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Tuesday, 22 December 2009
11:27:30 PM (GMT)

                I turned into Mrs. Shallower's class. Sitting in my chair I then
realized I had forgotten about Zeke, being new and all, and I caught him looking at
his schedule to make sure this is he class, and walked in. Sitting in the back seat,
I saw Wray at the door, staring at me, like I am something he wants, something to
eat. I couldn't move; some force kept me from looking away, from moving. Once he
released me from his mystical hold, I found myself looking at the clock, seeing how
much time he has left to walk to his next class-which was only two minutes. Zeke
looks at me curiosity, confusion, and disbelieve showed in his eyes.
	"What the heck was that?" He had whispered too loudly to consider quiet.
	"I-I don't know. He frightens me. I don't need to have what happened in my dream-or
nightmare as I would describe it as-happening to me." I shivered slightly. The bell
	"How do you know it will happen to you?"
	I thought it through wondering what made me so sure I was the victim in this matter.
The my eyes widen as I remember. I felt the fear brake my mask and slowly creep onto
my face. My name.
	"Alexia, what is it? Alexia? Alexia!"
	"No...." My voice shook with the frightened expression that stayed on my face. I
closed my eyes to hold back the tears before it broke the rest of my mask, I didn't
need him to see me cry.
	"Alexia, what is it?"
	"He said my name..." I gulped. no longer wanting to live this life, nor this
	"Alexia it's ok...," he whispered. Mrs. Shallower called attention to the class,
only I wasn't going to pay attention. I walked up to her before giving instruction,
and she stared at me waiting patiently to see what I needed.
	"May I go to the nurse? I am not feeling too good." I didn't have to try to fake,
because I really did feel sick at the time. She nodded and filled out a nurse form; I
felt Zeke's stare burn into my back. I didn't turn around, and rushed out of the
room, knowing Zeke's eyes followed me, especially since I stumbled over the desk leg.
Someone was following, don't ask me how I knew I just did. Glancing over my shoulder,
it's Zeke and I relax. My pace sped up though. He somehow got excused to follow me;
maybe because I stumbled.
	He caught up to me with amazing speed. He grabbed my arm and turned me around. I
looked at him and closed my eyes, tears fighting their way out. Come on now; don't
cry in front, in front of anyone but him. He shook me a little.
	"Alexia, I wont let him hurt you. I promise to you, I wont even let him touch you."
I know the tears will win this war, but he will never see them. I buried my head into
his chest. He comforts me by hushing me and rubbing my back. I begun to relax and the
dark overpowers once again, but it becomes bright. I am smiling, cleared sky, and
with Zeke. I felt safe with him, and I began to giggle. We walk up the walkway to my
house, and took a step at a time. I didn't want this day, partially this hour, and
leave him. My smile fades as I know he has to go, and he pulls me close to him, his
arms warming my waist with a tame fire. I hugged him, not wanting to ruin the luck I
have been having so far. Now looking over he shoulder I realized my dad wasn't him.
His blue corvette was lost at his work he just earned. I smile, and turn to my door,
once I grab the knob I turn to him. He smiled big, I couldn't help but smile back. I
blew a kiss and winked, and I opened the door and stepped through. I peeked through
the curtains to make sure he left. He was almost out of view and the phone rang.
	Rushed to answer I spoke relaxed and very cheerful, "Hello?"
	"Honey, could you go to the store and get us some more food?" My dad's voice came
through the phone, and sounded strangled, like he is doing something he doesn't want
to do.
	"Uh, sure, I will go, but our refrigerator is packed with food as it is, don't wee
have enough?"
	"Just go, please?" He gulped.
	"Fine, ok I will." I hung up the phone and walked out the door. I locked it since no
one was home. I zipped up my jacket and began to walk.
	Suddenly I found myself in a dark alley, like in my nightmare, nothing can be seen,
not even my own hands. Looking around, searching for light, I started to run, not
feel the least bit comfortable to me. Someone restricts me from moving further and I
jumped, snapping back into Zeke's arms.
	"Alexia, what was that about? You were squirming and you were about to scream, but
snapped out of it." He sounded so concerned. Did he really like me, more or less love
	"It-the nightmare." I cut myself off and continued with a new start, "You walk me
home, and I get a call from dad. He asked me to go to the store, technically told me,
and the night begins on the way there." Tears formed a river on each side of my

Some more, not alot, but I got it done in 30 mins. Enjoy ~.~

Last edited: 6 November 2010

Sachiko_Yuujin says:   22 December 2009   822195  

I want moreee~!!


‹✬Kaybell❣› says :   23 December 2009   271600  
I'll get on it tomorrow lol 


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