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I stole this from Rachel. Because it looked funny.Category: Stuff
Monday, 18 January 2010
05:32:11 PM (GMT)
Out of sheer curiosity, I've decided to not do Science homework (like I should be
doing) and instead to ask a series of random questions to people who I know. 

1. I am undeniably crazy. Why, then, are you still my friend? 
2. Name one thing we have in common, and why you think it's cool/not cool. 
3. What's your favorite type of pie? And what is MY favorite type of pie? 
4. If you and I had to spend a month living in the same one-room apartment, how would
you feel about it? How long approximately would it take for you to go crazy? Would
you try and get out of it or stick it out? 
5. What animal am I most like? Similarly, what is my favorite animal? 
6. What profession am I most likely going to have?
7. What is the absolute weirdest thing about me? 
8. What movie should you and I watch together? 
10. Pick one moment you had with me - any one, preferably the most memorable or your
favorite - and tell me about it in detail, then explain why you like it and what you
were thinking when it happened. 
11. If you and I could move anywhere in the world together, and I let you choose,
where would we go? 
12. If you found out that I got arrested, what would your reaction be? 
14. What is one thing you kinda want to ask me? 
15. If I called you up right now and told you I loved you, you would say: 
16. Name one song that describes me/my life the best. 
17. Say something right now that you would want me to know if I died tomorrow. 
18. How surprised would you be if I showed up at your house right now? 
19. What would be your reaction if you found out I'm a hardcore gamer? 
20. If you thought I was genuinely crazy, would you notify a doctor and have me
locked away at a psychiatric place, or try and help me yourself? 
21. Let's say that tomorrow I had the urge to move to a third-world country to raise
a farm of guinea pigs. I called you up and told you my aspirations. You would say: 
22. Do you love me? 
23. If you found out I was an international spy, how would that change the way you
think about me? 
24. When was the last time we talked? Was it a good conversation, and what did we
talk about? 
25. Let's say I went on these four reality shows: America's Got Talent, America's
Next Top Model, American Idol, and Survivor. Which would I advance the farthest on?
Which one woulud I advance the least on? Now, which one of those shows would YOU most
like to compete on? 
26. If you and I were out in the mall and a bunch of super-hot guys started hitting
on me, what would you do? 
29. If you could play any prank on me and I would never find out it's you, what would
you do? 
30. Which famous person, dead or alive, anywhere in the world, am I most like? 

(I took this from a friend's Facebook note. She wrote it, so some of the questions
were specific to her. I deleted those 'cause obviously they aren't relevant. XD)
Go for it.

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