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Friday, 16 October 2009
10:04:43 PM (GMT)
If you were one of the Seven Dwarfs, which one would you be?: grumpy, fo' sho.

Have you ever thrown popcorn at someone and then pretended it wasn't you?: hahaha,

Have you ever flown first class?: i wish. dude, i'm not that rich.
Would you rather surf in California or ski in Vermont?: surf.
What is one topping you MUST have on your pizza?: cheese. <3
Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction books?: fiction. they make me happy. (;

Would you rather read books or magazines?: books.
Have you ever seen a shooting star?: yesss.
Have you ever had your cheek pinched by a relative?: as a joke, mhm.
Have you ever torn your pants in public?	: hah, no. i'd die.

Do you know how a bill is passed in Congress?: no.
Do you know the difference between a conjunction and an adjective?: i pay no
attention is social studies, or whatever the fuck
that stuff is in.
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?: like twice.
Do you chew on ice?: yes.
Do you watch TV or read before bedtime?: TV.
Are you allergic to anything?: dandelions. /:
How many times a week do you wash your hair?: everyday. [:
Do you own any plaid pants?: i think. i bet they're from last year, though.
Have you ever been in a natural disaster (flood, hurricane, etc.)?: nahh.
Have you ever had food SO bad in a restaurant that you sent it back?: yeah. :|
Have you ever touched a live chicken?: noo. those things creep me out.
What about a live turkey?: NO.
Do you sleep in pajamas?: i guess.
Can you touch your toes without bending your knees?: flexibility is my middle name.
Did you just try it?: no, who would?
What is the opposite of a hamburger?: a disgusting hot dog.
Do you talk in your sleep?: oh yes.
Have you ever played in the rain?: everyday.
Have you ever had a Mexican jumping bean?: wtf?
If you didn't have any bread, what would you use to spread butter on bread?: if i
didn't have any bread, then i can't spread the
butter on the bread.
Have you ever swallowed your gum?: haha, yeah.
Have you ever been ice fishing?: no.
Where is the most inappropriate place your cell phone has rang?: my boobs. rofl.
Have you ever called 911 by accident?: nope.
Have you ever gone white water rafting?: no.
Have you ever faked sick?: i just recently did it.
How many times have you broken a bone?: zero.
Can you do a flip on a trampoline?: front flip. [:
Have you ever surfed?: no.
Have you ever fallen off a horse?: i never even rode a horse.
Have you ever had anyone tell you that your fly was open?: hahaha, yes.
Have you ever successfully pogoed on a pogo stick?: never.
Do you eat breakfast?: yeah.
Would you rather shave your head or stop talking for a year?: stop talking.
Have you ever sleepwalked?: no.
Can you flip your eyelids up?: ew, that's just gross.
Are you double-jointed?: very.
Have you ever gotten gum stuck in your hair?	: noooo.

Have you ever thrown up after a rollercoaster ride?: never.
Have you ever eaten a dog biscuit?	: mhm. haha. it was good.

Can you pick things up with your toes?: my remote, yes.
Did you just try to do it?: again, who would?
How many foreign countries have you visited?: nonee.

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