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Tuesday, 16 February 2010
08:50:40 PM (GMT)
Thank you so much for supporting this, Pastrizzle. (:
You too, Saralyn. 


     The arrows continuously flew through the air, and continuously Lindie was told
to keep trying. 
     "I can't do it!" She'd screamed at one point, throwing the set on the ground in
frustration. "Sword-fighting would be easier than this!" Of course, James had met her
to this challenge, throwing Lindie her own sword. And of course, he'd beat her in
less than two seconds, the tip of his sword at her chest. She finally agreed to learn
archery, picking the bow and arrow back up. She tried to shoot the target again,
hoping to make a dramatic bull's-eye. Of course, it hit the last ring. 
     When dawn began to come, her arrows still were hitting the edge rings, though
slightly closer than before. Lindie bent over to place the bow and arrows on the
grass, and when she came back up, James was standing there. "Hey," he said, smiling.
"How has practice been going?"  
     Lindie frowned, looking at the target she repeatedly tried to shoot. "Not very
well," she admitted.
     James followed Lindie's eyes, and frowned himself. "Eh, that's okay." He said,
taking her hand. "I think we can put this Key business off for a bit." He took off
running, Lindie staggering behind him. 
     "Where are we going?" She asked between laughter.
     "You'll see."
      The forest they'd practiced in was larger than Lindie had thought; it
overwhelmed her slightly, and she held on to James' hand as though her life depended
on it. They eventually came to another clearing. The sky was darkening but Lindie was
not afraid. 
     "Right here," he said, letting go of her hand. They both sat next to each other,
and Lindie found herself blushing. "It's safe to talk now," he told her.
     She took a deep breath, then, "They took me from my own home, James, from
London. I'm not even sure why I even try to learn archery! The lady that cleans my
room told me that everything that goes on in London goes on here, the bombs and
everything, she meant, and that I'm some hero. A hero, how ridiculous is that?
Like I'm expected to do everything for some world I've never even heard of,
nonetheless been kidnapped into! And I'm really scared right now and don't even know
what I'm doing. I miss my parents so much, and my brothers and sisters and--" At this
point she broke into crying, shamelessly in front of James. He sat with her and
listened, and at the point where Lindie could no longer talk, he took her into his
arms and let her cry into his shirt.
     "I know," he said. "I know exactly how you feel."

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