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Kiss Me Goodbye ((part nine))Category: (general)
Wednesday, 23 December 2009
12:19:17 AM (GMT)
She couldnt believe that the boy she once thought was her love, commited suicide all
because she didnt love him back. Because she had fallen in love with Adam. 
As Jenny lied in Adams lap, she held onto his hands, crying. Fighting back the tears
leaking uncontrolably from her brown eyes.
"This is all my fault!" She screamed, hiding her face into his shoulder.
"Jen, theres no possible way Matts death was your fault." He said, holding her
"No! You dont understand. He was telling me that he loved me. And he threatned to
kill himself if I didnt tell him I loved him back. I told him that Im not inlove with
him, that im inlove with you and only you." She explained, crying and yelling. 
"Shh. Shh. Shh." He whispered to her, calming her down.
"I feel so horrible!" She cried to him. 
"Dont. He was obviously on some kind of drugs." He said to her, quietly. 

Adam turned on some music that he knew Jenny would enjoy. She hummed to every single
song, half asleep. Adam held her tightly, stroking her arms, thighs and cheeks. 

Days later, Young Matt had his funeral 3 miles away at the Towns cemetary. Thats
where he wanted to be burried. 
Adam and Jenny stood infront of his casket, dressed in black, sharing a black
umbrella, protecting themselves from the rain.
Tears couldnt stop escaping Jennys eyes. Adam put his arm around Jennys waist as they
both watched theh casket go beneath the ground. 

"No!" She screamed. 
All eyes were on her. Her hand was reaching for his casket. She cried, almost falling
to the ground. Her knees were weak.
Adam pulled her back. She was in his arms. He hugged her tightly. Her nails dug into
his back, trying not to scream along with her cries. 
He brushed his fingers through her soft hair. 
"It'll be okay, Jen. I promise. Dont worry. Matts in a better place." Adam said to
"No. Hes in hell. Where he belongs." She whispered to herself, crying. 

~Emily Michelle Berry~

‹Xilovehimx› sings:   23 December 2009   927607  
Awweh! How sweet.
‹Hot Mess› says:   23 December 2009   435147  
It's so short, and not worded right.
I really have to fix it up. 
‹Xilovehimx› says:   23 December 2009   497976  
Nahh not all parts of a book have to be perfect. Some chapters have
to be like rather boring (which its not ) or short.
‹Hot Mess› says:   23 December 2009   909310  
HaHa Yeah, I Know What Ya Mean... LOL Your Right. Ill Still Fix Up The
Wording To Make It Look More Professional And Then Ill Just Leave It
At Its Level Of Boringness. HAHA 
‹Xilovehimx› says:   23 December 2009   462870  
Haha nahh it's not boring. haha. you need a ' in couldn't
‹Hot Mess› says:   23 December 2009   470486  
HAHA I love yah Dawn.!!. 
‹Xilovehimx› says:   23 December 2009   903813  
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   23 December 2009   354237  
Nice, something I didn't see coming, sorry and hate following from
his name in her mouth. ^.- Keep it up.
‹Hot Mess› says:   23 December 2009   586218  
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   23 December 2009   286591  
Hey, I should expect the unexpected, but that was out of the blue and
it keeps in mind how much teenage love can effect emotions on one. 
‹Hot Mess› says:   23 December 2009   198070  
exactly! :D 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   23 December 2009   403105  
Wow I sound like a freakin adult O_o I hate it when I do that -.- 
‹Hot Mess› says:   23 December 2009   659713  
hahahaha me too. LMAO 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   23 December 2009   172973  
LOL I am being told I write like a 27yo O_o And here I go, spamming
your comments again xD and I realized you have yours set so only us
friend people can read it xD 
‹Hot Mess› says:   23 December 2009   557358  
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   23 December 2009   332880  
Spamming is fun, oh did you see that pic of you on Dawn's picstream???
It's so cute and awesome!!!! xD 
‹Hot Mess› says:   24 December 2009   933174  
Oh Em Gee! No I Havent. Ill Go Look Now. HAHA 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   24 December 2009   741997  
:o making part 10 yet?????????? xD 
‹Hot Mess› says:   24 December 2009   341425  
im trying to think of a good idea. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   24 December 2009   683147  
need help?????? 
‹Hot Mess› says:   24 December 2009   789726  
Yeah! That would mean alot!!! 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   24 December 2009   173590  
ok message me your ideas xD 
Justin_bieber321 says:   24 December 2009   831909  
Hello im new
‹Hot Mess› says :   25 December 2009   102247  
Feel Free To Message Me And Add Me!
We Can Get To Know Eachother!!
-emily michelle 


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