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Vampyres vs Lycans (ch1)(REAL STORY barts prospective part 1)Category: (general)
Sunday, 13 September 2009
03:04:43 AM (GMT)
I don't know why i was chosen. I didn't do anything wrong....really. I just ended up
with a lot of situations and i don't know how to fix them. Lycans and Vampyres are
fighting over me. WHY? i don't know. They something about  either human blood, a knew
creature, or both. Who knows.......i do......I was standing in the rain and i
realized that i killed alot of humans.....and it wasn't even my fault.(in physical
way at least). I realized that me....adn zecon was in  this....ALONE.

It was the last day of senior year. iwas soo spaced out, i was too busy thinking
about the prom.....desciding wheither i should go or not. I was in art class now not
realizing what the 'hell in the fuck' we were talking about. "Ok class now lets talk
about the figures of____" the bell rang. It rang in my ears soo hard i felt like a
car was honking right next to me to move out of the FUCKIN' road. Mr. Light sighed
than said," ok class, u may leave." everyone was already half way out the door. I put
my stuff in my backpack, shoving it of course, and quickly walked out of the room. I
walked slowly to my car not knowing someone was standing right infront of it until,
of course, i looked up. He was wearing a long leather jacket that was unbottened
showing his plain black t-shirt and he also wore red skinny jeans. He looked up at me
and had a grin on his face. I looked back making sure if he was looking behind me at
another person but no one was there. I looked back at my car and he suddenly
disapeared. Weird.....??? i thought. I walked to my car anyways not caring of
what just happened. I was about to open my car door but dropped my stuff when i sawmy
reflection in the mirror. I had long black hair that was put up in a pony tail and
some hair lose. I wore a plain black spaghetti strapped tank top and grey skinnies
with gred converse. "I look so ugly...." i sighed. "you look Beautiful to

to be continued.....

Kairi says:   13 September 2009   397243  
Nice story :]
Can't wait to hear the rest. . .

"You look beautiful to me. . ." is a spoiler to me D'x
You gotta write the rest! 
Your story seems interesting :D
Ja.ja.ja;; Reminds me of T W I L I G H T xD
Musicxmyxdrugx shouts :   13 September 2009   887984  
well it is but its allssssooooo part of Underworld sooo YEA!!!!!!

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