. Amanda
3. Sterling
4. Miles
5. Katie
6. Maria
7. Landon
8. Justin

As a Group 

Who is the oldest?  
i think justin.

Who is the youngest?  
i THINK.. landon?

How many of them are blonde?  
dakota.. amanda's naturally blonde.. katie's dirty blonde, i think.

Which of them have brown eyes?  
umm, maria and landon.

Who is the tallest?  
uhh i think dakota.

Who is the shortest?  

Which of them have been to your house?  
amanda, maria, landon, and justin.

Who did you see the most recently?  

Who was the last one to call you?  

Do you go to school with any of them?  
all except miles and katie.

Which of them are in high school?  
katie's in british high school, lol.

Which of them have their license?  

Which of them are at least 20?  

Which of them has a birthday nearest to now?  
im not sure.. maybe landon.

Are any of them relatives?  

Are you dating any of them?  
lol, nope.

Are any of them dating each other?  

Have you kissed any of them?  

Who was the last one you hugged?  

Who was the last one you went to the movies with?  
landon and justin.

Who was the last one you went out to eat with?  
um, amanda.

Who was the last one you rode in a car with?  

Do any of them live more than an hour away from you?  

Which of them have tattoos?  
none, i think.

Do any of them have piercings aside from their ears?  
um amanda had a lip piercing, its gone now.

Do any of them smoke?  

Do any of them have children?  

Are any of them engaged?  


Which of them knows you the best?  
landon and justin.

Which of them have you known the longest?  
landon and justin.

Which of them have you known the shortest?  
miles. i met him yesterday.

Now Individually 


Has this person had their birthday already this year?  
i dont think so, but im not sure.

Where was the last place you went with this person?  

Does this person know any secrets about you?  

What is this person's relationship status?  
taken, but he likes me.


Do you know this person's full name?  
amanda christine scarbrough.

What is something this person is good at?  
poetry and photography.

What song is on this person's profile?  

Would this person be someone you could count on if you needed them?  
of course. i trust amanda completely.


Are you dating this person?  
lol, no.

Does this person have any pets?  
i think so.

When did yo last talk in person with them?  
friday at school.

Does this person collect anything?  
nail polish. lol.


Does this person live within 5 miles of you?  
nope, he lives in elk grove.

Does this person smoke?  
i dontthink so.

How long have you known this person?  
one day.

How old is this person? 


Can this person sing well?  
ive never heard her sing.

Describe what this person's profile picture is of:  

What was the last movie you watched with this person?  
ive never watched  movie with her, she lives in england lol.

Can this person play an instrument?  
yup, drums and guitar.


Are you related to this person?  
haha, no.

Is this person taller than you?  
everyone is.

Did you go to grade school together?  

Have you ever met this person's mom?  


Did you spend New Year's Eve with this person?  
lol, no i spent it with molly, alyssiah, sterling, tommy, and leslie.

Have you ever been on vacation with this person?  

What religion does this person practice, if at all?  
i think he's either catholic or leaning towards agnosticism.

Is this person in the military?  


What is this person's full name?  
justin majuk. i dont know his middle name.

What did you do the last time you hung out?  
went to the movies, then hung out and went crazy at his house. oh, and we stayed up
all night.

Does this person have a job?  

What is this person's zodiac sign?  
uh, i think its scorpio.

Just a Few More... 

Has #3 ever dated #6?  
haha, sterling wishes.

Would #4 and #7 make a good couple?  

Do #1 and #5 know each other?  

Who is older #2 or #8?  

Who would be more likely to go to a country concert #7 or #6?  

Who would be more likely to get pulled over by the cops #5 or #4?  
lol, maybe miles.

Who has been dating their significant other longer #3 or #8?  
neither of them have dated anyone for as long as ive known them.

Who would be more likely to date an athlete #1 or #2?  

Who calls you more often #6 or #8?  

Who would be more likely to come bail you out of jail #3 or #4?  

Who is more girly #5 or #2?  

Who lives closer to you #1 or #7? 

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