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Sunday, 13 December 2009
03:25:33 PM (GMT)
It was a cold, rainy night, and the city kids were warm and dry in their houses.
Their mom's were just tucking them into bed and reading them stories. On the
outskirts of this city is a forest where some of the kids go to play all the time.
The animals of the forest are finding places to sleep that's warm and dry, like logs,
under or in trees, or in burrows. In the night sky, two figures were flying towards
the forest. They landed near a large oak tree that had a hollow at the base of it.
They peer inside, and saw there was nothing inside, and plenty of room for both of
them. They quickly go inside and curl up beside each other. "Are you warm enough,
Hikaiki?" Said one of them. She was a fiery orange fox with a white belly and brown
paws, beautiful white wings, and two antennae on top of her head. "Yeah, I'm ok, but
do we have to struggle to live all the time Kinra?" Replied Hikaiki. She was a
brownish-orange fox with red-brown paws and greyish-white wings that had a black
stripe running from her face to the tip of her tail. "No one wants us, we're
different! Everyone fears and hates different. My own pack tried to kill me, but my
mom defended me and told me to fly away, so they killed her! We're freaks!" "We're
not freaks! We're special, and everyone else wants things to be normal, so they
reject specialness. My mother abandoned me! My own mother......" Said Kinra. "....
I'm sorry Kinra. Let's just try to sleep."

In the morning, the sun was shining, and the grass was sparkling from last night's
rain. The forest was looking beautiful shades of green and brown, and the forest
animals were waking up to enjoy the day. *Yawn* "Wow, today looks great!" Exclaimed
Hikaiki. 'She's extra cheerful today... Maybe she's trying to make me feel better
from last night.' Thought Kinra. "Yeah... Everything looks pretty!" "So what
should we do now, Kinra?" Asked Hikaiki. "Hmmm...... We should probably find some
food first, and I'm feeling kind of peppy, so maybe we should find somewhere to
explore." "Awesome! That sounds like fun!" So the two foxes look around for some
food. They find some berries in the eastern part of the forest to eat, but they were
still hungry, so they tried going west, near the city, where some animals like to
scrounge around the parks for food people leave behind. They finally spot an
unwitting rabbit eating packadged carrot bits, and it looked like they could eat for
days and there'd still be food. They quickly and quietly hide in a nearby bush.
"Alright! Lunch time!" Hikaiki whispered excitedly. "I'll get this one." Kinra
whispered back. She carefully inched closer, carefully moving among the leaves of the
bush, her paws barely touching the ground. The rabbit was completely unaware of it's
sealed fate. Kinra was about to pounce, when suddenly the rabbit perked it's ears and
bolted. "What the-" Kinra instinctively knew something else spooked the rabbit.
"Hikaiki, quick! Into that tree!" Kinra quickly hissed. They both flew in a nearby
pine and sat still, listening. "What is it?" Hikaiki carefully whispered. Kinra
remained silent for a second, then said: "Over there." Now Hikaiki heard what scared
their lunch away. "It sounds wierd, what's making that noise?" Children emerged from
the bushes, being loud and chasing each other. Kinra and Hikaiki cringed. 'What
are those things?' Wondered Kinra. "What are those things?" Said Hikaiki, as if
echoing Kinra's thoughts. "I don't know, but I think they're playing a game." Replied
Kinra. "Really? Chasing and shouting at each other?" Questioned Hikaiki. "Well, I
don't know about the shouting part, but we play chasing games together all the time."
"Maybe. Should we leave?" "Mmmmm.... Maybe we should stay and watch them. You know,
study them." They quietly gaze at these things and their stange game. One of them
turned around and put it's face against one of the other trees with it's arms over
it's face, and loudly called out words while the others ran away from it and hid in
bushes, logs, behind rocks or hills, and under benches. "I'm glad we got out of that
bush." Said Kinra. "Yeah, we would've been trampled." Replied Hikaiki, relieved.
*Crack* "What was that?!" Exclaimed Hikaiki. "Shhh! They'll hear us!" Snapped Kinra.
"But I thought I heard-" *SNAP* The branch they were standing on broke, causing them
to fall. They hit the forest floor with a thud, startling the children who were
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BooRadley says:   13 December 2009   399609  
Paragraphs are your friend
ZeldaXprincess12 says:   13 December 2009   621601  
love the idea :D but please kepp writing the ssbb/kingdom hearts or
whatever storyies plz!
orangecherrysoda says:   13 December 2009   452143  
Maybe you should add more description of the scene, and maybe not
make the chapter go so fast.
See mine for example?
Its called "around the corner, in my pages."
Check chapter one.
orangecherrysoda says:   13 December 2009   647819  
ohoh, other then that, i like the storyline, and the idea of it's
good, too.
FlameFox says :   17 December 2009   745808  
yeah, my friend kept pushing me to continue my other story, so i
decided to force myself to start this one to get her off my back. i'll
fix it later when I have time.


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